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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hadith that "All my Companions are like Stars" is Fake

These facts also reveal that the Hadith, which is very much touted by our Sunni brothers, wherein the Prophet has supposedly said,
“My friends are like stars, you will be guided by following anyone of them” is a fake and counterfeit Hadith. Ibne Tamia has written in Minhajul Sunna: This Hadith is feeble; because the great masters have said so. Moulavi Abdul Hay‟ee has mentioned in Tuhfatul Akhyar, the opinion of several scholars who proved the deception of this Hadith. They say that Ibne Hazm has proved that this is an engineered work. Same is the opinion of Ibne Zahabi.
If after some reservation we accept this Hadith to be true, then we have to agree that Ali (AS), Fatima (AS), Hassan (AS) and Hussain (AS) are the addressees of this assertion, who are endowed by blood relations with the Prophet as well as his companionship. They were also virtuous in character and their love has been laid down by the Qur‟an for the rank and file of the Ummah.
Allama Taftazani has written to this extent, “We can only trust the virtuosity of those companions who had remained longer in the company of the Prophet and learned from his message, otherwise rest of the companions are no different from common folks, who are a mixture of good and bad.”
Under these circumstances Shia faith cannot treat all companions equally. The companions of the Prophet, who were steadfast in their belief, chose Ahlulbait as their guide after death of the messenger of God, and paid their religious dues by submitting themselves to their command. We consider the soil under the feet of such companions as a source of vision for our eyes. However, we feel it essential to disengage from those companions who did not fully comply with the assertions of the Prophet and moved away from Ahlulbait after his death.



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