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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get down from my father’s pulpit! And go to your father’s pulpit!

We don’t want to enumerate the times that Al-Hussein (A.S) ascended the pulpit of the Prophet (PBUH) on the day the Great Messenger would sermon the people preaching and guiding them, as the Muslim’s sources spoke of tens of times where this case occurred, however Imam Hussein’s (A.S) ascendance this time towards the pulpit of the Prophet (PBUH) was different.

After the martyrdom of the Great Messenger (PBUH), Al-Hussein (A.S) less than ten years old went out and saw his grandfather’s mosque depressed and deserted, and upon the pulpit of his grandfather was an ignorant who never dared to ascend it at any day if it wasn’t for the nation’s betrayal of his father the Commander of the Faithful (A.S), and let us hear Imam Hussein (A.S) completing this story with him saying: “I came to this person while he was upon the pulpit and I ascended to him and told him: ‘step down from my father’s pulpit and go to your father’s pulpit!’, the person replied: ‘my father never had a pulpit’, and took me and sat me by him, then I started to fiddle with gravels …, when he stepped down he took me to his house and asked me: ‘who taught you to say this?’, I Said: ‘no one taught me…’” (1).

Until this point, the narration carries more than one meaning, as the ascendance of Al-Hussein towards that person on the pulpit was eye catching, and it was a reminder of the Messenger’s era (PBUH) when his grandsons Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein used to climb these sticks (pulpit), as for the Caliph it may be the first and last time in history for a child to climb towards him let alone tell him those words, as history has never recorded a similar occurrence.

When Imam Hussein (A.S) said “step down from my father’s pulpit”, the intended meaning of ‘step down’ was not its obvious linguistic meaning, what was meant is the stepping down from the position of Caliphate, and ‘my father’s pulpit’ contains clear evidence that without a doubt Al-Hussein (A.S) believed in his father’s Caliphate.

His saying: ‘go to your father’s pulpit’, has a scandalous meaning, as Al-Hussein and all the attendants know that this person’s father had no pulpit nor a plank to even climb, and this person was embarrassed by the situation and was compelled by Imam Al-Hussein (A.S) to confess while he was upon the pulpit that his ‘father never had a pulpit’!, and the derived result from this confession is that the pulpit has people who own it, and those people are more worthier of ascending upon it and undertaking its affairs, thus what was it that lead to outstripping them? And made others seize it? And overtake its affairs without them?

Therefore this is Al-Hussein (A.S) in his attributes, biography and his historical stances that can never be enumerated in this hurry, as it is a long history that goes fourteen centuries back, and until now his calls were never cut nor were his screams stopped, thus peace be upon him the day he was born and the day he was martyred and the day he is resurrected.

(1) Tareekh Baghdad by Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdady: V1,P152 and others.



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