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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Umar ke Haqeeqat from Sahih Bukhari



ya now u guys believe in sahih bukhari only regarding hazrat umar(AS) .how about u believe in each and every thing that is written in the book.This is called being "HYPOCRITE" and that is what u are.

I don't know whether to cry or laugh on ur comments!!!
It is so childish!!.When we quote our shia references, u say we dont believe in ur books and when we prove from ur most authentic book u say we are hypocrite.How funny is ur conclusion and how weak is ur arguments!!!

u should cry.By the way do u guys say hazrat Ali (AS) is god
some refrences from ur books are :-
"Ali is God. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 66)
" Imam knows his hour of death and his death is in his control. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1,Page No. 258)"
"According to Shia's nothing can remain hidden from the Imams, they have a complete knowledge of past, present and future. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 260)
""The present Qur'an is abridged where as the Original Qur'an is kept by Imam Mehdi. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, Page No. 553)"" :)

""Imam Mehdi will punish Ayesha with strips. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 901)"" come on now really!!!!

""Kalma Tayyibah without Ali Wali ULLAH is false. (Shia Mazhab Haq Hai, Page No. 2)"" SERIOUSLY :)

"" When God becomes happy, He talks in Persian, when He becomes annoyed, talks in Arabic. (Tareekh-ul-Islam, Page No. 163)"" lol

and there are many more things like this if u want i can give u some more shia sayings....
so MR abdullah if u belong to this sect u sholud really CRY

My (Shia) Answers :

• "Ali is God. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 66)"
WRONG - The one believes Ali (a) to be God is a KAFIR. If Ali is God then who was the one whom Ali Prostrated? We believe in the God who created Ali (a) and who created Muhammad (s).

• " Imam knows his hour of death and his death is in his control. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1,Page No. 258)"
YES, and this power is given to them by Allah. All the super natural actions that they performed were BI-IDHNIL-LLAH. Just like Prophet Musa, Isa (a). My sunni brothers attribute this types of things to ordinary deviated people like Ajmeri, Jilani, Mohiuddin Arabi, Hasan basri and the Indian Wahhabis attribute this types of things to their deviated (so called) scholars Nanotvi and Thanvi. What we shias believe is for the Household of Holy Prophet (s) and not for the ordinary stupids and Idiots.

• "According to Shia's nothing can remain hidden from the Imams, they have a complete knowledge of past, present and future. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 260)
YES, With the Permission of Allah. What is the Problem?

• "The present Qur'an is abridged where as the Original Qur'an is kept by Imam Mehdi. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, Page No. 553)"" :)
Probably NO, We believe in the same Quran that Wahhabis believe in. Our belief is that the Quran Collected by Ali (a) which was disapproved by the then CALIPHS, is same but is more perfect when it comes to the sequence of Ayaat. The collected Quran of Ali (a) is more perfect.

• "Imam Mehdi will punish Ayesha with strips. (Hayat-ul-Quloob, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 901)"" come on now really!!!!
I have not seen this Hadith. But I cannot out-rightly deny this. When Umar Punished and Killed his own son for the Crime he committed. Then what is the problem for punishing Ayesha for her crime that she committed by Fighting with Ali (a) and being responsible for the killing of thousands of Sahabaas and Tabe'eens. We believe in RAJ'AT, and we believe that Ayesha, Muaviya, Yazid, Amr-e-Aas, Umar will all be brought to life again and they will be punished by Imam Mahdi (a). This is our belief. You can learn about our belief in RAJ'AT on the internet. Or ask me I can help you.

• "Kalma Tayyibah without Ali Wali ULLAH is false. (Shia Mazhab Haq Hai, Page No. 2)"" SERIOUSLY :)
NO it is NOT False. But If we say علي ولي الله then it is perfected. What is the Problem if we add علي ولي الله

• "When God becomes happy, He talks in Persian, when He becomes annoyed, talks in Arabic. (Tareekh-ul-Islam, Page No. 163)"" lol
LOL - BAKWAAS - STUPID ALLEGATION. Very Idiotic. Please bring something that has some foundation.

• and there are many more things like this if u want i can give u some more shia sayings....

• so MR abdullah if u belong to this sect u sholud really CRY

My Friend mr. Talha has beautifully replied to most of the questions.
Here I want to add something and that is : "The one who dont know how to spell our books name I doubt whether in his whole life he has ever seen any shia book".
Mr.Anonymous can't even spell the name of the book properly what can I say about his imperfect knowledge of shia faith.
He has written "Usool e- Kaafi" as Asool Kaafi
I challenge you to come out with whatever hatred u have. We will reply to all ur stupid doubts and questions!!

• "Kalma Tayyibah without Ali Wali ULLAH is false. (Shia Mazhab Haq Hai, Page No. 2)"" SERIOUSLY :)
NO it is NOT False. But If we say علي ولي الله then it is perfected. What is the Problem if we add علي ولي الله

and sir why would u add this.did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) add this.Did he ever said to his ummah to say this.when in his life time no one used to say this not even hazrat ali(RA) asked any one to say this then who gives u this right.
u are so misguided ppl and what differences it makes if i write "Usool e- Kaafi" as Asool Kaafi it won't change what rubbish is written in it.

Who gave right to ADD الصلاة خير من النوم to Mr. Umar? Did Jibraeel came to him and asked him to add that sentence.

You are calling Usool e Kaafi as rubbish!!!! Do you know how much shita are available in ur most authentic books which are full of insulting traditions about Holy Prophet(s.a.w).
For ur references:
Regarding Ali Wali ullah we will give u a detailed reply.

In all ur comments u everytime keep on insisting "whether Holy Prophet did this or that !!.
Well,I am returning ur question to u who gave Umar the right to introduce so many innovation in islam, who gave Umar the right to do this???

Go through all our posts without bias and prejudice u will come to know who has changed Islam, Umar or Shias!!

Why recite 'Ali yun Waliyullah in Kalima and adhan?

There are certain reasons behind our admission, acceptance and declaration, of Ali Yun Waliyullah in Kalima and Adhan:

Since the Guardianship of Ali (as) is proven from the Qur'an and in the Quranic verse the meaning of Wali is that of a leader and lord. The Shi'a of Maula 'Ali (as) declare this fact in the Adhan and Kalima so that they may prove that they accept the third Master of Islam and are not from amongst the rebels who deny it.
Since it is proven by the Hadeeth e Wilayat of Saheeh Tirmidhi that no faith can be perfected without the acceptance of Ali (as) as Master, we repeatedly declare it in order to remain steadfast and keep our faith perfect.
Since the tradition of Sawaiq al-Muhriqa says that Umar was of the view that no excellence and honor can be achieved without the accepting the Wilayah of 'Ali (as) we recite it in our Adhan and Kalima to prove that we are noble and we earn this privilege by accepting Umar bin Khattab's saying.
The Sunni Mullahs keep on saying and narrating to the people that the Kalima of the Prophets (as) from Adam (as) to Essa (as) was:

La Ilaha Ilallah Adam Safi ullah
La Ilaha Ilallah Nuh Naji ullah
La Ilaha Ilallah Ibrahim Khalil ullah
La Ilaha Ilallah Musa Kaleem ullah
La Ilaha Ilallah Esa Ruh ullah

There are all double phrasal Kalimas which means that there was always a possibility for someone else to come, after one Prophet there was always a space for another to come and that is what always happened. We declare 'Ali you Waliyullah in Kalima and Adhan to let the world know that Prophet Muhammad (s) is the seal of the Prophets - Prophethood has ended and Wilayat has begun hence whoever wishes to become a Wali, must become a Servant of Maula Ali (as).

If according to the narration of Abdullah ibn e Mas'ud from Tafseer e Gharaib al-Qur'an, volume 25, page 58, all the Prophets (as) from Adam till Jesus accepted the Wilayat of Ali (as) in order to get the Prophethood, then who are these Nasibi to reject it? The Shi'a declare the Wilayat of 'Ali (as) in their Kalima and Adhan to maintain their identity as the true followers of the Prophets (peace be upon all of them).

Why recite 'Ali yun Waliyullah in Kalima and adhan?

Dr Tahir ul Qadri al Hanafi a highly respected modern day Sunni scholar in his excellent book 'The Ghadir declaration' states in the preface:

"…the day when the Prophet (saww) stayed at Ghadir Khum after his return from Hajjat-ul-wada' to Medina, and surrounded by the Companions (ra), he declared while raising the hand of 'Ali al-Murtada (as):

"One who has me as his master has Ali as his master."

This was the declaration of Ali's spiritual sovereignty and its unconditional acceptance is binding on the believers till the Day of Judgment. It clearly proves that anyone who denies 'Ali's spiritual leadership in fact denies the Prophet's leadership".

If as Qadri rightly states denying Maula Ali (as)'s Wilayah is tantamount to denying the Prophethood of Muhammad (s), then the Shi'a Kalima is an affirmation that we are the upholders of Prophet Muhammad (s)'s Prophethood and Maula 'Ali (as)'s Wilayah . Kalima is nothing but a summary of your major beliefs in a form of a brief statement. If you believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (saw) the way we are told to believe then the belief in the Wilayat of Ali (as) becomes an automatic part of our aqeedah.
We read in the Holy Qur'an:

[Yusufali 70:33] And those who stand firm in their testimonies;

In this verse Allah (swt) has clarified and distinguished the Mo'mineen as those who are steadfast on testimonies (Shahadaat), and Shahadaat [in Arabic grammar] is always used in a plural case and is only applicable to three and above. This clearly shows that the Shahadaat, for the Mo'mineen are three in number.

Bearing witness to Allah's Unity.
Bearing witness to the Prophethood of Muhammad (as).
Bearing witness to the Wilayat of Ali (as).

Hence with in light of this verse, the declaration of Wilayat e Ali (as) in Adhan is proven.

Why recite 'Ali yun Waliyullah in Kalima and adhan?
The Wilayah of 'Ali (as) has been written as Kalima on the highest heavens [Arsh]

Allah (swt) says in his Glorious Book:

Should they intend to deceive thee, Verily God sufficeth thee. He it is that hath strengthened thee, with His aid (Nusrat) and with the company of the believers"
Surah Anfal: 62

Suyuti in his commentary of this verse narrated from Abu Hurraira that he heard the Prophet (s) say that the Aid (Nusrat) in this Verse is Ali, for he heard:

The Messenger (s) say, that there is an inscription in the seventh sky of heaven:"There is no God but I alone, There is not any equal or partner to me, Muhammad is my servant and my Messenger,Whom I supported by means of Ali"
Tafsir Durre Manthur, by al Hafiz Jalaladeen Suyuti, P 199

Wali is a term that incorporates many terms such as Master, Protector, Helper , Guardian and Friend. When it is used in the context of Allah (swt), his Rasul and Maula 'Ali (as) in the Qur'an then it is done so to incorporate all terms.

All three are our Wali's and by this we mean the Umbrella Term, so Ali (as) is our Wali (Master) and his position as Master also incorporates the other terms used for Wali, namely he is also our friend and helper. One aspect of that Wilayah is that he (as) is our Helper in the same way he was the Helper of Rasulullah (s). The Hadeeth cited on the authority of Abu Hurrayra wherein Maula 'Ali (as) is deemed the 'nusrat' [helper] of the Prophet (s) incorporates one aspect of his Wilayah an aspect that has been written as Kalima on the Arsh.

It is quite logical that when Maula Ali [as] is the helper of the Prophet [s] in his duties, then its is natural he progresses into his Khaleefa also [in the same way that Haroon (as) was to Moosa (as) ] In this regard when we bear testimony in the Wilayah of Ali we also attest to his[as] successorship as the Wasi of the Prophet (s).

That Ali (as)'s role as the Prophet (s)'s aid is stated on the seventh heaven may sound an inappropriately grand accolade to our reader who may be a follower of the companions, but several of Sunni Islam's greatest scholars have believed in the truth and authenticity of this narration. Mohibudeen al Tabari in his Riyadh al Nadira records that the Prophet (s) said he saw the inscription when he went on the Mirage, he quotes the Prophet (s) saying:

"When I went on Mirage I saw on the Pillars of Arsh an inscription, which I read and understood as "There is no God but I alone Muhammad is my servant and my Messenger Whom I supported by means of Ali"
Riyadh al Nadira, by Mohib al Tabari, Part 3, p 117

Allama Qadhi Ayaz has reported the same Hadeeth in his book Kitab al-Shifa.
Kitab al-Shifa, Page 89

Note: All the references are from sunni sources.

Why recite 'Ali yun Waliyullah in Kalima and adhan?
The Wilayah of Ali (as) on the pillars of Paradise

Allamah Suleiman Qundoozi Hanafi has quoted a Hadeeth of the Holy Prophet (s) in his famous book Yanabee al-Muwaddat quoting Arif Rabbani Sayyed Ali Hamadani's book "Muwaddat al-Qurba". The extract of the Hadeeth is that there shall be three lines written on the pillars in praise of the Prophet (s) on the Day of Judgment and Wilayah of 'Ali (as) will be declared in the third statement:

First Line: In the name Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Second Line: All the praises be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.

Third Line: There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Ali is the Waliullah
Yanabee al-Muwaddat, volume 2, page 77, published in Beirut

Sunni scholar Allamah Muhammad Abdul Rauf in his book Sayyidatun Nisa il Janna, wherein he narrated 50 Hadeeth in honor of Sayyida Fatima (as) records this Hadeeth on the authority of Ibn Abbas on page 76:

"When I went on Miraaj I saw written on the pillars of Heaven, There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is his Messenger, 'Ali is the friend of Allah, Hasan and Husayn are the close friends of Allah and Fatima is the beloved of Allah"
Sayyida tun-Nisa al-Jannah, Page 76

Declaration of the Wilayat and Brotherhood of Ali (as) on the Door of Paradise

We read in Yanabi al-Mawadah, volume 1, page 294, published in Beirut:

Jabir (r.a) narrates that the Holy Prophet (s) said: "I saw this written on the door of Paradise, There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Ali is the Wali of Allah and the brother of the Messenger of Allah."
Yanabi al-Mawadah, Volume 1, Page 294

In Riyadh al Nadira, volume 2, page 112, published in Egypt and Dhukhayr al-Uqba, page 66, published in Egypt only the words of brother of the Messenger of Allah are mentioned.
Riyadh al Nadira, Volume 2, Page 112

Shaykh Sibt Ibn al-Jauzi al-Hanafi in his work Tadhkiratul Khawwas al Ummah, page 30 narrates this Hadeeth on the authority of Jabir (ra):

"The Prophet (s) said to Ali, 'O Ali, I swear by He who controls my life, verily on the Gate of Heaven there is written 'There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is His Messenger, Ali ibn Abi Talib is the brother of the Prophet' this Kalima was inscribed two thousand years before the creation of the Universe".

Modern day Hanafi scholar Mufti Ghulam Rasul in 'Hasab aur Nasab' Volume 1 page 116 has recorded the same Hadeeth on the authority of Jabir from the following esteemed Sunni works:

Manaqib Ali bin Abi Talib, page 91
Hilayat al Awliya, Volume 7 page 256
Tareekh Baghdad, Volume 7 page 387
Meezan al Itidal, Volume 1 page 457,
Zakhair al Uqba, page 66
Majma al Zawaid, Volume 9 page 111
Tadhkiratul Khawwas al Ummah, page 26
Kanz al Ummal, Volume 5 Page 36
Note: All the references are from sunni sources.

Why recite 'Ali yun Waliyullah in Kalima and adhan?

Linguistically Kalima means 'meaningful sentence hence any sentence can constitute Kalima. When Allah (swt) has placed a Kalima in the Heavens that contains the names of the Creator, Rasulullah (s) and 'Ali (as) then such a Kalima is one that is favored by Allah (swt).
Prophet Musa (as) inscribed the Kalima with Aliyun Waliyullah on a mountain

In Lisan al Meezan Volume 5 page 147, Ibn Hajr al Asqalani whilst writing on 'Muhammad bin Hameed' narrates the following from him:

"Hisham bin Abdul Malik summoned from Hejaz to Syria. In a place called Balk I observed something scrawled on a black mountain. When I reached 'Amr' I asked if anyone could read what was on the mountain, I was told of an elderly man and I brought him to the mountain and showed him the words. He read them, became surprised and said 'Bring me something so that I can translate it for you'. I brought something and he translated from the Hebrew:

'There is only One true God,
Muhamamd is his Messenger,
Ali is his Wali

These words have been written by Musa bin Imran'..".

When the Kalima with Aliyun Waliyullah has been written by an Ul'il Azm Prophet, why do these Nasibi object when the Shi'a recite likewise in their Kalima?

The will of Muslim bin Aqeel (as) bore testimony to the Wilayah of 'Ali (as)

The Sunni work Yanabi al-Muwadah records the following narration on page 390:

"Umar Ibn Sa'd asked Muslim if he had a Will, to which he replied 'My first will is that no one is worthy of worship save Allah, Muhammad is his Messenger, 'Ali is the Wali of Allah, the Wasi of Rasulullah, and the Khaleefa of his Ummah".
Yanabi al-Muwadah, Volume 1, Page 390

A Christian recited the Kalima containing Maula 'Ali (as)'s name in the presence of 'Ali (as)

As proof we shall cite this incident recorded by the renowned Hanafi scholar Abdul Rahman Jami:

"During the Battle of Sifeen, the army under the command of Ali were unable to find any water. There was a church nearby and Ali went there to ask the people inside where water could be obtained from. They replied that water could only be found several miles away. The army then asked Ali if they could go and drink from it, Ali told them not to worry. The army began to travel west, all of a sudden he stopped and pointed to the ground and told the army to start digging there. They began to dig, and they found a big stone, Ali (as) told them to lift the stone, but they were unable to do so. Ali, then pulled the stone out with his hand, and fresh water began to spurt out of the ground. A Christian priest had been watching the episode, he went up to Ali and asked: 'Are you a Prophet?' to which Ali replied 'No', the priest then asked 'Are you an Angel?', Ali replied 'No'. The Priest then said 'You are not a Prophet or Angel, so what are you?'. Ali replied 'I am a wasi of the Seal of all Prophet's, Muhummud al Mustapha'. The Priest then said 'Take out your hand so that I can embrace Islam'. Ali told him what to say (i.e. the Shahada) and the Priest then said the following "I testify there is no God but Allah. I testify that Muhummud is the Prophet of Allah, and I testify that Ali is the wasi of the Prophet Muhummud"
Taken from Shawahid un Nubuwwa, by Abdul Rehman Jami, (Urdu edition printers Maktaba Nabavi, Gunjbaksh Rd., Lahore), Page 286 & 287

We are sure not even the most arrogant Nasibi would have the audacity to assert they knew more. We suggest that they take a close look at this narration one wherein a Kalima with the name of Maula 'Ali (as) is recited in his presence. If this was Bidah why did Maula 'Ali not intervene and tell him to repeat his Shahada omitting his name? Maula 'Ali (as)'s very silence proves his acceptance and acts as clear evidence that such a recital is permissible in Islam. If this is not sufficient as proof then allow us to conclude the Shi'a case with one final Hadeeth that should silence the mouth of our opponents once and for all…

Are these references sufficient for u Mr. Anonymous???

Maula 'Ali (as) is in Kalima that has been declared Wajib upon the believers

Sunni scholar Abu Naeem Isfahani in his esteemed work Hilayath al Awliya, Volume 1, Page 66-67, records this Hadeeth on the authority of the Sahabi Abu Burdah:

"'There is no doubt that Allah (swt) has made a promise to me with regards to 'Ali. I asked my Lord 'What is it?' Allah (swt) said 'Listen', to which I replied 'I am listening'. Verily Allah (swt) said 'Ali is the Flag of Guidance, Imam of the Saints, and the Light of Truth for those that follow me, and is that Kalima that has been made compulsory upon the Believers. Whoever loves him, loves me, whoever angers 'Ali, angers Me, O Muhammad convey this good news to 'Ali…"
Hilayath al Awliya, Volume 1, Page 66 & 67

The Sha'afi scholar Maghazali has also recorded the same Hadeeth in his book:
Manaqib Ameerul Momineen, Page 49

Appeal to Justice

We would ask our objectors to look closely at all the evidences that we have presented. The Deen was completed with the Wilayah of Maula 'Ali (as) at Ghadeer Khumm and all Believers will be asked about the Wilayah of 'Ali on the day of Judgment. If the Wilayah of 'Ali (as) is so crucial, then attesting to it in Kalima and Adhan should not raise any objections, on the contrary when Allah (swt) has declared 'Ali (as) to be a Kalima made compulsory upon the Believers, then reciting 'Aliyun Waliyullah is not only permissible but is in fact in accordance with the Will of Allah (swt). We wonder how these Nasibi who hate hearing the name Aliyun Waliyullah on the tongues of the Shi'a will fair on the Day of Judgment. These Nasibi who spent their lives objecting to such a Kalima will come face to face with the name of Kalima on the Gates and Pillars of Paradise, then what will they say? Will they issue Fatwas of Kufr and refuse to enter on the grounds that this is a Shi'a Mosque? Then the truth will dawn on them and they will realize that the only way that they will be able to escape Aliyun Waliyullah will be by joining their Imams Mu'awiyah, Yazeed and Ibn Taymeeya, in Hell. We feel that we have proven our case as correct, especially for those Mu'awiyah lovers who still have the tunnel vision that this Kalima was and will always be an innovation in the Deen.

now see the truth of umar


Sahih Bukhari In Urdu And English Language, In Text And Image Format. Sahih Bukhari Is Also Available In URDU Roman Format On This Blog
Online Sahih Bukhari

Please provide some evidences of this incident if they're present in sahih muslim, sahih bukhari or tirmizi. I need to know, thanks.

Salam , Oh Shia's you are our brothers but before u curse sahabas. Look if Hazrat Umer r.a was a hypocrite or Munaafiq (Summa AStaghfirullah) then why Hazrat Ali give him her daughter and done nikaah.... ;look at your own books.. plz
Allama AbbuJaffer Tusi (Al-Istabsar Page: 175):"Jab hazrat Umer fa'ot ho gay tu Hazrat Ali UmayKulsoom ko Idaat guzarnay k lia Ghar lay ahay", neez, tahzeeb main yah bhi rawayat hay k UmayKulsoom Bintay Ali aor UmayKulsoom ka Baita Zaid Bin Umer Bin khitab aik he sa'et main madfoon howay aor yah maloom na ho saka k phalay kohn mara, aik dosray ka kohe waris na howa.

1. Abu Bakr the truthful (Siddique) certainly did not ‘concocted’ anything. In fact, he simple repeated something that over TEN Sahaba heard from the the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), among them major Bani Hashimi figures, including Ali Ibn Abi Talib himself!

Al-Kattani in “Nazm Al-Mutanaseera min Al-Hadith Al-Mutawatira” (272) wrote:

“The Narration that no one inherits from the Prophets and that everything that they leave behind is for charity is narrated by Al-Suyooti in “Azhar” via:

1) Omar

2) Othmaan

3) Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Hashimi)

4) Sad ibn Abi Vaqas

5) Abbas (Hashimi)

6) Abu Bakr

7) Abdurrahman ibn Auf

8. Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam

9) Abu Hurayra

10) Aisha

11) Talha

12) Hudhayfa

13) Ibn Abbas (Hashimi)

Thirteen companions in total! So this hadith is close to “Who will lie upon me …’ Ibn Hajar in “Amaliya Muhraja ala Muhtasaru ibn Al-Hajib Al-Asli” said: “This narration, is authentic and Mutawatir (mass-narrated)”.


Slip of mind of major Shia scholars of the past and present back up the Sunni stance:


Ayatollah Khomeini’s book: الحكومة الإسلامية الخميني صفحة93

(Al-Hukamah Al Islamiyyah, page 93):

Abu Abdullah (Ja’far Al-Sadiq) (ع) said that the Messenger of Allah (ص) said: “[…] verily, the scholars are the INHERITORS of the Prophets, and the Prophets DO NOT leave dinars and dirhams (i.e. money/wealth) as inheritance but they leave behind knowledge so whoever takes from it then he has acquired a huge fortune.”

Ayatollah Khomeini’s comment: This Hadith is SAHIH (authentic).
[Even Mullah Baqir Al-Majlisi authenticated the Hadith].

I guess Khomeini concocted a hadith about the Prophets not leaving inheritance?

“The Prophets did not leave dinars and dirhams as inheritance, but they left knowledge.” (al-Kafi, vol. 1 p. 42) (The same Hadith can be found in Sunni books!!! In Tirmidhi).

Mr Khomeini’s hatred and bias for Abu Bakr did not prevent him from using the SAHIH narration in their own books to back his “Wilayah Al-Faqih” theory, yet when it comes to Abu Bakr then it must be “concocted”!!!

Abu bakar if he was Siddiq and Umar was just then why they were buried next to prophet when they did not own the land? Other answers will be provided by Site Admin. Please let me know on what basis, the two shiekhs were buried in the same room as Prophet?

Dear brother fed junaid,
Do you mean to say that Fatima, the beloved daughter of Prophet(s.a.w.a) - the chief of women of paradise was wrong in his claim for inheritance...?
Do you mean to say that Fatima was unaware of this Tradition quoted by Abu Bakr.???
Do you mean to say that Fatema was unaware the complete knowledge of Quran ???
Tell me why Prophet(s.a.w.a) did not narrate the tradition of inheritance to fatima ??? And said this tradition only to Abu BAkr.
Tell me why Abu Bakr did not accept the witness of Hazrat Ali, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain ?????
Would these personalities tell lies for a piece of land ????
Dont you know these people of AhlulBayt were in Mubahela and Allah had said in Quran that they are Truthful ???
Can u show anything from Quran to prove the truthfulness of Abu Bakr ????
Your objections are already been answered by eminent Shia Scholars...You may visit the below given links for more details..



bhai mari bat suno jo hadith ap ny dikhai ha us ma hazrat umar ka name hadith ma nai ha braket ma ha jis ka mtlab k khud se add keya gya ha is bat ka jawab do pahly?

hudabiya k moqab pe jab hazrat MOHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) ny hazrat ali(R.A) se farmaya k urwa bin masood kahta ha k mera name MOHAMMAD ur rasool ALLAH(P.B.U.H) kat dain MOHAMMAD BIN ABDULLAH likhain to hazta ali ny kaha k ma nai katoon ga ma un ma se nahi hun jo ap ka nam likha hua kat dain to yahan b HAZRAT MOHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) k hukam ki naframni hui k nai?/

Brother from another mother just answer me how did hazart fatima as died.
Why was her grave kept as secret??
And have a look to these plz
Who so ever makes fatima angry, he made me, shahih al bukhari, v5, Traditions #61 and #111
v5, Traditions #61 and #111

- Sahih Muslim, section of virtues of Fatimah, v4, pp 1904-5

Its not a baised conclusion my conclusion is evidencial,,,all the sahaba who r standing there or even moala Ali should set up jihad against him but Ali gave her daughter to him plus y he become caliph for 10 years,,,,,,sumthing is wrong,,,,,,the one who is slave to prophet can't do this,,,,,what Ali said as when umar martyred cannot be said to hypocrite....the real hypos r muawiya n yazid

Barru ke bataen barru maen he rehnay daen ap nay in amaal ka jawab nahi dena agr wo qasoor war haen tu bibi pak ko ap ke gawahi ke zarorat nahi ap nay apnay kasab ka hisaab dena hay shah g

Barru ke bataen barru maen he rehnay daen ap nay in amaal ka
jawab nahi dena agr wo qasoor war haen tu bibi pak ko ap ke gawahi ke zarorat nahi ap nay apnay kasab ka hisaab dena hay shah g

Ok go n remove them from place n prevail justice,,,,,,u r not abiding Allah,,,,,"Allah ke rasi ko mazboti say thamay rakhu aur tafarqay maen mat paru", bura kehna hay tu us baap baetay ko kahu jenhu nay husnain ko marra

Bad evidence because its love y v remove it if v r right

dear bro abdullah, i was so pleased that you provided the best details and references, lekin wo kiya kehtay hain na sharradowaab... jo na suntay hain na samajhtay hain, baat shuru ho to phir bihat door tak nikalti hay, yahan logon ko ye tou nazar aaraha kay hazrat ali a.s. nay hudaibiya main hazrat muhammad ka name nahi kaata,,, aray bhai wo kyun kat'ty jub wo unka naam katnay to nai aae thay na, ye tawwaqo un say nahi rakhna na kisi muhabe ali say rakhna,
hazrat omer nay tou khud kaha tha taraweeh raaej karnay kay baad ,,kain main nay deen main kiya khoob biddat jari ki hay, jhanko muslmano apni kitaabon main,, Hazrat ali a.s. ki zaat tou wo zaat hay jis kay baray main khud non muslims tk ye admire kartay hain kay ali wo hain kay jin kay samnay ye zameeno aasmaan takhleeq huwe, fidak ka waqiya k reference main log ye kyun bhool jatay hain kay rasool s.a.w. ne khud farmaya kay jis nay meri ehlebait ko ranj pohnchaya us nay mujhy dukhi kiya, then why hazrat abu bakr didnt gv the heritage of bibi to herself? why ?

Janab Waqar Rasheed,
Ye sab baaton ko Is liye batana zaroori hai kyonki Umar aur Abu Bakr k wajah se Islam me bahot saari galat baatein daakhil ho gayi.
Rasool (s.a.w.a) ne kaha the meri ahle bait ki misaal kashti e nuh ki tarah hai...jo isme sawaar ho gaya wo bach gaya aur jo nahi wo halaaq ho gaya.....ye hadith saari shia sunni kitabon me maujood hai...lihaaza ahle bait se mutamassik ho kar apna deen aur apni aakherat bachaiye....
Agar Hazrat ali ko sahaba ne maan liye hota to islam me itna tafarka nahi hota ....magar afsoos qaul e nabi hone k bawajood unhone abu bakr ko khilafat saup di aur hazrat ali ko 25 saal khilafat se door rakkha....islam ko isse sabse zyada nuksaan hua hai

If Umer ra made addition in azan than why its remain the same during Hazrat Ali ra caliphat did he turn azan again to its original form???


Abdullah bhai ALLAH khush rakhy apko ! Ahl e bait k dushman per lanat beshumar

Umar ko dekhna ibadat ali ko daikna ibadat Usman ko dekhna ibadat Abu bakar ko dekhna ibadat balke sahaba ko dekhna ibadat to tum kon hote ho kisi Ko kuch kehne wale Allah se daro fazool baton se parhaiz kro bhai bhai ban jao Allah ke liey mera Salam ghrana Rasool ghrana sahaba or unke manane walon k lie Allah hum sab ko nabi or sahaba ka Gulam banai Gulam sar uthaya nahi karty shukria aslamo alaikum wa rehmatula

I am so happy to see two people calling themselves Muslims are fighting with each other! That's the spirit. You must need to force feed them about your views. Or maybe it is written in Hadith and Quran that two casts can fight each other for superiority. Please come together and pray : Ya Allah whoever is Muslim please prove it. Will that suffice? Pity on you people.

Bro idk what is the problem with u all becoz when we reply from shia books you say that no we won't accept this and when we reply from Sunni books like the present situation you say that u r only regarding a particular person bro we just want you all to be familiar with the truth don't believe the false version of hadith Al thaqlain go read the correct version which is given in your 39 different books - " I leave behind two heavy things the Quran and my ahlulbayt (a.s.)" - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Is je peeche ek reason tha aur wo ye ke ali(as) ne jb inkar kiya to rsullah(saww) ne apna naam khud likha. Is se kuffar kabhi ye nahi keh paye ke rasullah(saww) ko likhna parhna nahi ata tha.
Apka ye sawal sirf munafiqat dekha raha hai jo apne bagir jane shaq kiya.

Uska ek reason tha. Jb ali(as) ne naam kaatbe ke inkar kiya to rasullah(saaw) muskaraye aur apna apn akhid kaat kr likhdia. Is se kuffar kabhi ye nahi keh oaye ke rasullah(saww) ko likhna parhna nahi ata tha.
Apne uspr shaq kiya jiske liye rasullah(saww) ne farmaya ali haq ke sath hai aur haq ali ke sath hai. Ye apke eman ki kaami aur manafiqat thi.

If hazrat umer ra changed then why hazrat Ali ra converted it back to orignal form

Can anyone here to answer

Geo MOULA A.S give you more tofeeq to define about the real mazhab.e.shia and destroy the fake stupid questions which is coming from the stupid people who doesn't know the right way of ISLAM and they can't accept that even RASOOL S.A.W.W own his self come to them and tell them what is the right becz the having a big problm in their Hart which is called bughz.e.ALI MOULA.

Now I've read in bukhari shareef. They have removed that chapter. What does it mean? And they've quoted that this edition was 1906's hahaha what a shame. Bro as ABU BAKAR BAGHDADI (MALAOON) & TALIBAN said in early 2000's that they'll change some mistakes so they have done. Now I realized that they knew the reality but they are shameless.Allah Tala Said : AUR JISAY WO HIDAYAT DE TO KON HE JO USAY BHATKA DE, OR JISAY WO BHATKAY TO KON HE JO USAY HIDAYAT DE.
This is it.

MR.Abudllah'there are so many shia who recite ( Ali Un Wali Allah) in namaz may be you aslo'then what would be your reply against that words recited in tashahud Namaz.

Nope! You guys believe in thats why we bring what is written in that so you know the real and you know the facts!!! If we bring stuff from shia sources you start jumping up and donw ! You guys wont deny bukhari's words thats the reason why you are seing this $!!

Educate yourself!!! Ali is our imam not God . if you can't read things right then ask for help! Don't translate it wrong! That will make you %100 shaitan!

we follow what Holy Prophet(sawa) and holy Imams(as) had directed us to do..

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