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Friday, December 6, 2013

Were Umar and Abu Bakr better than Prophet (SAWA) and Allah ???- Astaghfirullah

Astaghfirullah .....Astaghfirullah ....Astaghfirullah .... [Sarcasm]Quran tells that God has completed the religion and nothing is left uncompleted. Also, the Quran tells to make a will. In both the above cases rasool Allah failed to do so. He didn't make a will nor he completed the religion. He died without leaving instructions how to pick his successor. Whether this successor to be picked by general public, picked by a committee, picked by him, or any way shape or form.
While the body of rasool Allah was still warn and being prepared for burial, this dire situation was recognized by both abu Bakr and Omar. The Prophet failed to recognize as such and Allah was not competent enough to warn the Prophet. It was both abu Bakr and Omar who were better than Prophet and Allah and recognized the dire situation, so they left the warm unburied body of the Prophet to pick a successor. Ten people met in a different town, which included both abu Bakr and Omar and they picked abu Bakr as the successor. When they came back the Prophet was already buried. The Prophet and Allah miserably failed, and it was abu Bakr and Omar who saved the Ummah.
In fact, the Ummah refused to accept abu Bakr as their leader so they refused to pay taxes. Thus, for the first time in Islamic history the Muslims swords were drawn against Muslims. Abu Bakr started the War of Ridda, and Omar advised him against it. First time the Muslims blood was split by Muslims. How can the Prophet and Allah forsee this. Abu Bakr was more smarter than the Prophet and followed the Quran, where as the Prophet didn't. Abu Bakr made a will and picked his successor. He picked his successor to be Omar, again one of the ten people who left the warm but unburied body of the Prophet to appoint a successor. One can say deals were made, but how can be, as both abu Bakr and Omar were better than the Prophet who recognized this dire situation, which both the Prophet and Allah didn't.

Abu Bakr made a will and chose Omar to be his successor, but the Prophet went against the Quran and didn't make a will. Even Omar was better than the Prophet and Allah. He made a will and appointed a committee to appoint his successor. He even picked two people for this committee to be considered as his successor. Thus, his will appointed a committee and two candidates. Again, the Prophet and Allah miserly failed to make a will how to appoint a successor. Omar was better than both the Prophet and Allah.

If Allah and Prophet had seen the necessity making a will to appoint a successor, the war of Ridda wasn't happened. Muslims blood was split, Muslims swords were not drawn against Muslims, which continued to the murder of Usman, the wars of Jamal, Siffin, Karbala and so forth. Had both Allah and the Prophet foreseen this, but they didn't. Only both abu Bakr and Omar forsaw this and left the warm and unburied body of the Prophet to make deals and appoint each other in successions.[/Sarcasm]

 Astafgurullah, Astafgurullah, Astafgurullah.
Why dont our sunni brothers understand these simple things ???



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