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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ali (AS) silence was for the sake of religion’s continuance and for maintaining unity

Question :   What point could one argue against anyone who refuses to accept that the praiseworthy silence of his excellency after his objection and campaigning was only for the sake of religion’s continuance and for maintaining unity within society?

If one asks whether the sun is bright or not? And another replies, “Yes”, then they say, “What is the reason for this brightness?” And another replies with calmness and logic, “The sun’s light is what makes it bright.” Then the first person says, “I am not convinced that its brightness is due to light.” Can the person replying bring another reason that will answer this illogical and argumentative person?

As the followers of the path of the Ahlulbayt (as) believe, the great Prophet of Islam during the final days of his life, informed Amir Al-Mo’mineen (as) of the horrendous and sorrowful events that were to take place after his own demise and ordered him to have patience in the interests of God’s religion and the newly founded Islamic society and Amir Al-Mo’mineen’s actions were in line with this advice and that is all.
Summarizers Note: The following has been narrated from Amir Al-Mo’mineen which confirms this statement that as he addressed Omar with this warning:

“Oh he without roots or origin! If you have seen that I have behaved liberally with regards to the usurpation of our rights, it was for the reason that I feared, that people would detest religion because of your oppressive and appalling actions; not yourself! However it will not be the same regarding the resting place of my Fatemeh. By the God who possesses Ali’s life in his hands! If you or your violating friends try to exhume her, I will water this earth with your filthy blood.[1]

1. Bihar Al-Anwar, Volume 43, Page 171


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