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Monday, November 25, 2013

Did Hazrat Ali (AS) remain loyal to the first 3 Caliphs ??

Loyalty is not the right word. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) signed a peace treaty with the kuffars of Mecca at Hudaibya. During this era, the Prophet (SAW) did not fight against the pagans, neither did he show any offense or sign of disagreement with them. Can you call this treaty, a loyalty of Prophet (SAW) towards the disbelievers? Definitely no. I am not comparing the caliphs with pagans, they were Muslims, just as everyone else who recites the Kalimah. However i wanted to clarify that not fighting against or speaking against some one is not necessarily loyalty.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was prophet of Allah when only Mawla Ali (AS) believed in him, and he will be prophet of Allah if no one believes in him, or everyone believes in him. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) only became the leader of the Islamic estate when the people gave him that position.

In other words, political leadership cannot be possible without the consent of the people. During the era of Abu Bakr, Umer and Usman, they had the consent of the people, due to which Mawla Ali did not try to over throw them, neither support them. As the consent of the people was with the rulers of the time, it was not Mawla Ali's duty to lead the nation, when the nation did not want him to lead it.

When Mawla Ali became the caliph, he fought Mawiya. You must note that Mawiya had been ruler of Syria during the era of second caliph, Umer, but Mawla Ali (AS) didn’t fight Mawiya. As soon as Mawla Ali became the caliph, he called on Mawiya for accountability of Public treasury and thus the battles began. Because Mawla was given a political post by the people now it was now his duty to rectify things as the head of the state. If Mawla Ali was not given khilafat by the people, he would have never fought Mawiya. In other words, if Mawla Ali was not chosen by the people to lead them, he would have remained silent under Mawiya's rule as well, just like he remained silent against Mawiya for his seventeen year rule over Syria during the Caliphate of Umar and Usman. Silence is not loyalty or support all the time. It is a boycott as well.
The thing which u call loyalty, I call patience and dissociation. Mawla Ali (AS) went into political dormancy which is the reason he and Zulfiqar did not participate in any “jihad” under the first three caliphs.



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