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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Prophet Mohammad ( S.A.W.A) cursed Umar and Abu Bakr during his life time !!! ( Reference : Sunni Books )

The Prophet (s) sent several ambassadors and delegations to the neighboring kingdoms. Al-Munthir accepted Islam. The Egyptians sent rich presents while the Hercules and Negus replied in courteous manner. Khosrow, the king of Persia, behaved arrogantly and swore that he would punish the Prophet (s). But Khosrow was murdered by his own son. The Roman king had insulted and killed Usama’s father Zaid, who was sent as an ambassador by the Prophet (s). The Roman king failed to apologize and he threatened to wipe out the Muslims. This gave cause for the Muslims to send an army, demand an apology from the Roman king, and to wage war if he would refuse to apologize.[1]
The Prophet (s), therefore, directed Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas, Abu Ubaida bin al-Jarrah and all the Muhajirin and the Ansar, except Imam Ali (a.s), to go to the place called Mu’ta on an expedition under the command of Usama bin Zaid.[2]

 [1] Abul Fida’s Qasasul Ambiya, p. 408 – 409.
[2] At-Tabari, vol.3, p.188-189, Habibus Sayyar, vol. 1, Part 3, p.77, Madarijun Nubuwwa, vol. 2, p.530, Tarikh al-Khamis, vol. 2 p.171, Ibnul Athir, vol. 2,p.120, ibn Abil Hadid, vol. 1 p.53, vol.2 p.20.

Objections were raised saying that the senior companions were opposed to being placed under the command of Usama who was a young man. Many argued that on earlier occasions, the Prophet (s) had placed the very same companions under the charge of Ali (a.s) who was the youngest among them. However, a foundation was laid for a demur and claim that the leader should only be an older member and not any youngster.

Unable to collect men around him, Usama twice met the Prophet (s)who became angry at his orders being disobeyed and he insisted that Usama should immediately collect all the men and proceed on the expedition without further delay. Books of history are full of reports as to how Usama tried to collect the men for the expedition and how they refused to assemble under his leadership and how the companions of the Prophet (s) disobeyed the ailing Prophet (s).
History also records the palace intrigues of Aa’isha and Hafsa, wives of the Prophet (s) and daughters of Abu Bakr and Umar respectively. The animosity of these two women towards Imam Ali (a.s) is very well recorded in history. Each of these two women insisted that her father should not proceed on any expedition and should be present in Medina, since the Prophet (s) was about to die. Therefore, instead of going to Usama as directed by the Prophet (s), Abu Bakr went to Suq to his newly wedded wife, and Umar shuttled between his friends among the Banu Umayya and the Muhajirin.

Whenever the Prophet (s) called for Ali (a.s), each of these two women would suggest that her father might be called instead of Ali (a.s), but the Prophet (s) insisted on Ali (a.s), with whom he conferred for a long time.[1]

 The Prophet (s) said, “God’s curse upon those who demurred in joining the army of Usama[2]

[1] At-Tabari, vol.3, p.188-189, Habibus Sayyar, vol. 1, Part 3, p.77, Madarijun Nubuwwa, vol. 2, p.530, Tarikh al-Khamis, vol. 2, p.171, Ibnul Athir, vol. 2 p.120, ibn Abil Hadid, vol.1, p.53, vol.2, p.20.
[2] Stories From the Qur’an by S.M. Suhufi, p. 316, Arabic Text No. 119 at p. 351. [La’ana Allahu man takhallafa an jaishi Usama].



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