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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A forged hadith about Umar in Sunni books

 Comments on a Forged Hadith

Someone told me that a book called “Mishkat” says that our Holy Prophet said: "If there was to be a prophet after me it would have been "Umar "

This is unquestionably untrue. Ponder on these points-

1. When the Shi'as want to prove any thing against the Sunnis they do not quote Shi'a books or Shi'a traditions They quote references from the Sunni books. Therefore, if any Sunni wished to prove to US any virtue Of 'Umar, he should cite references from the Shi'a books. Is it not stark foolishness to quote a Sunni tradition against the Shi'as? Well, even the Hindus and the Christians could easily prove the 'truth' of their religion vis-a-vis Islam if they were allowed to quote from their own books.

2. Even the Sunnis believe that the Prophets must be Ma'sum (infallible) untainted with kufr (infidelity) throughout their lives i.e. even before being invested with prophethood See, for example, "Mawaqif" of Qadi 'Izzududdin, and "Sham-eMawaqif" of Sharif Jurjani. Also refer to "Fiqh-e-Akbar" of Imam Abu Hanifa and its 'Sharh' by Mulla 'Ali Qari.

Now 'Umar was a "Mushrik" (idol-worshipper) for at least 40 years. How could a has-been idol worshipper be a "potential prophet"?

3. Prophets must be top-most in divine knowledge and embellished with other virtues. 'Umar blundered more than 100 times in his judgments and rulings, so much so that once a woman silenced him in an open gathering and refuted his ruling by quoting an 'aya of the Qur'an upon which he was constrained to (Every person is more knowledgeable in religion than 'Umar even the women who sit in seclusion). Is this the qualification of a potential prophet?

4. In the "Sanad" (chain of tradition of this alleged hadith) there is the name of one Musharrih about whom Ibn Jawzi (a well-known Sunni authority on Hadith and Religion) has said:

"Ibn Habban has said that the writings/books of Musharrih became topsy turvy; therefore quoting him in proof is invalid" When the Sunni scholars themselves say that one of the narrators of this 'tradition' was unreliable and confusion was worse confounded in his books how do they expect the Shi'as to believe in such a spurious "hadith"?



sorry to intervene:

1.If shias consider the first 3 caliphs as sinners..do you think they will report any of their hadith in their books??..ofourse not,,thats y the only way to know their life and virtues is through sunni books,

Now u will say that sunni books contain false hadith, thats not true my brother. its perhaps our undestanding of the hadith is wrong.

for ex: the hadith of umar being a prophet was not used literally.
this hadith was to show that umar (ra) indeed was much appreciated by the holy prophet(pbuh).

and yes..reliability of hadith depends on the narrator,if anyone in the chain is doubtful, the hadith is weak or rejected

and yes, it does not make sense the way you said that christians or... could prove their religion to be true bcause,,for something to be proved as truthful, it has to be true,,,how do you expect christian to prove to a muslim that jesus is god..no one wud believe him,,,

now another point..sunni accept all the 4 caliphs whreas shias reject the 1st 3..so lets suppose they were righteous, what will the shias answer to the prophet(pbuh) on the day of qiyama when he will say:" who gave yyou the right to put allegations on my companions"...think of it man. the sunni never rejected ali(ra)..so inshallah they will be safer..ameen..

never listen only to one side..try to learn about the life of the first 3 caliphs..inshallah you will see how much respect you owe them..may allah guide you all..

hope i could bring some light on this issue..n sry if i said something wrong

I dont understand why u are supporting them when it is already proved from ur books that they were wrong and if you go through my blog you would find that whatever i have written about umar and the other caliphs is from ur own authentic sources.
Then why u are blaming us for it, why dont you asked those respected people from the muslim world for writing such things about the campanions of Holy Prophet(s.a.w)
If you are interested in knowing why shias do not accept the first 3 caliphs then the answer is as follows:
1) According to Shias, since Islam is a divine religion therefore the appointment of caliph must be done only by Allah or through his Prophet.
2) Holy Prophet(s.a.w) has appointed Ali(a.s) his successor in Ghadir-e-Khum which is an established facts found also in numerous sunni books.
3) These 3 caliphs had knowing usurped the right of Ali(a.s).
4) Most of the bloodshed done in the history of Islam is due to the policies of the first 3 caliphs.
So dear brother, Allah would not questioned us for following Ali(a.s) after Holy Prophet(s.a.w), but he would definitely ask people why they have selected others when He has already made Ali- the successor of Prophet(s.a.w)
May Allah guide you to the right path

Leave it o Shia Bros and Sunni Bros...please believing Hazrat Umar,Abubakr,Usman wont make a difference as ur muslim or not so plz dont quarrel on it...ALLAH wants us to hold his rope with great strength so dont get in fight plzzzzzzzzzz....and one request from shia bros plz dont abuse any sahaba...as this might cause our sunni bros to get dishearted....Hazrat Muhammad SAWW said,"stay quite even if you are with righteous one to avoid fighting." so plzzzz my Bros plz dont fight.

My Dear Brother Ali Naqi,
Thank you for your concerned thoughts. We are not abusing the Sahabas. We are just presenting the facts through Logic, Sunni Traditions and Quran. We have one than 100 thousand page views. Mostly our Sunni Brothers are the readers of this blog. They are not even able to defend their stand. They have not at all replied to any of the "Accusation if So"... Where is the dialogue... they don't want to discuss. I have invited them to discuss. The Killing of Shias will no longer work. The civilized world is moving towards progress. But these Wahabis / Salafis want to take this world in the 13th century. Everything is Bidah according to them. The Shias are Bidah and they don't want Bidah. They will kill us even if you remain silent. So its better not to keep silent. We should not abuse any sahaba but it is our responsibility to present the facts based on Civilised Language and Historical Proofs from the so called Sahih books of Sunnis.
Abu Talha

Dear Ali Naqi,
Tell me why Imam Hussain(as) was killed ?
Why do we commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain(as)?
If we remain silent do u think enemies of Islam will not harm us.
Have u seen us anywhere using any abusive language against Umar.
What we r trying to do is to show to the world that he was the killer of our mother Janabe Zehra(s.a).
Can u forgive the killer of Imam Hussain(as)? No!!, right.
then how can u think that we would forgive the killer of janabe Zehra(sa).
what we r trying to show to our sunni brothers through this site is , to stop following the sunnah of Umar and come to the path of Ahlul Bayt.
U go n see any anti-shia websites u would come to know that salafis and wahabis r abusive in their language.
Sunnis should not feel disheartened. Sunnis r our brother in faith.We love our Holy Prophet(s.a.w.).We love and respect all companions except those(Umar,Abu Bakr and Uthman) who have usurped the right of Ali(as)and burn the door of Janabe Zehra and killed her unborn son.
I think all Muslims irrespective of their sects would agree with our logic. LOVE PROPHET AND HIS PROGENY AND LOVE THEM WHO LOVE THEM AND HATE THEM WHO HATE THEM.

Br. Ali Naqi
It is not proper to compare the crimes. But I personally think that the biggest crime these 3 did was the usurping the Khilafah from Imam Ali (a.). It was 'Saqifah' that is responsible for condition of this Ummah today. May Allah do justice with them.

This blog is just a mean propoganda by the shia's AND NOTHING MORE.

Mr. Anonymous how fool r u !!!
If it is really a propaganda then how come these things about Umar are found extensively in many major sunni sources????
Tell me if u r truthful OR accept the facts that some of the companions ( NOT ALL ) were hypocrites including Umar.
And these things can be easily proved from Sunni SAHIH Books


Say, "O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent.

Yes, the Almighty Allah has said the truth.
If u r trying to interpret through this Ayat that Khilafat of Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman were right, then you are wrong as they were not divine leaders and were not selected by Allah or His Prophet(sawa).
In fact this Ayat prove that granting Sovereignity is the right of Allah and Allah has granted Vilayat to Ali(as) in Ghadeer e Khum through Holy Prophet(sawa)

So u suppose you disbelieve in the Quran with uthmani script? And that "original" Quran lies with you?
This hadeeth isn't zaeef. It's found in Bukhari. Don't desperately try to distort facts.
It's also reported in Saheeh Muslim that Umar is the door holding fitanThe Messenger of Allaah (ﷺ) said, "If theThe Messenger of Allaah (ﷺ) said, "If there were to be a Prophet after me then he would be Umar ibn Al-Khattab.” [Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, no. 38]re were to be a Prophet after me then he would be Umar ibn Al-Khattab.” [Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, no. 38]. And when it breaks loose Muslims will be afflicted by trials.

Even if this Hadith is wrong then Sunnis never hailed Umar over Prophet (saw) which shia guys do i.e. rate Ali over prophet so even if this hadith is wrong does not make sunnis imaan in danger its shia guys who needs to think....my question is simple to all shias: why you guys believe that first revelation of Quranic verses were wrongly sent to Muhammad (saw) by Jibraeel as it was originally sent for Ali (astaghfirullah).....your books are full of slang language for sahabas and even for Prophet....first you Shia guys and your writers learn to talk and write then debate.....

Mr. Sajjad Alam,
Do u have any knowledge of Quran and Hadiths ????
Have u ever seen any Shia rating Ali above Prophet (SAWA) ??? What u are saying is an utter lie !!!
I challenge u ...visit any shia mosque, any shia library in the world and then come and prove to me that Shias elevate Ali over Prophet(SAWA) or not !!!!
U are brainwashed by your Mullah who have said all these rubbish stuff in order to create hatred between two sects of Islam.
We Shias dont believe in the story that Jibraeel wrongly delivered the message to Mohammad(SAWA) instead of Ali.
Even a normal person delivering the message can distinguish between a 13 years old boy ( Ali , at the time of first revelation ) and a fully grown up man of 40 years ( Prophet, at the time of first revelation ). !!!!!!!

Coming to your second objection that our books are full of slang language.... ! . It is again a big lie.

Infact your books are full of vulgarity against the Prophet(SAWA). Just go and read some of the traditions in Sihah e sitta( 6 most authentic sunni books ) which disgrace the personality of Prophet(SAWA).

Please visit the below link to check it yourself :


U are accusing our Aalims ....Have u ever read any shia debate books....No u have never.!!!!!
Books written by our Aalims are still unanswered by your great scholars.

To name a few...
Have u read "Abaqaatul Anwaar" of Mir Hamid Hussain Hindi ???
Have u read "Al -Ghadeer" of Allama Amini ??
Have u read the debate book " The Peshawar Night" ??? OR the "Mur-ajaat" - " The Right Path" ????

At least go and read these books and decide who can talk and who can write debate....!!!!

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