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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hazrat Umme Kulthum ki Umar se Shaadi ek Afsana Hai- Confession by a Sunni Scholar -Urdu Video

Note : Hum yaha par ye Sunni Aalim ke har baat se muttafiq nahi hai. !! Hame toh bas ye batana hai ke In Aalim ka bhi maanna hai ke Umar ki Shaadi Hazrat Umme Kulthum se nahi Hui thi.
 Ab Jabke ye Saabit ho gaya hai ke Aisi Koi Shaadi Nahi Hui, to phir doosre Sunni Aalimo ko bhi is baat ko maan lena chahiye aur kam se kam ye maanna chahiye ke is Shaadi se Umar ki Izzat afzai nahi hoti hai balke Tauheen hoti hai jaysa ke Ye Sunni Aalim ka maanna hai!!

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