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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lineage of Umar Bin Al Khattab

Muhammad Bin Saaib Al Kalbi narrates in his book (Al Salabah Fe Ma'rifat Al Sahabah) (3/212)

... Nufayl was working for Kalb Bin Luayy Bin Ghalib AlQarshy and he (Kalb) died. His new master was Abdul Muttalib, Sahak was also working for Abdul Mutalib she was shepherd taking care of his sheep. He separated between them in the pasture and they agreed one day to meet in a rest home. Nufayl desired and loved her. Abdul Muttalib had made her put on pants of leather with a lock on and he kept its key with him to her status of him. When he (Nufayl) chased her she said: nothing from what you are saying is for me and he has made me put this leather and put a lock on it. He said: I can trick him, he took some butter from the sheep's buttermilk and smeared the leather and what is around it of her body with the butter till slipped down to her thighs. He did effect her and she got pregnant by him with Al Khattab. When she had given birth to him she threw him on some garbage during the night with fear of Abdul Muttalib. A Jewish woman named Jenazah picked up Al Khattab and raised him. When he grew up he used to cut wood and was named 'Al Hattab' the wood cutter. So with the letter 'Ha' but was distorted in the vocabulary. Sahak was faring him in secrecy, one day he saw her and her bottom was lowered. He didn't know who she was, he fell on her and she got pregnant by him with Hantamah. When she had given birth to her she threw her in the dumps outside of Makkah. Hisham Bin Magheer Bin Walid picked her up and raised her and she was attributed to him. When she grew up and Al Khattab frequently visited Hisham and he saw Hantamah and liked her. He asked Hisham if he could marry her and Hisham allowed her to marry him. She gave birth to Omar. Al Khattab was Omar's father because he and Hantamah got married and she gave birth to him. And at the same time his grandfather because he and Sahak got Hantamah. Al khattab and Hantamah are from the same mother Sahak.

And we summarize the lineage of Omar Bin Al Khattab as follows:

Nufayl + Sahak = Al Khattab
Al Khattab + Sahak = Hantamah
Al Khattab + Hantamah = Omar

We see that Hantamah is the mother and sister of Omar Bin Al Khattab i.e. she is the wife and the daughter of Al Khattab.

And Al Khattab is his father because he is Sahak's lover (i.e. who committed fornication with her) and her son at the same time. I.e. he is Omar's father and grandfather at the same time.
Sahak is his grandmother, mother of his father and the mistress of his father at the same time.

Al Salabah Fe Ma'rifat Al Sahabah (3/212)
Ilzam Al Nawasib. By : Nurullah Zarihi.

We shias do not believe in this Rubbish Dirty Crap about Umar. But because this is found in some of the Sunni Books we have presented it here for our readers and researchers. However there is one tradition in Bukhari that is related to this topic please read and ponder :

Volume 1, Book 3, Number 92 :
Narrated by Abu Musa

The Prophet was asked about things which he did not like, but when the questioners insisted, the Prophet got angry. He then said to the people, "Ask me anything you like." A man asked, "Who is my father?" The Prophet replied, "Your father is Hudhafa." Then another man got up and said, "Who is my father, O Allah's Apostle ?" He replied, "Your father is Salim, Maula (the freed slave) of Shaiba." So when 'Umar saw that (the anger) on the face of the Prophet he said, "O Allah's Apostle! We repent to Allah (Our offending you)."

Volume 1, Book 3, Number 93 :
Narrated by Anas bin Malik

One day Allah's Apostle came out (before the people) and 'Abdullah bin Hudhafa stood up and asked (him) "Who is my father?" The Prophet replied, "Your father is Hudhafa." The Prophet told them repeatedly (in anger) to ask him anything they liked. 'Umar knelt down before the Prophet and said thrice, "We accept Allah as (our) Lord and Islam as (our) religion and Muhammad as (our) Prophet." After that the Prophet became silent.



Saahak got together with Nufeyl and brought "Khattab"
Then Khattab with Saahak and brought "Hantamah"
And then Khattab with Hantamah they brough "Umar".

She would be the mother of Umar and his sister (from one father: Khattab).
And his Untie Hantamah and Khattab from the same mother: Saahak, therefore considered as brother/sister, and she is also the daughter of Khattab from Saahak, and his sister from their mother Saahaak.

The father of Umar and his uncle(who is the brother of his mother Hantamah from Saahaak).
And also Khattab is Umar's grandfather because he is teh father of his mother Hantamah who brought him from Saahaak.

We conclude from all that:
- Khattab married(or got together) with his sister and brought Umar.
- Khattab married his daughter and brought Umar.
- Khattab is the father of Umar, his Uncle, and Grandfather.
- Hantamah is Umar's mother, his untie, and sister.

Umar can call his father: baba, uncle, and grandfather.
Umar can call his mother: mama, sister, and Untie.
(Three in one - ya Shampoo with conditioner lol )

It is confusing ha

La-ilaha-il-(A)llah . . .
This shows that umar was khandani Harami. . . . :)

Please cite some more references

Stop attacking Umar. Or you might end up in Hell Fire.

Who is attacking umar? Infact it was Umar who attacked the household of Prophet Mohammed (s.). This is Umar who is responsible for all the wrong the muslims are committing and all the wrong that is being committed to muslims.

If you have his true and authentic Lineage. Please contribute, I will add that here.

You are the combination of Christians and Jews in one, you do believe in one god, that is clear, but you are lost and insulting to the Prophet pbuh, how far have you gone to insult Omar, I honestly can't call you Muslims with the way you have drifted away from Islam.

You stop supporting Umar or you may end in Hell Fire.

We are muslims and we love those who love Holy Prophet(s.a.w) and we hate those who hate Holy Prophet(s.a.w)and his Pure family.We dont talk in air. we have given proofs and references for everthing. If Umar was really a God fearing person then why he usurped the Caliphate and attack the house of Hazrat Ali(a.s)??
Was Ali not a campanion of Holy Prophet(s.a.w)??.
Now you tell me who you are?

It is all lies and fabrications, yes its true... Ali did not agree with everything the companions did or said but none of the companions completelty agreed with each other. They did, however, respect each other. would you watch your wife get treated like that and do nothing about it? Of course you wouldnt!! neither would a charachter like the magnificant Ali.. Your proofs and references are weak to say the least.

All my proofs and references are from ur books.
Do you mean to say that ur own books and references are weak.???
OK if it is true then ask ur scholars why they have dont this??
You are talking about respect!!! Go and read history there were companions who killed other companions!
Ali(a.s) was divinely appointed Caliph of Prophet(s.a.w)and he did what was appropriate in the interest of Islam.

Yes.. Pls stop attacking Umar..Only Aflaah can attack him from behind.. ha ha

It is clear from above conversation that umar is burning hell fire. Actually, umars followers/lovers never follow the knowledgeable and pragmatic way in stead they always follow cunning & deceit way of solution. It is their swear not to accept any facts in history, truth in life, reasons in matter if anything against umar. As if umar is their

umars lovers perfect solutions: Mr. Halagu Khan 1258

Yeah they act as Umar is their prophet audobillah. LOL...Where one can see his name in shahada if i may ask....Sunnis/wahabis mean that if one criticize Umar one is kuffar and end in hell....Maybe they have their own shahada where umar is mentioned....?LOL....Umar attacked the daughter of Muhammed saws....so stop talking about attacking umar...Muhammad saws told us AND sahaba to follow Ali a.s after him....he did NOT say in Ghadir Qum that we were to follow abu bakr or umar...Abu bakr was elected against Muhammed saws will on his(saws)funeral day and abu bakr appointed umar....WHY he didn't chose Ali a.s already then instead of umar....Umar was not elected....he was personally chosen by abu bakr......Proves that they were against ahle al bayt.

this is not sunni book

Muhammad bin saib bin bashr bin amr alkalbi was sabai and one of the follower of ibn Saba alsuda and you Ibn saba hate companions and you also know that Ali rz threatened him to through in fire for his believes.

al kalbi known in rijaal as kafir ,kazab , sabae , maloon , zindiq etc

so your whole story is based on kalbi actually like that what kalbi is..........


and by the way who is this kalb bin Lu'ayy ibn Ghalib

did he kaab bin loe bin Ghalib............. then how is this possible that nufail working for kaab bin la'ayy bin ghalib , he is too before him ..........

check your narration

Lanatullah alal kazbeen

mr would you prove Muhammad bin Saib Kalbi a trustworthy sunni scholar

I chellenge you ............... add my comments if you are not lier

Mr. Zubair, i accept your challenge, there are other references also,
1. Alnihayad fi Alhadith, written by Ibn Athir, Volume I, page 15.
2 - Sharh Nahjul Balagha by Ibn Abi al-Hadid Shafai, Volume 12, Page 39

Now dont say that Ibn Athir and Ibn Abi al-Hadid Shafai were shias, because when are not able to defend your case , you people try unsuccessfully to prove that either the narrrator is weak or the author is a Shia!!!

One more thing whatever we have posted on this site are all supported by lots of references, so now you know well who are liars!!!

More reference:
Al Maaruf- Ibn Qutaybah page 104, edition-Beirut
for details refer our post:

We have no love for the man who is said to be the murderer of the grandson of the Prophet(sawa) & his only daughter also got martyred due to injuries inflicted by so called sahabi but this I believe because I have seen the reliable sunni references & this could not be refuted as shia exageration.!!!
If you are truly a pious and God fearing muslim, you would never love a man who oppressed the daughter of Prophet(sawa),by denying fadak and became the cause of her anger(Refer Sahih Bukhari)

Dear Brothers,

Let's come to a conclusion. Show us the right LINEAGE of Mr. Umar B K from any Sunni Book with Authentic chain of narrators, we will accept and replace this one with the authentic LINEAGE.

so please

prove Muhammad bin saib a trust worthy sunni scholar

i m waiting

and why you are not come to forum to debate with us regarding this we will show you how you lie , islamic-forum.net

Fatima (may allah be pleased with her) anger three times Ali (may Allah be pleased with Him)

so what you say

Dear Zubair - I have already replied to your comment at other place. Please check my answer here :

Regarding Fatima's (s) anger for Ali (a) - Please show from Shia narrations. We don't consider Bukhari and other Sunni Books to be reliable.

Thank you.

Mr. Zubair,
Do u have any prove that Muhammad bin Saib Kalbi was not a Sunni scholar?
In other word can u prove with references that Muhammad bin Saib Kalbi was a shia scholar?
If u cannot prove with references then u have to accept.
Go and ask ur scholars who he was and why he has written such a lineage of Umar. Al Salabah Fe Ma'rifat Al Sahabah is not our book so we are not answerable.
You are under the impression that he was the only person who wrote this lineage of Umar!!
So Dear ,we have also given the other references regarding lineage of Umar from ur books. Have u gone through those books!!!Read my previous comments and visit the links given by Mr. Abu Talha.
Our site is complete and perfect with thousand of references, all from sunni books. Still u believe Umar to be a great companion of Prophet(s.a.w)????!!!
We have told the truth all from ur books. Now it is upto u to believe it or not!!

Yes one more thing Mr. Zubair ,when any of ur scholar try to speak the truth u people accuse him as shia.
Simply calling anybody shia is not sufficient u have to prove from his writing that he believe in Shia Aqaed!!(i.e. one who believe Imam Ali to be the first Imam and Caliph after Holy Prophet(s.a.w).

Mr. Zubair Charchar,
you said Fatima was also angry with Ali.
What u said is totally unauthentic and untrue.
To read detail reply kindly visit:

bismillah al rahman al raheem

clearly you are hypocrites

didnt the prophet muhammad sallah allahu 3alayhi wassalam clearly state that abu bakr al sideeq, umar bin al khattab , othman bin affan and ali bin abi talib
are all of the mabashareen bil jannah ''which by the way thr are 10 of them'' meaning PROMISED HEAVEN FROM NONE OTHER THAN THE LEADER OF ISLAM THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLAH ALLAHU 3ALAYHI WASALLAM... and if you deny this promise the your calling our beloved prophet sallah allahu 3alayhi wasallam a liar,..which he obviously isnt. id just like to remind you that he sallah allahu 3alayhi wassalam is al sadiq al ameen .. and if omar had actually killed fatima regardless of her rank .. and just consider her a muslim then he would end up in hell .. so it only makes sense that him killing fatima r.a. is a FALSE ACCUSATION.



by the way islam is a religion of submission to allah and following his beloved prophet 3alayhi salat wasalam which means following his sunnah not ali or fatima or hassan or hussein or jaafar or abbas or whoever else your following yes we love them and respect them but allah did not chose for ali to be his messenger he chose muhammad sallah allahu 3alayhi wasallam and whoever says that jibrail made a mistake and some how went and gave revelation to muhammad sallah allahu 3alahi wa sallam instead of ali ,,,, like some shiah and alawiyah say ,,, then you are a kafir .. because jbrail does not move unless ordered by allah 3azza wa jall and saying that jibrail made a mistake is almost like saying allah made a mistake wal 3iathu billah ,, astagfirullah. wa sub7ana man lahu al jalal wal ikram wa man la ya5ti2.

Dear Anonymous,
dont jump to the conclusion by saying we are hypocrite.
well i shall answer all ur objections and accusations.To begin with first answer my question.
1. Does criticising any companion of Holy Prophet(sawa) on account of his deeds is a sin??
If the answer is yes then tell me why some of the companions of prophet had (sawa)committed this sin, they not only criticise each other but also kill the companions.for e.g. Battle of Jamal was fought between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Aisha(wife of Holy Prophet(sawa). In this battle thousand of innocent muslims were killed on both the sides. Now I ask u , responsibility for such a huge casuality lies on whom Ali(as) or Aisha???
2. The hadith which you have quoted about the merit of Abu BAkr,Umar and Uthman is not accepted by shias as it is not found in their books and is not reliable.
If Prophet(sawa) had really promised heaven for them how come they committed so many sins and crimes during the life of Holy Prophet(saw) and after his death??. No need to give reference just go through islamic history u will come to know the truth.
3. Astagfirullah,we dont believe holy prophet as liar, like all other muslims we shias also believe Holy Prophet(sawa) truthful,sadiq and ameen.
4. You said that "Umar killing fatima is a false accusation", dear brother go through our posts , the incident of burning the door and killing her is found in several authentic sunni sources. Now tell me, if we shias are wrong, why so many sunni books support our views and ideas about Umar and his conflict with Hazrat Ali(as) and Fatima(as)??
5. We dont believe Hazrat Ali married her daughter Umme Kulthum to Umar. The wife of Umar was Umme kulthum binte Abu Bakr and NOT Umme Kulthum binte Ali(as). For ref: go to our other posts on this matter(all these are again proved from sunni sources)
6.Holy Prophet(saw) said : "I am leaving behind two weightly things if you are attached with them you shall not be astrayed and they are QURAN and MY AhlulBayt(as)". Thus by following Ali ,Fatima ,Hasan & Hussain ,we are following what Holy Prophet(saw) had said so that we are not astrayed.
So by actually following Ali after Holy Prophet(saw) we are following what prophet(saw) had said and to follow him is his sunnah
7. Then u said we believe "jibrail made a mistake by giving the message to holy Prophet instead of Ali". This is abolutely rubbish and a big big lie against shias. We Shias dont believe in all these nonsense.
How can jibrail not differentiate between a 13 years old boy(Ali(as)) and a grown up man of 40 years(Holy Prophet(sawa))( When Holy Prophet received the first revelation Ali(as) was 13 years old.)
8. Last but not the least,we shias dont believe that Allah commit mistakes.
We hope most of ur doubts and objections are cleared.

The common sense says that if Sahaba and 1st three Rashidun Khalifas( May Allah be pleased with them) were liars and cheaters, than all those who believe in these fictitious theories have placed their no confidence in prophethood(Naowze bilah).The truth is that Zohrastrians of Iran did not accept Islam by heart but they had little choices so they created a trap in the shape of "love for Ahle Beyat".The Shiaism is their creation. It was during Omar Al Khattabs(MABPH} time that Iran came under Islamic folds,the Majusis did not forget this so they created hatred for him.We Sunnis have more love for AHLE BEYT than anybody else but that is based on reason and logic not on nonsense.May Allah give you all Hidayat and bring you on right path.

What truth u r talking about, which does not have any base and any support from historical books etc ??
What we are saying are known facts and are well supported and documented in both shia and sunni books.
Still due to ur blind love for Umar and Co., u r not accepting the facts.
What love of ahlulbayt u r talking when most of ur ahadith books are filled with traditions narrated from abu huraira.
Tell me brother who was more knowledgeable abu huraira or Ali (a.s)??( Prophet (s.a.w) said : I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its Gate )
Tell me why why there r so less number of ahadith in ur books from ahlul bayt while all our shia books contain traditions from Ali(a.s) ,Hasan(a.s) ,Hussain(a.s) , Zainul Abedin(a.s.) ,Imam Baqir(a.s.),Imam Jafar(a.s).
Now tell me who believe Ahlul bayt more , sunnis or shias?
Shias do not created any hatred for Umar.The truth is vice versa.Umar has created lot of innovation in Islam. He was responsible for the murder of Prophet(s.a.w)'s daughter.He(Umar) didnt accept Quran compiled by Ali(a.s.).He was strict with Banu Hashim during his rule.He made the vote of Abdul Rahman ibn Awf important in Shura committee to sideline Ali(a.s) from Khilafat.It is due to our love for Prophet(s.a.w) and his progeny that we do not accept those companions who created problems for his progeny after his death.
The problems with u gays r , u r good in accusing but u dont want to carry out independent investigation of truth.U r simply following ur forefathers.
Last but not the least, yes common sense says that if Some Sahabas and Ist 3 Khalifas have created many innovations in Islam and cause the bloodshed of innocent muslims then THEY SHOULD NOT ACCEPTED AT ANY COST.

And what is the sin of the Muslim who reads in Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim the saying of the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) to his companions: 'On the day of resurrection you will be grabbed from the left, and I will say: 'Where are they [being taken] to?' It will be said: 'To hell, by God'. I will say: 'My Lord! These are my companions'. It will be said: 'You do not know what they did after you. From the time you left them they never ceased to apostatize'. I will say: 'Away with him, away with him, woe to him who changed things after me. And I do not see anyone of them being saved except that he will be like a forlorn sheep'"

Allah definitely guide those who seek them.

What ever Hazrat Umar (R.A) might have done, true or false. He is the sahaba who embraced Islam after the PROPHET (PBUH) prayed for it. Do you muslims then think that a person who embraced Islam with the prayers of the PROPHET (PBUH) could do any such thing? Are you ready to say that? You say you respect the ahle bait? What about the PROPHET (PBUH)? Please tell me this?

Please prove me from Quran, that all the Sahabas (Sincere and Hypocrite) of the Holy Prophet (s.) will go to Jannah. I will show you numerous Ayaats from the Holy Quran that promises Punishment to the wrong doers. Even if he be the Son of a prophet.

The shia are often if always quoting "SURAH HUJURAT" to prove how deviated Omar was but they are the one violating central theme that every Muslim must avoid..calling name, reviling others, suspicion with one another, to ascertain news good or bad....what you been smoking lately you shia?

We are simply reporting the historical facts from sunni books.Is it not our responsibility to know the truth so that we follow the truthful one? Traditions of Prophet(s.a.w.a) are the second important source of knowledge after Holy Quran. Is it not necessary for us to know the truthfulness of the companion before taking a tradition from him. Umar and his supporters were foremost in opposing Ali (a.s) who was appointed by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a) as his Caliph in Ghadeer e Khum. Is it not important for us to know the reasons so that we take our deen (religion) from the righteous person.??.
Dont u read from the Holy Quran five times a day : "Guide us to the right path, the path of those whom u have blessed and rewarded(Holy Prophet(sawa) and his Pure Progeny) and not of those who have gone astrayed (Umar and his supporters)"-Surah Faateha,Holy Quran

hey Kharijites .... go to your sects site hcy haq chaar yaar created by the well known Malaoons of All time ASWJ aka Lashkar e jhangvi laanatullah aka sipah e sahaba (paleed or haramzaadey sahabaaon ki sipah)

i ll give very brief answers .....

Ravi huraira ko KAAN ki baat samajh aati hai aur jo Rasool PBUH ne cheenckh cheenkh ker Ghadeer e khum per elaan e Wilaayat e Ali kiya wo kisi ko samajh nahi aayaa ... wow n den u say that hazrat abu talib as died as an infidel ???? when Hazrat Abu Talib was counting his last moments, Rasool SAW came to him and said Chacha Chacha please islam Qabool Ker lain bull shit ....

Tumhaarey Yazeed ke kitney baap hain nahi pata, tumhara muawiya ke kitney baap hai nahi pata ..... amr e aas ke kitney baap hain nahi pata aur abu sufyaan ka to nahi poocho to acha hai ...... please refer to your both the Sahis ... n den u can authenticate to what i am saying ....

Rasool ke saath rehney sey rasool jaise nahi hojaingey .... is ke liyye Ma ka kirdar pak hona chaahiye ... khooon paak hona chaahiyey hai aur agar maa awaara ho .. to aulaad to aisi hi hogi ..... tumhari maa ka naam layla ya hinda to nahi ..... this is to all the wahabis here and out everywhere ..........

You have wasted lot of time and effort for what; trying to convince people. I don't think any sunni would agree with you. This type of argument has been had by better people, then me and you, I would say. Try something bit more positive, which brings people together.

We are not here to convince anybody. What we have done is based on historical facts.
It is very important for the people to take the religion from the pure hands. We dont argue the position of any companion but religion cannot be taken from them when so many differences are there among them.
What we r trying to prove here is Ali(as) was the only companion of the Prophet(sawa) authorized by the Prophet(SAWA) to guide the UMMAH after him.
And this is not wastage of time and effort.
People can come together if they come on a common platform and that platform is to follow the Pure Progeny of Holy Prophet(SAWA).
Holy Prophet(SAWA) said :
"I am leaving among you two weighty things: the one being the Book of Allah and other is my Progeny"
(Sahih Muslim: Book 031, Hadith Number 5920)
If people start following the teaching of Quran and Holy Progeny all the differences are going to vanish. InSha Allah

Prophet PBUH was appointed by Allah and despite all the struggles of Kuffars , Munafiqeen and Jews he succeeded in his mission. If Ali RA was also appointed by Allah as Caliph...........then how can it possible that he could not succeed? ....and OTHERS taken over? Please answer

Our answer is :
Ali(AS) Caliphate can be easily proved from Quran and authentic Shia and Sunni Traditions.The incidence of appointed of Ali(as) in Ghadeer e Khum can be found in hundreds of Shia and Sunni Books.Still if are not believing in Appointment of Ali by Prophet(sawa) , its like denying sun in broad daytime in clear sky!!!,
Its your problem if u dont want to accept the facts which even many bias Sunni Scholars had not denied!!
Coming to your second objection that why Ali(as) could not succeed.
Listen mr. Anonymous if u r thinking Caliphate is worldly kingdom then u are wrong.Caliphate means successor of Holy Prophet(sawa) and like Prophethood, Caliphate is also a divine position which needs Piety and obedience.
And Ali(as) was fully qualified for it and hence Allah had appointed him to guide the Muslim Ummah after Holy Prophet(sawa), through his vast knowledge and obedience of Allah.
Now if Muslim Ummah prefer some other person who is not knowledgeable enough to guide the people then it is their fault.
If People did not come to Ali(as) for guidance then it is their loss and not the loss for Ali(as).
Why should Ali(as) go to people and forced them to accept him as Caliph when he is not appointed by People??
He was appointed by Allah and Allah has not forced anybody to follow Ali(as). And thus Ali (as) did not forced people to accept him as Caliph.
If people had followed him they would have not been misguided by others.
So dear, Ali(as) remains a Caliph even if nobody follows him. Caliphate is not like worldly kingdom where people are forced to accept the leader.
Ali is followed by thousands of Shias as their Caliph and first Imam.
If you are seeing the numbers, then even Holy Prophet(sawa) mission failed ( May Allah forbid) because even after 1400 years Islam is not the world largest religions in terms of numbers.
I hope you understand.
If you need more guidance please write ...we will answer all your objections

Dear Abdullah. Thank you for your reply and clearing the concept. I have some other questions. According to Shia school of thought majority of the companions of Holy Prophet PBUH turned apostate after his death except few like Hazrat Bilal(RA). I wonder that it means 23 years struggle of Holy Prophet PBUH remained very little fruitful. Though he PBUH was the last messenger of Allah.Now the first three caliphs also suffered a lot of troubles and problems in the early era of Islam when they were not in power. They also had kinship relations with Holy Prophet PBUH. Usman (RA) was a very rich man and even then he accepted Islam in Makkan era. He also supported Islam with his wealth. How can it possible that these three Caliphs remained with Holy Prophet PBUH for almost most of their life times being as Munafiqs ( Allah forgive). If they were Munafiqs or apostates ( Allah forgive)then why they faced a lot of problems with Holy Prophet. Please answer.

The reason why Islam was brought to mankind was to stop division and create equality. When you start talking about lineage (i.e., the blood of so and so is better than that of another) you create inequality, which in turn creates injustice. This is what Islam was brought as a cure. To create unity through one god regardless of what race, ethnicity, background, blood you are. I pray that this hate that transcends from each sect onto the other ends one day inshallah.

A muslim brother.

Thank you Br. Unknown for your beautiful comment.
We, the admin of this site fully appreciate ur views. But dear brother we have never and we will never spread hate through this site. Our purpose is to exposed only those people who knowingly or unknowing slander and accuse shias for creating division among muslims. Tell me what is our fault if we are exposing that fellow who has brought about so much destruction in Islam??
You are right we should not talk about anybody's lineage but we can't stop ourselves when we see that forefathers of Holy Prophet(sawa) and Ali(as) are classified as sinners and polytheist(May Allah forbid) by Salafi mullas and at the same time person like Umar who was responsible for the killing of the beloved daughter of Holy Prophet(sawa) is praised by Salafis as 'Farooq e Azam'.
I asked u brother tell me will u tolerate a person with dubious character and lineage praised by all ??? and Pure Family of Prophet(sawa) who had given so much sacrifices for Islam sidelined and not even discuss in the long speeches of these worldly mullah???
Tell me is this justice that the person who had nourished and protected Islam from Quraish is criticized( Hazrat Abu Talib) and the one who had not done anything significance during the lifetime of Holy Prophet(sawa) is said as the greatest companion of Holy Prophet(sawa)(i.e. Umar)???
And one more thing,the one who killed the beloved daughter of Prophet(sawa) could not be of a pure lineage and this is even proved from sunni books, so whats wrong in it ??

I understand your concerns Brother. To clarify, when i said that i pray that the hate that transcends from one sect to the other ends i meant that for both the Sunni and Shia and not only your site. Exposing each others mistakes will only add fire to a flame in a time where it is least needed. The Sunni and Shia should instead discuss their similiarites (i.e., the beautiful Holy Quran) - but that's only my opinion whatever that's worth. God is the all knowing - that's why i leave the judgement of right and wrong to him. Brother, I am only a traveller struggling to internalize the message that was sent by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Holy Quran and to apply it to my life and my family's life. Islam as a religion in my opinion was brought to bring together tribes and races under one umbrella to worship one god in harmony regardless of the differences that each tribe/race may possess. I pray god forgives us all for our mistakes. God knows best. Salam.

My reply to Anonymous who commented :

"Prophet PBUH was appointed by Allah and despite all the struggles of Kuffars , Munafiqeen and Jews he succeeded in his mission. If Ali RA was also appointed by Allah as Caliph...........then how can it possible that he could not succeed? ....and OTHERS taken over? Please answer"

My comment :

Firstly what do you mean by Prophet (s.) Succeeded in his mission ?
He definitely succeeded in his mission, there is no point to discuss in that. His mission was to teach/propogate the LAWS OF ISLAM to the ummah during his lifetime. He did that, accomplished his mission successfully. No Doubt... What after he left this world? What happened ?

• Your leaders dis-allowed the Prophet (s.) to write / dictate his last will.
• Prophet Said : Ali is truth and Truth is with Ali. The companions left Ali alone and set out to choose a Khalifa when the body of the Prophet was yet to be buried.
• Your leaders (Ayesha and Muawiyah) Fought with Ali.
• They Fought with Truth as per the traditions of Holy Prophet.
• Your Leaders (Abu Bakr & Umar) Oppressed the Daughter of Holy Prophet, made her Angry.
• Where in the Quran it is mentioned that it is incumbent upon the Ummah to follow the IJMA'A of the Ummah? Show me!
• On the contrary Holy Prophet (s.) asked for MAWADDATA FIL QURBAA as his AJRE RISALAT. What is the meaning of MAWADDAT in front of you people? You people keep the name of your children as MUAVIYA & YAZID. Is this Mawaddat?

Today Islam is the most misunderstood religion. The people belonging to the Majority sect are Frustrated. They are killing Human Beings throughout the world. From Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Bahrain, Saudi and persecuting in some other countries. The so called Islam (your Version) is a total failure today. I am sorry to say that this is not Islam. Allah did not sent this religion to be degraded. Allah did not want the followers of this religion to kill each other.

Open your eyes. See what the Ummah is doing when the family of Saudi King wasting their money and the Palestinians do not have good water to drink. When Wine and girls are served to the American Forces in Saudi and Ummah is silent. When innocent people being murdered through their money and Ummah Silent. This is the same Ummah that remained silent when the so called companions chose their KHALIFA leaving Ali alone. This is the ZALALAH of leaving Ali. The Ummah suffering from Spiritual disease and will suffer till the time Imam Mahdi comes to this world.

A response to the comment above:

I would suggest that you don't associate the word “Sunni” or even “Muslim” with the leaders of the countries you mentioned. If you dislike these leaders than state them by their name and leave it at that – do not tie religion (i.e., my islam/your islam) into it. Trust me there's millions of Sunni muslims that share your view that what's happening in Palestine is wrong. Now do you see Shia majority countries stopping the apartheid in Palestine? Actions speak louder than words. Let's not blame each other because neither side is changing the situation in Palestine as it currently stands. We all do what we can with support groups to help Palestine weather we are Sunni or Shia but none of OUR leaders are actually doing anything militarily so let's not point fingers. The leaders you dislike for the wrong they commit are not liked by any sect whatsoever nor do they represent any sect. They are in power because the enemies of Islam have kept them in power. They represent themselves and will answer to God on their own behalf on the day of judgement so let them be.

Here are some excerpts (next message) for you to see that it hasn’t always been as bad as you seem to think it has.. History has been quite favourable for the Muslims until of course more recently (last few centuries) as the rise of secularism has spread like wild fire. These quotes are from Western authors as they even recognize the success of Islam. If you wonder why things have changed over the last few centuries, look inside yourself before looking into others and see what positivity you can bring to the table.


“It is to Mussulman science, to Mussulman art, and to Mussulman literature that Europe has been in a great measure indebted for its extrication from the darkness of the Middle Ages.”

“Europe was darkened at sunset, Cordova shone with public lamps: Europe was dirty, Cordova built a thousand baths: Europe was covered with vermin, Cordova changed its undergarments daily: Europe lay in mud, Cordova’s streets were paved; Europe’s palaces had smoke-holes in the ceiling, Cordova’s arabesques were exquisite; Europe’s nobility could not sign its name, Cordova’s children went to school; Europe’s monks could not read the baptismal service, Cordova’s teachers created a library of Alexandrian dimensions.”

“The phrase ‘the Dark Ages’ to cover the period from 699 to 1,000 marks our undue concentration on Western Europe … From India to Spain, the brilliant civilization of Islam flourised. What was lost to Christendom at this time was not lost to civilization, but quite the contrary … To us it seems that West-European civilization is civilization; but this is a narrow view. From a new angle and with a fresh vigour it (the Arab mind) took up that systematic development of positive knowledge which the
Greeks had begun and relinquished … Through the Arabs it was and not by the Latin route that the modern world received that gift of light and power.”


“The rise of Islam is perhaps the most amazing event in human history. Springing from a land and a people alike previously negligible, Islam spread within a century over half the earth, shattering great empires, overthrowing long-established religions, remoulding the souls of races, and building up a whole new world—the world of Islam.”

“The closer we examine this development the more extraordinary does it appear. The other great religions won their way slowly, by painful struggle, and finally triumphed with the aid of powerful monarchs converted to the new faith. Christianity had its Constantine, Buddhism its Asoka, and Zoroastrianism its Cyrus, each lending to his chosen cult the mighty force of secular authority. Not so Islam. Arising in a desert land sparsely inhabited by a nomad race previously undistinguished in human annals, Islam sallied forth on its great adventure with the slenderest human backing and against the heaviest material odds. Yet Islam triumphed with seemingly miraculous ease, and a couple of generations saw the Fiery Crescent borne victorious from the Pyrenees to the Himalayas and from the deserts of Central Asia to the deserts of Central Africa … Preaching a simple, austere monotheism, free from priestcraft or elaborate doctrinal trappings, he tapped the well-springs of religious zeal always present in the Semitic heart. Forgetting the chronic rivalries and blood feuds which had consumed their energies in internecine strife, and welded into a glowing unity by the fire of their new-found faith, the Arabs poured forth from their deserts to conquer the earth for Allah, the one true God …”

“They (Arabs) were no blood thirsty savages, bent solely on loot and destruction. On the contrary, they were an innately gifted race, eager to learn and appreciative of the cultural gifts which older civilizations had to bestow. Intermarrying freely and professing a common belief, conquerors and conquered rapidly fused, and from this fusion arose a new civilization—the Saracenic civilization, in which the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Persia were revitalized by the Arab genius and the Islamic spirit. For the first three centuries of its existence (circ. A.D. 650-1000) the realm of Islam was the most civilized and progressive portion of the world. Studded with splendid cities, gracious masjids, and quiet universities where the wisdom of the ancient world was preserved and appreciated, the Moslem world offered a striking contrast to the Christian West, then sunk in the night of the Dark Ages.”

Peace be with you.

Dear Mr. Unknown, i am very thankful to u for expressing your beautiful ideas on our site. You are right brother, instead of fighting and pointing each other mistakes we must work on bringing Sunnis and Shias together.
We Shias are trying hard to bring our sunni brothers close to us. But whenever we try to do this, innocent sunnis who are brain-washed by their leaders start criticizing shias for dis-respecting the companions of Holy Prophet(sawa) and instead of listening to what is our stand on this sensitive matter, they start calling us KAFIR.
Now brother, what can we do when our brothers are not ready to listen to us.
Thus the purpose of this site is to make common sunnis understand that we shias love Holy Prophet(sawa) and his pure family ,and due to our utmost love for prophet(sawa) we are against some of the companions of Holy Prophet(sawa) who did not obey his order(for eg Umar denied Pen and paper to Prophet for writing the will).
Abu Bakr made himself Caliph knowing fully well that Prophet(sawa) had appointed Ali(as) to guide the Muslims.
Then these people(Abu Bakr and Umar) forced Ali(as) for allegiance and dragged him from his house and attacked the daughter of Holy Prophet(sawa) due to which she lost her unborn child and suffered fatal injuries.
If these things are made known to our Sunnis brothers , even they would start disliking these people and will come close to Shias and Inshallah Unity would be established between us.

Dear Unknown,

So you agree that these leaders are corrupt, now tell me where are the ULAMAs of this UMMAH? Why they are sitting quiet? Why don't they stand and say that these people are wrong and not supposed to be the leaders of the Ummah? I know why they don't say... They are afraid of them... They are afraid of their lives... the money that is being offered to them. The same thing happened in the earlier days of Islam. Some so called companions hijacked Islam and deprived those who were worthy to guide. They made Islam a tool to gain power. They did not obeyed the prophet (s.). The result... Muslims murdered the GRANDSON OF THE PROPHET in 61 Hijri. They looted their families and degraded their women and killed their children. The same is repeating today. The Hijackers of Islam killing the innocent people in the name of religion. Is this ISLAM? Is this what the prophet taught?

Anything coming against Umar when even provided with sunni reference is to be a lie, but when it comes to Prophet (pbuh) it is truth. I hardly see any sunni coming to protect the prophet (pbuh) when so much anti Prophet (pbuh) is written and people have written books and made movies out of sunni references.

To some protecting Umar is more important than protecting Prophet (pbuh)?

One more question to our Sunni brothers :
Can you give me an example of where a pagan of illgotten birth becoming Prophet? If not why umar being promised with fake hadith that he would have been a Prophet???

And also why those who had Abrahamic lineage( pure lineage) being targeted by Sunni hadiths that Prophet's (pbuh) and Imam Ali (as)'s parents were kafir etc. etc.(May Allah forbid)??


The people who has lineage of their Leader OMAR la will not accept anything because it will be difficult for them to digest that they are the from same lineage as tha Omar la was

if his lineage was a reason for him not to become a muslim why did the habib of Allah prophet muhammed saw pray for umar with this bad lineage to become muslim ???




@ abu talha
"(Three in one - ya Shampoo with conditioner lol )
It is confusing ha "

how do you get 3 in 1 ? its more like 2 in 1
now wonder you confused

"if his lineage was a reason for him not to become a muslim why did the habib of Allah prophet muhammed saw pray for umar with this bad lineage to become muslim ???"

My dear brother,
He was a Muslim, just like Saud & Ibne Saud. Opportunist.

If Allah's prophet did never prayed for UMAR. Where it is written? Now you will say Bukhari...
There are many rubbish things written in Bukhari... this is also rubbish. Read bukhari yourself.

Now one thing... regarding being HARAMI (Illegitimate) :
OK, as per your formula, if a Kafir becomes a Muslim then his past sins are forgiven. BUT let me ask you, Is there any provision in your FIQH to follow a confirmed ILLEGITIMATE during Jama'ah prayers. Can you follow an ILLEGITIMATE in Namaz? If not during Namaz, then how come the whole Muslim Ummah follow an ILLEGITIMATE in every religious affair, including NAMAZ?

I was the anonymous who wrote that post ..
and you should know better that it isnt scholarly to prove your side of the story from your books.

he umar was a opportunist ,absurd..he came into the fold of islam when islam was at its weakest .when muslims were hiding in prayer and hiding in accepting their faith ...but when 2 giants,the uncle of hazrat Ali ra .hazrat hamza and umar became muslim ,it gave muslims some strength to accept their belief in public .

uff! and plzzzz don't tell me about ibne saud .(YOU FIND GOOD AND BAD SUNNIS AS WELL AS GOOD AND BAD SHIAS) .even for me he wasnt a good muslim .and if I had to judge him I would put him in the same type of ruler as yazeed and marwan and the shah of iran..but then again I am no judge or Allah .Allah will judge them as he will judge me and you

oh! and just so you know ,i aint no sunni or shia.but i do have respect for the ahle bayt and the companions of the prophet ..including abu bakr,umar,uthman and ali (pbu them all).ofcourse lets not forget jafar and hamza and salman farsi and all other companions(the blessed ones that the prophet spoke about).I even visited salman farsi ra grave .and just so u know it is sunni muslims who look after his grave ..
Atleast i will never ever visit a shrine in iran which is built for a majusi .a fire worshoping kafir ,if his the killer or not the killer of umar.but to build a shrine for a Persian kafir, fire worshoping feroz abu lulu. imagine what hazrat Ali would say if he was around? he would take those builders and those who praise abu lulus heads off

Imaam Ahmed is of the view that it is permissible for a child of illegitimate birth to lead the congregational prayer and that this is not dislikeable if he is of sound religion.

Ibn Al-Munthir said: 'He can be an Imaam if he is acceptable, and the sin of others does not harm him.'

shows how 1 minded you are abu talha ,and how outdated you are abu talha.and shows that you abu talha is just out looking for wrong with sunni muslims

Umar insulted Prophet at his death bed. Is it not sufficient for our sunni brother to criticize UMAR for his act???

Dear Anonymous,
If it acceptable in your faith that Umar is OK inspite of all the blunder and innovations he created in Islam. Then I would say : To be with you your religion and with me mine.
But remember Deen cannot be taken from a person like Umar.
It is better for all muslims to accept Ali(as) and take Deen from him. Because there, you could be sure that whatever he is giving is perfectly right as Ali had directly learnt from Holy Prophet(SAWA),right from his children and Ali(AS) is the Gate of Knowledge as per Holy Prophet(SAWA).

Abu Talha is not outdated , you are outdated Mr. Anonymous ,because you are not accepting the fact after so many proofs that Umar was not a nice person.
OK Abu lulu was kafir and one should not visit his shrine. FINE.
Now also say few words about Umar, who killed the beloved daughter of Prophet(SAWA).
Umar angered Fatima by denying her property FADAK.
Say few words .....about a person who brought about so many innovations(BID'AT) in Islam( Umar)\\
I am expecting your reply ....

Walla ho Ghafoor ur Raheem......

Allah is also jabbar n kahhaar.
Allah will definitely punish umar for killing d daughter of prophet.
A person with such a bad lineage could do such an act.

Then why Prophet took Hafsa in his Nikah.

So the conclusion is, those who want to tarnish the image of Umar are definitely Kafir.

Prove me from Quran and Traditions that cursing the Hypocrites leads to Kufr. Let's see.

Quran says wives of prophet Nuh n Lut were kafir. Tell me why these prophets married such women??

Umar disobeyed d prophet by not allowing him pen n paper..
He doubted d mind of prophet by saying he(sawa) is hallucinating.
these things r found in sunni books.

On this basis umar should be criticized by all open minded muslim.

“Allah has made an example for those who are an unbelieving people: the wife of Nuh and the wife of Lut. They were married to two of Our servants who were believers, but they betrayed them and were not helped at all against Allah. They were told: ‘Enter the Fire along with all who enter it.’” (Quran, Surat at-Tahrim: 10)

if you want to lough or smile read this claim you made about somebody who died 1400 years ago. If you want to understand how silly and stupid people attacking Omar Bin Al Khattab, then read this claim, to hell you and your stupid ideas and brains.

This is very interesting, you advise us to use polite language, and your site , all your site is impolite, ;you are impolite.

Yes,, ur comment is interesting bcoz u have more love for umar than d prophet
when we say polite lauguage it means we should not abuse one another
We want people( both shias n sunnis) to discuss with open mind n sort out d differences.
As far as umar is concerned, we r just reporting d facts found in shia sunni books.
why u have sympathy for d killer of d daugther of prophet(sawa)???
Y u want to protect d man who doubt prophet's mind??
I ask u what type of muslim r u???

Jin logon ko ye Aetraaz hai ke hum Umar ke baare me aisa kyon kehte hai, to un logon se guzarish hai ke Taqaqaat ibn Saad me jaakar Padhe ke Umar ne Apni Kharab Nasl ka khud Ehteraaf kiya tha apna Aakhri waqt , ye kehkar ke "meri Maa ki Kharabi hai" .( Sunni Reference )
Last words said by Umar found in Sunni book : Tabaqaat ibn Saad
For scan images of words said by Umar , please visit :

So, only Shias do not accept that Umar had a bad lineage, even Sunni Scholars believe the same.

nearly 1500 years of stories and all of you are explaining like it happened yesterday..and you know everything..

rasulallah (PUH) must be very happy watching his ummah devided.
ahlul bait of rasulallah are common heritage of muslims. if shias cant respect sahaba because of what have been mentioned in books, they shouldnt curse or abuse them either.
lets look at the bigger picture.we must be united for the sake of last and final prophet MOHAMMAD(sallu ala mohammad wa ale Mohammad.)

Quran has cursed the evil doer. Tell me what is use of cursing evil doer??.
Quran has mentioned the stories of previous porphet(Sawa) in which it has praised the good doer and criticized the wrong doer.
Tell me Why Quran has narrated the stories of previous Prophet(SAWA) ??
When Rasullah was the greatest and last Prophet(SAWA), Quran should talk only about the Prophet(SAWA)???
Why it has narrated the story of our father HAzrat Adam(AS)??
The answer to all these questions is the same.
Quran wants us to take lessons from the stories of the pasts.
Why Quran has talked about the oppression done by Firaun on Bani Israel ??
Our answer is the same regarding Umar.
Rasullah must be very unhappy that Ummah is following the actions and sayings of those people who were confirmed hypocrites as per the records found in Shia and Sunni Books.
Our purpose for highlighting the character of Umar is to exposed him so that Ummah should follow the pure progeny of Holy Prophet(SAWA) and not those who had oppressed and killed his AhlulBayt(SAWA).
Ummah is divided because of all these.

Why are you so captured in history of people that have not created Islam but might influenced the political condition of Islam. Islam is the religion of Allah and is deliver by Muhammed (pbuh) not by Ali (RA) or Umar OR Mu'awiyah. The actions of the sahaba will be accounted by Allah, cursed or blessed by the angels and might please or dissapoint the probhet (ppbh).

As in for todays muslims, fear for your akhira and mind your own business. And if the history of the Caliphates haunts you. Learn from the mistakes of history and stop correcting a fitnah with a greater fitnah. Only Allah knows the truth and leave the accounts of it for Him, For He is truly, The Allknowing and The Just.

Dear Punty,
We are not captured in history without any reasons. Umar's influenced on Islam was not just political.
Yes, Islam is the religion of Allah and Mohammad(SAWA) is the last and greatest Messenger of Allah.
Due to this nobody has any right to change what Mohammad(SAWA) had propagated.If you study history you would see that after the departure of Mohammad(SAWA) from this world, Islam was hijacked by some of the so called sahaba and they left no stone unturned to introduced many innovations in Islam. Muawiya used to run a full fledged industry for creating fake traditions and used to ascribe those traditions and false sayings towards the Prophet(SAWA).
Umar and Abu Bakr stopped the pious sahabas of Holy Prophet(SAWA) from narrating traditions. As a results many corrects traditions of Prophet(SAWA) were lost and many fake traditions were introduced.
HAzrat Ali(AS) compiled and presented the Quran within 3 days after the demise of Prophet(SAWA) , but it was not accepted by Abu Bakr.
And Quran was collected later on during the reign of 3 Caliph Uthman without the help from the GATE of Knowledge - ALI(AS).
Yes u r right that sahaba will be accounted by Allah.
But what about the wrong things introduced by them in Islam. Are they not going ta affect the future Ummah of Holy Prophet(SAWA) ???
We are not worried about only our Akhira - we also want our all muslim brothers to take the matter of religion seriously.
Yes we must learn from the mistakes of History and the correct way to stop the fitnah is to refer to Holy Prophet's(SAWA) pure progeny in the matter of religion.
Holy Prophet(SAWA) said : "I am leaving behind two weighty things, Quran and Ahlyl BAyt"
We respect sahabas, but sahabas were not infallibles and hence we should only refer to Ahlul BAyt-family of Prophet(SAWA), to understand the true teachings of Islam.
Yes Allah knows the truth and He knew it well that Ummah is going to deviate after Mohammad(SAWA) and that is the reason He asked His Prophet(SAWA) to appoint his successor at Ghadir e Khum.
The matter of Caliphate was not just political. It had deprived the people from referring to Hazrat Ali (AS) and as a result Ummah got deviated by people like Umar, Abu BAkr and Muawiya-who introduced many wrong things in Islam.
( Note : Though all these things are 1400 years old but could be easily proved from Shia - Sunni books of traditions and history)

Assalamo Alaikum . mein koi 4 5 saal se apne kitabon ki wark gardani kar raha tha aur Shia Scholar Syed Kamal Haidari ko bhi sunta hon . kyun ke mujhi arabi samajh ajati hain . to mein to 80 % aqaeda see agree karta hon . aur Danke Ke Chot pay kehta hon ke mein Shian Ali Alaih Salam se hon . aur Sipah Sahaba par thokta hon . woh to mein sunni jab tha us waqt bi unpar thokta tha , jhoti man gharat muaweya ki shan mein hadith parhte hein .
Shia Bhaiyo to mera Salam hain unho ne Ahle bait ki muhabbat to 1400 se zinda rakha
warna sunni scholat ne to hasan hussain aur Ali alais salam ka naam lena bi chor diya
Was Salam

I think the sunni world is himself destroying their status . I was shock to hear the Shaikh Al Bani in his book Al Irwa has authenticated a tradition that son of umar bin khattab when use to buy (jariyah) he would put his finger in her *** and would shake her *** and would expose her legs . though the same kind of thing was done by Muaweya commander Busr bin Artah for reference read the bio graphy of Busr Bin Artah in Al Esteyab by Hafiz Ibn Abdul bar .

The Hadith of Shaikh Al Bani Erwa ul Ghulail Hadith No 1792 Isnad Sahih .

Dear brothers and sisters,

You would all benefit from reading Al Muraja'at, a Shia/Sunni dialogue which is available online. It should be used as a benchmark of how those with different views should address each other: with respect and dignity.

We are all victims of history - there is no doubt that there are parts of history that have been distorted (from both sides). There is, however, no excuse for the disgusting way in which Muslims address each other in these online platforms - a lot of this is clearly due to the lack of inhibitions, artificial courage and relative anonymity created by the fact that it's an online forum.

As a Shia, I cannot understand why we are blaming the ahlul Sunna today for matters which occurred before their time. We have a different view of history, that's all. I regret, however, that there are those of us who exaggerate incidents and have mistaken fact from fiction. Then there are those who are just hell bent of creating a further schism within Islam. 

We do not have to love all of the companions of our beloved Prophet. However, there is nothing lost by being respectful. Allah swt knows best and is the Judge, not us. It is ridiculous that this blog about Umar even exists - the only purpose is character assassination and sowing a discord of hate. How are these ludicrous 'hadith' even communicated when some of the incidents clearly occur in private? 

Let us stop fighting with each other and realise there is only one winner that will arise because of our squabbling; they are the true enemies of Islam.

For all who peddle hate towards different sects of Islam, know that you have blood on your hands. For example, those like 'Shaykh' Yasser Habib, etc. Our brothers and sisters are killed across the world because of the hate being sold by you, whilst you sit behind the safety of your computer or television screens. Shame on you.



This comment has been removed by the author.

Dear Abbas ( London ),
We, the admin of this blog fully agree with some of your views that we should not peddle hate towards different sects of islam. We should not fight one another.etc.etc.
1. This blog on Umar is for the purpose of character assasination.
2. We shias are blaming sunnis for matters which occurs before this time.
3. We are spreading hate due to which our brothers and sisters are killed across the world.

Our Answers :

1.Our purpose here, by Allah, is not character assassination. We are here just to convinced our sunni brothers that our hatred for Umar is for these reasons and one of the main cause of our hatred is the role of Umar in burning the door of Fatima(SA) which is also found in many shia and sunni books. By doing this we want our sunni brothers to understand our views on sahabas. And this is because many of our sunni brothers think that we shias abuse sahaba and due to which we are considered Kafir by them. We want our sunni brothers to undertand that we do not criticized all the companions of Prophet(SAWA) except a few who were involved in the oppression on Ahlul Bayt(AS).
We are just replying to the accusation and propaganda done by sunni scholars against Shias and Shiism.

2. I am surprised how you have arrived to this conclusion that we shias blame sunnis for the incidents of the past. Where have you find any such thing on this blog or any shia website???
Sorry to say dear brother but the truth is vice versa. Some sunnis blame us for the incident of past for e.g. Tragedy of Karbala.
Some deviated sunnis(not all) blame shias for the killing of imam hussain(AS) and still think that our crying on imam hussain(AS) is for repentance.

3. You said we are spreading hate due to which brothers and sisters are killed.
No Dear brother, We are not spreading the hate. We are just reported the facts found in history so that the misconception about shias are removed from the mind of our innocent sunni brothers who are brain washed by the Salafist,Jihadist, Wahabist, Talibanist.
Dont you see so many anti Shia site on the internet created by Salafis and Sipah e Sahaba and other terrorist organisations ??
Have you not come across any anti Shia materials where shias are accused as the worst Kafirs on Earth. ??
Have you not seen or heard how mutawwah ( religious police ) at Janatul Baqi spreading hatred against Shias and Shi'ism ???
And ,Still you are blaming us for spreading the hatred ???
We have written very clearly in our comment section :
براہ مہربانی شائستہ زبان کا استعمال کریں
Please use Polite Language.

Even we dont believe in Abusing and using Bad language. Healthy discussion is always welcome, like the discussion in the book Al - Mura-jaat
This blog and site is only for discussion purpose where all are welcome to share their views on Umar. This encyclopedic site is created with the sole aim of clearly our stand on Umar and to remove the confusions from the mind of the people.
The matter regarding the lineage of Umar is also taken from Shia and Sunni Books So that our Sunni brothers should not feel that these are the stories created by Shias against Umar.
And that is the reasons we have posted the materials found in both shias and sunni books regarding Umar.
Any Suggestions and advice are always welcome from our readers.

Dear Brother Abbas,

With all due respect to you, your thoughts and your concern for Islam and muslims, I would only like to say that debate and discussion is very important and necessary for us to understand each other. If we stop discussing certain issues for some or the other reason and only believe in Unity with our Sunni brothers, then simply we should accept Khilafat-e-Rashida and become like them. Unity will be achieved. R U Ready for this? But if we do not want to be like them due to our belief in certain issues that is contrary to their belief, then we should discuss with them, we should say our points in a polite and civilized manner. And our Sunni Brothers should also try to understand us. We (shias) always have solid base for our arguments. We do not accuse anybody for what he / she has not done. We don't want to hurt anyone. Our only motive is providing historical facts from Shia / Sunni sources.


Dear all every 1 we cant go first of all out of Quran . i just want to say please show me one ayat of quran in which by name Ali a.s was selected a caliph by Allah Before Nabi Pak . If he was so he must have been mentioned in Quran. On te contrary , if Sahaba a.s had committed such nauseating misdeeds then in any surah in even a single ayat they must have been declared infidels and by names By Allah . Shia ppl take those references 4m our books without knowing the casuistry of ahl e sunna , if you infact dont believe in our books you ppl dont need to come here because in the same books there is a great deal of applause , commendation , praise for every sahaba. Your references go beyond and contrary to quran and they are inadmissible. so please stop cursing those who are still resting with the prophet peace be upon if they had been hypocrites how it could be possible that they are resting in a piece of jannat ul baqee now you wont admit that that land is a piece of segement fron eden

oay kanjro shio Hazrat e umar ne ni mara bibi fatima ko or mje sabit kro phle yeh k pen or kitab AAQa ne mola Umar se mangi thi < waha mola ali , Mola Umar , or hazrat abbas b khare thay or pure majme se mangi thi ok ja k dhaikho phle tum log sayyed nahi ho , or jo sayyed ho b wo umar ko gali dai wo sayyad ni rehta hm sayyada ki olad se ishq karte bibi k sath mawaddat rakhte par jitni mawaddat o mhbbt sahaba ko thi utni hum ni karte jo abu bakro o umar ko gali dai wo kafir hai mai quran se sabit kar sakta hu sura toba parho , quran kehta hai k jb rasool ne apne sahabi se kaha k mat ghabra Allah hmare sath hai yeh Allah kin logon k sath hai or kin logon k sath nahi hai wo dhaikho or mje btao Quran kehta hai Allah fasiqon or Kafiron k sath ni hai oh shio tum un ko kafir keh rhe jin ko rasool keh rhe k Allah hmare sath hai oh gandai nutfay ki olado shio tumari maeen gashtian hen jino ne tume janam dia un haramano ko khud apne bapo k nam ni pta or tum ungli uthate ho sahaba par tum se to itni gandi badbu ati hai haramio sahaba ko galian daina chor do na bibi bhooki thi maazallah jaedad ki na maazallah abubakar bhookay thay jaedado k smjhe imam jafar ki walida kon hai Ali k bete ki walida kon hai Q dia imam jafar ka rishta un k walid ne abubakar ki poti ko btao ?????????????????????? Mola Ali ne Abubakar ki bewa se munafiq ki bewa se kafir ki bewa se q ki shadi maazalla haramio shio btao mera khoon kholta hai jb tum nabi ki aal mai or sahaba mai jhooti fabricated quran k khilaf baten karte ho wahabi sahee kehte tum is zameen k galeez treen kafir ho

This comment is a reply to our sunni brother in an anonymous comment above in which he has accused shias for cursing sahabas and has asked as the prove it from Quran that Sahabas were condemned.

Our Answers :
Let me make it very clear to all our readers that WE SHIAS DO NOT CURSE ALL THE SAHABAS. We curse only those people among the sahabas who were hypocrites. Those who disobeyed the Prophet(SAWA) on several occasions. Those who ran away from the battlefield leaving Prophet(SAWA) alone. Those who raise their voices in the presence of Prophet(SAWA) . Those who denied pen and paper to the Prophet(SAWA) on his death bed.Those who left the Prophet body unburied and ran to Saqifa to appoint a Caliph. Those who denied FADAK to the beloved daughter of Prophet(SAWA) by forging a tradition on inheritance.All these things are found in historical books of shias and sunnis.
My Questions are :
Did Allah curse the hypocrites in Quran or Not ???
If Hypocrites were not present in the ranks of Sahabas then for whom Surah Munafeqoon was revealed ??
Why Allah condemned the people for rasing their voices in presence of Prophet(SAWA) in Quran, Who were these people ??
Why some Companion felt that selecting Caliph was more important than burying the Holy Body of Prophet(SAWA)??
If it is so why did not Prophet(SAWA) appoint a Caliph so as to avoid the conflicts and confusions among the People??
Did the Prophet(SAWA) give any instructions for the appointment of Caliph ?? If not then who told these companions to appoint a Caliph in such a hurry when Hazrat Ali(AS) and other companions were busy in the funeral of Prophet(SAWA)???

Well, Brother want some ayats from Quran condemning the acts of some of the Sahabas :

Please Read from Quran :
Surah 9, Ayat No. 101 :
"Certain of the desert Arabs round about you are hypocrites, as well as (desert Arabs) among the Medina folk: they are obstinate in hypocrisy: thou knowest them not: We know them: twice shall We punish them: and in addition shall they be sent to a grievous penalty."

Surah No. 63,Ayat 1,2,3 and 4 :
When the Hypocrites come to thee, they say, "We bear witness that thou art indeed the Apostle of Allah." Yea, Allah knoweth that thou art indeed His Apostle, and Allah beareth witness that the Hypocrites are indeed liars.

They have made their oaths a screen (for their misdeeds): thus they obstruct (men) from the Path of Allah: truly evil are their deeds.

That is because they believed, then they rejected Faith: So a seal was set on their hearts: therefore they understand not.

When thou lookest at them, their exteriors please thee; and when they speak, thou listenest to their words. They are as (worthless as hollow) pieces of timber propped up, (unable to stand on their own). They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth)!

continue from the previous comment ....
If our Sunni brothers feel that Sahabas are not refered in these verses of Quran. Then I advice them to read the following traditions from Sahih Bukhari and other Sahihs ,which will make the matter very clear for our readers.

Narrated 'Abdullah:

The Prophet said, "I am your predecessor at the Lake-Fount". 'Abdullah added: The Prophet said, "I am your predecessor at the Lake-Fount, and some of you will be brought in front of me till I will see them and then they will be taken away from me and I will say, 'O Lord, my companions!' It will be said, 'you do not know what they did after you had left.'
Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 578

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet said, "Some of my companions will come to me at my Lake Fount, and after I recognise them, they will then be taken away from me, whereupon I will say, 'My companions!' Then it will be said, 'You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you."
1. Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 584
2. Sahih Muslim, part 15, pp 53-54

Narrated Abu Hazim from Sahl bin Sa'd:

The Prophet said, "I am your predecessor (forerunner) at the Lake-Fount, and whoever will pass by there, he will drink from it and whoever will drink from it, he will never be thirsty. There will come to me some people whom I will recognise, and they will recognise me, but a barrier will be placed between me and them." Abu Hazim added: Nu'man bin Abi 'Aiyash, on hearing me, said. "Did you hear this from Sahl?" I said, "Yes." He said, " I bear witness that I heard Abu Said al-Khudri saying the same, adding that the Prophet said: 'I will say: They are my companions. Then it will be said to me, 'You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you left'. I will say, 'Far removed, far removed (from mercy), those who changed after me." Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet said, "On the Day of Resurrection a group of companions will come to me, but will be driven away from the Lake-Fount, and I will say, 'O Lord (those are) my companions!' It will be said, 'You have no knowledge as to what they innovated after you left; they turned apostate as renegades (reverted from the true Islam)"
Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 585

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "While I was sleeping, a group (of my followers were brought close to me), and when I recognized them, a man (an angel) came out from amongst (us) me and them, he said (to them), 'Come along.' I asked, 'Where?' He said, 'To the (Hell) Fire, by Allah' I asked, 'What is wrong with them?' He said, 'They turned apostate as renegades after you left.' Then behold! (Another) group (of my followers) were brought close to me, and when I recognized them, a man (an angel) came out from (me and them) he said (to them); 'Come along.' I asked, 'Where?' He said, 'To the (Hell) Fire, by Allah.' I asked, 'What is wrong with them?' He said, 'They turned apostate as renegades after you left.' So I did not see anyone of them escaping except a few who were like camels without a shepherd".
Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 587

And why did Prophet compared himself to Moses and Harun to Imam Ali ? as mentioned in your Sahih hadiths.

Did people of Moses not take calf instead of Harun for guidance ?/ why did sahaba leave Imam Ali and went to give bayah , after the Prophet death ,and brought fire and wood to burn Imam Ali house to give allegiance to Abu bakr.

The next objection is why we shia quote from sunni books when we dont believe in them.
The Reason is :
If Shias quote from shia books Sunnis would not accept it.So in order to prove them, Shias quote from sunni books but that doesnt mean Shias believe in everything found in Sunni books.
The Reason is Shias refer to Holy Imams from the progeny of Prophet(SAWA) for guidance after Prophet(SAWA) and Shias do not find traditions from Holy Imams in Sunni Books hence dont accept the traditions found in Sunni books.
Also Shias are very particular about the chain of narrators of traditions.

Another Objection raised by our sunni brother was :
Why hasn’t Imam Ali (a.s.) been mentioned in the Holy Quran?
Our Answer :
There are at least two reasons why Imam Ali’s name hasn’t been mentioned in the Quran. First, because the Quran usually expresses general matters and instructions, and doesn’t get very specific. For example, Imam Sadiq (a.s.) was asked why the imams haven’t been named in the Quran. He answered that concerning wilayah (religious authorithy), the Quran has acted the same way that it has regarding salat, zakat, and hajj. The Quran hasn’t been very specific on how to perform these acts, and has only said that they have to be done. The Prophet is the one who has thoroughly explained how these acts must be performed. In the same way, the Prophet has become very detailed in relation to those succeeding him, without any need for them to be explicitly named in the Quran. The second of many reasons for the above-mentioned issue is that since wilayah was a controversial issue, and there were big chances that others would disagree with it, it was much better and safer for the Quran to express it implicitly so that it wouldn’t cause them to go against the Quran and Islam itself! It’s very clear that this isn’t to the benefit of the Muslim Ummah and is a good reason for not mentioning the names of the imams in the Quran. In other words, if the appointment of Imam Ali as successor was to be clearly mentioned in a verse of the Quran, there was a possibility that those who opposed it would somehow falsify or get rid of the verse in order to destroy all of the evidence showing that he is the true successor to the Prophet (p.b.u.h.). As a result, Islam would lose its value as the final religion for mankind in addition to the Quran losing its value as an eternal divine book . Moreover, the Quran says: “Surely we have revealed the Reminder (the Quran), and We will most surely be its guardian.” One of the ways of protecting the Quran is to naturally and very normally block the reasons that might provoke falsification and hostility towards it and not let them even come up in the first place. Consequently, two things take place. Firstly, the Quran doesn’t clearly mention Imam Ali (a.s.). Secondly, the verses regarding his religious authority such as Ayah Tabligh which is the official announcement of his appointment to being successor, and Ayah Tathir which has to do with the infallibility of the imams, are all located in between verses that don’t have anything to do with these subjects so that the Quran stays protected throughout history, and no one thinks about falsifying it because of the truth it is expressing.

Objection :
Those who are still resting with the prophet peace be upon If They had been hypocrites how it could be possible that they are resting in a piece of jannat ul baqee now you wont admit that that land is a piece of segement fron eden.
Our Answer :
Please visit Madina and see it youself.
The piece of land in between the Mimbar and the grave of Prophet(SAWA) is regarded as the piece of land of Jannat(according to traditions of Prophet(SAWA))

If you go there you would find people pushing each other so that they could pray in that place.

The grave of Abu Bakr and Umar is not in between Mimber of Prophet(SAWA) and his grave.Their graves are on the other side of that piece of land.
Regarding how they got buried in that place ???
It is because during their Khilafat who could not opposed them from getting buried there.
It is really a Shame for the Muslims that Prophet(SAWA) beloved daughter Fatima who died just 60-75 days after Prophet(SAWA) was not buried besides her father and her grave is still not known.
Now the biggest question is why the family members of Prophet(SAWA) , Fatima(AS) and Imam Hasan are not buried in the house of Prophet(SAWA) and how Abu BAkr and Umar got buried in the house of Prophet(SAWA) when in fact it was the right of family members of Prophet(SAWA) to get buried besides him.
Something fishy , Isnt it???

Pen aur paper na Umar se manga the na Ali se. Waha jo log khade the, in general, Nabi ne un logon se kaha the ke mujhe pen aur paper do taake mai likho tum mere baad gumra na ho.
tab Umar NI KAHA KE NABI KA DIMAAG KHARAB HAI AUR INHE PEN AUR PAPER NA DE. UMAR NE YE BHI KAHA KE QURAN HUMARE LIYE KAAFI HAI. Tab kuch logon ne Umar ki baat ki pairvi ki aur kuch ne mukhalifat ki yaha tak ye Nabi ne sab se kaha ke chale jao.

Ab sawaal ye uthta hai ke Nabi jab keh rahe the ke mai likhu taake tum Gumrah na ho jaoo , tab Umar ne Nabi ke Dimaag per kyoun shak kiya aur kyon unhe wasiyat likhne se roka.
Kya ye Quran aur Nabi ke khilaaf arzi nahi hai.
Quran ne saaf saaf kaha hai ke Nabi jo de de le lo aur jis se mana kare ruk jao..
Umar ne bahot bada jurm kiya Rasool ke akhri waqt unka kehna na maan ke aur unke dimaag per shakh karke.
Sunni hazraat kitni bhi safai de magar Umar ka ye gunah - gunah e kabira hai jiski waja se Nabi wasiyat na likh sake aur Ummat gumrahi ke daldal me dashti chali gai.. Baade Rasool kafi ikhtelaaf hue Khilafat ke mauzoo par. Bahot se Junge hue -ye sab ke zimmedaar Umar hain. Agar unhone Nabi ko wasiyat lihkne se roka nahi hota to aaj musalmaano me itna ikhtelaaf nahi hota.

Is waqaya in tamaam sunni kitabo me maujood hai. Research karne wale hazraat isse refer kar sakte hain..

Reference :

1) Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2 p 242, Beirut Edition, Sahih Bukhari Chapter on جوائز الوفد from the Book of Jihad v 2 p 120, and the Chapter of Exodus of Jews form the Arabian Peninsula v 2 p 36 has these words.
2) Taarikh-o-Abi al-Fidaa, v. 1, p. 15.
3) In Sahih Bukhari in the Chapter on Book of Knowledge v 1 p 22, the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) annoyance is recorded with a slight variation:

قو …وا عن ’ی و لا ینبغی عندی التنازع

‘Go away from me, it is not appropriate to argue in my presence.’

Our other posts on this matter. please refer...
1) http://umar-ibn-khattab.blogspot.com/2012/03/incident-of-pen-and-paper-from-sunni.html
2) http://umar-ibn-khattab.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-brief-analysis-of-incident-of-paper.html
3) http://umar-ibn-khattab.blogspot.com/2011/06/umar-made-lot-of-noise-and-prevented.html

Very interesting ... I did not know this aspect of you Muslims... The worst enemy of a Muslim is another Muslim.... See yourselves.... For every wrong doing on you... you blame jews and Christians and others.... Somebody saying Ali is right.. others saying Omer or somebody else is right...

Please tell me one thing. in your discussion above, there is one thing mentioned time and again that a person rather one of your Caliphs named Omer injured and killed daughter of your Prophet, so he would go to hell. What about your leaders Ali and Aysha who were responsible for killing of thousands of innocent Muslims who fought against each other in a battle (perhaps battle of Jamal) meant for their political objectives.... Will not they go to hell.... By this standard..
Dam shitty Muslims..

Hazrat Ali was not responsible for any bloodshed. All the war fought by him during the lifetime of Holy Prophet(SAWA) and after his demise were in self defense and in defending islam. We are not responsible for the acts and bloodshed caused by other muslims and their acts are not in accordance with the teaching of Islam. So dont blame islam. Yes, some early so called muslims such as muawiya, yazid, etc were involved in large scale killing of muslim and we condemn them.

it cheap bastards like u who disturb religious harmony. And when the backlash comes which is also wrong u cry like hell. stop spreading hate

I dont know what what is wrong or right but seriously this division of muslim ummah hurts me and the kafirs took perfect advatage from this :(

When people loose scholarly argument then start either abusing or turn and say religious harmony is disturbed due to people bringing up old things. Just reply with authentic proof and don't worry about harmony.

Umar had following things:
1. bad lineage
2. Ran away from battles
3. Misbehaved against prophet
4. Drank nabiz
5. Killed daughter of prophet
6. Added innovations
7. Killed many innocent
8. no knowledge of quran and hadith
9. Banned hadiths
10. installed muavia

Some people think begin with prophet was sufficient and they love him for his deeds, anything wrong in that? They love such kind of person as their khalifa, leader and believe he will go to heaven right away. Any problem with that? That's their believe and they will go with him, others should not worry at all.

these guys are incorrigible
They will ask questions
when we shut them up with references they retaliate by swearing (abusive language)
stamped hearts

Is it what about the facts which is posted up!!
Open your eyes and brain before it's too late

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