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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Brief Discussion on Fadak

This Ummah did not care about this magnificent lady, and her estate, which was allotted by the Prophet to her in accordance withthe Quranic decision, was confiscated by the state. She made a petition to the first caliph and he replied that the truth of her claim is not established (  Tafseer ’  e Kabir by Fakhruddin Razi). She provided further evidence in support of her claim by the statements of Imam Ali ( AS )and her two sons Hassan ( AS) and Hussain ( AS ) and Omme Aaiman. The evidence of her two sons Imam Hassan and Hussain was rejected on the grounds as them being juveniles, (Omme Aaiman) as a women and that of Imam Ali as the husband of Fatima. She then produced the written deed of occupation authorised by the Prophet, but it was rejected as well. At this juncture, Fatima invoked the Quranic argumentof receiving legacy of her father but the state, which relied earlier on the Slogan that the book of God is sufficient for them, pushed aside their earlier statements and invoked a fake Hadith at the spur of themoment, which stated,
“We the Prophets neither receive nor leave any legacy.”
At this moment Fatima was quoting Quranic verses. This showed that the state was in the hands of opportunists who used any available tactics to deny the rights of Aale Rasool by either refraining from the Qu'ran or engineering fake narrations in the name of the Prophet.Finally, Abubakr, as quoted by Bokhari refused to respect the claim of Fatima and confiscated her estate. It is stated that she died within threemonths of this decision and was secretly buried during the night and Abubakr and Umar were barred from participating in her funeral.
There are numerous reports in both Shia and the Sunni books that Fatima (AS), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is the leader of women of all times. It is mentioned in some Ahadith: Fatima(AS) is the leader of all women in the Paradise, or as stated in Arjahul  Matalib ; Fatima ( AS) is the leader of women of all times. Listening to this statement of the Prophet some companions asked about the status of Mary ( AS), the mother of Jesus ( AS). The Prophet replied that Mary ( AS) was the chosen women of her times, while Fatima ( AS) is the head of women of all times. Some adversaries of the family of the Prophet dragged some wives of the Prophet in this competition, which is a portrayal of their jealousy against Ahlulbait. They must understand that the station of respect that Fatima ( AS) holds with God is not available to many Prophets, not to speak of the wives of the messenger of God. The other statements like; Fatima‟s pleasure and anger is the anger of God and the Prophet respectively, is well documented in Sunni books and its authenticity cannot be challenged. Quranic verses such as Aa‟yate Tat‟heer and other remarks are permanent arguments of her chastity.



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