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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Attack on the house of H. Fatema Zahra (sa) Part 2

The burning of the door and the death of Janabe’ Mohsin

Umar ordered the group to gather the wood and he, himself came forward with the fire.[1] He was screaming, “Burn the house! Burn the house along with its people!”[2]

Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) raised her voice and wailed, “O father! O Prophet of Allah! After your departure, Ibne Khattab (Umar) and Ibne Quhafah (Abu Bakr) troubled us a lot and caused us distress to no end.”
When the people heard the wailing of Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.), they too began weeping and, in that condition, left that place. Now just Umar and a few people remained there.[3] Umar asked for the fire and set the door alight.[4] The wood gathered at the door caught fire.[5] The entire house was filled with smoke.[6] Qunfuz put his hand inside to open the door.[7]

Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) held the door tightly with both her hands and prevented them from opening the door. She said, “I implore you for the sake of Allah and for the sake of my father, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.)! Leave us alone and return to your homes.”

Umar ordered Qunfuz to bring a whip and strike Janabe Zahra (s.a.) with it. The whip struck her on the hand and left a black mark on it.[8]

Umar then kicked at the door and broke it down.[9] Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) turned her womb away from the door to protect it and shield it from the door. All this while, Umar kept on kicking the door.[10] He crushed Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) with great force between the door and the adjoining wall. She was in so much difficulty that it appeared that she would die there.

A nail on the door pierced her chest.[11] Her chest and arms were stained with her blood – blood that was flowing with great force from her wounds.[12] She fell on her face and came down to the ground. At this time, the fire was still burning.[13] She raised her voice in a heart-rending plea, “O father! O Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.), look at what the people have done to your darling daughter! O Fizzah! Come and help me. By Allah! they have killed the child in my womb.”

She managed to stand with support from the wall. She was in severe pain and was experiencing intense weakness.[14] The 6-month old Mohsin was martyred in her womb.[15] At that time, Umar entered her house….(here at this place, the narrator has described the such horrifying events that one cannot even enumerate…)[16]

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) came out in such a condition – his eyes were reddened and his head uncovered. He placed his cloak over Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.). He embraced her and called out to Fizzah, “O Fizzah, come and support your princess. See how she has been suffering at the door.” Janabe’ Mohsin was martyred at that spot. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) said, “He will meet his grandfather – the Holy Prophet (a.s.) and describe this tragic event to him. O Fizzah! Please take Fatemah inside the house.”[17]

He then turned towards Umar and grasping his back, shook him hard and threw him on the ground such his nose and neck were severely injured. He wished to kill Umar, but was reminded of the will of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.). The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) had recommended him to bear difficulties after him (s.a.w.) with patience and fortitude.

He said to Umar, “O son of Sahhak. I swear by that Lord who favored Mohammed (s.a.w.) with prophethood. If I would not have been bound by the promise made to the Quran and the Prophet (s.a.w.), you would not have been able to enter my house.”

Umar began pleading with Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and begged him to release him. He called out to the people for help. The people entered the house of Hazrat Ali (a.s.). He (a.s.) raised his sword. Qunfuz ran towards Abu Bakr to inform him of this turn of events. Abu Bakr was fearful that Ali (a.s.) would step out of his house brandishing his sword. Surely he was well aware of the courage, the lion-heartedness and bravery of Ali (a.s.). He ordered Qunfuzthat if he does not step out of his house, then you arrange to destroy it. If he still does not relent, then you set fire to the house.

Qunfuz returned to the house of Hazrat Ali (a.s.), and along with some of his rogue companions entered the house without permission. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) raised his sword, but the large crowd of people prevented him from using it. At that moment the people were fighting amongst themselves.[18]

Umar said to Hazrat Ali (a.s.), “Stand up and swear allegiance to Abu Bakr.” Hazrat Ali (a.s.) sat down on the ground and did not move from there. Umar grabbed the hand of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and ordered him to stand up. Ali (a.s.) refused.[19] At that moment some people wound a rope around his neck.[20]

[21] The pulled him with his clothes and dragged him into the mosque. Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) implored them, begged them for the sake of Allah that they should release Hazrat Ali (a.s.).[22] She tried to become a shield between her husband and the people and pleaded, “I will not permit Ali (a.s.) to be dragged with such cruelty and injustice. Woe be upon you, O  people! How soon did you usurp our rights in relation to Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w.).” She intended to rescue Hazrat Ali (a.s.) from the clutches of the people[23] –in fact many from the crowd released Ali (a.s.) on account of her.

Umar ordered Qunfuz to whip Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) and he engaged in this heinous task with great force and brutality. He lashed her back and her arms to the extent that the signs of the whipping were soon visible on her body.[24] In another narration, it is reported that Qunfuz struck her face due to which her eyes were severely injured.[25] In another report, it is narrated that Qunfuz pushed her so hard that her ribs were smashed by the impact and the child in her womb breathed his last. Then she remained bed-ridden in this condition till the last days of her life.[26]

Another narration states that Qunfuz struck her with the whip on her face, her sides and her arms such that the blue marks of the injuries remained on her arms till she was martyred.[27] If not anything, one can surely say that this event was the primary cause for her martyrdom.[28]

Another report mentions that Khalid ibne Waleed struck her with his sword.

Yet another report informs us that Khalid ibne Waleed pushed the door with great force on her. It is for this reason that reliable historians hold Khalid responsible for the death of Janabe’ Mohsin in the womb of his mother.[29]

As per another narration it is reported that, Moghayrah Ibne’ Sho’bah struck her with his sword with such force that she bled profusely. Or that he caused the door to fall on her womb. Historians have also held Moghayrah responsible for the martyrdom of Janabe’ Mohsin.[30]

A report relates that Umar spoke to the people who had gathered around him, “Strike Fatemah and beat her.” Upon hearing this, the people rained blows and lashes upon her. The beloved of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) was drenched in her own blood. The effect of this hardhearted lashing remained with her till she was finally martyred.[31]

Some narrations state that Umar struck Janabe’ Zahra (s.a.) with the sheath of his sword, and lashed her with a whip till her arms were blacked by the wounds.[32] And these marks remained with her till she died.[33]
Salman reports that I saw Abu Bakr and some of his companions weeping. Each person present there was crying. Only Umar, Khalid Ibne Waleed and Mughayrah ibne Sho’bah remained unaffected by the entire episode. Umar was saying, “What do we have to do with the useless talks of women?”[34]


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Article provided by : Hesham Merchant



WoW, I'm not sure who are more an enemy of Islam, the Jews or the people who are like you.
Your stories are not only insulting to Umar, abu bakir and a lot of the Sahaba (Friends of the Prophet pbuh), but it's insulting to the Fatimah when she prays to her father (sounds like christianity here) and Ali R.A on all of them, and mostly, it's insulting on the prophet who has taken both Abu bakir and Umar as his closest friends and allies.
Have some dignity, and learn before the day you'll be in your grave not being able to repent for your mistakes and terrible Fitna by using the web to forward incredible fairy tails and lies. Shame on you and the likes of you.

Brother, Why dont you see the references?, dont blame us. We are just defending the family of the Prophet and exposing those so called Campanions of Holy Prophet(s.a.w) who had troubled the beloved daughter of Prophet(s.a.w). And these are established facts and found in many sunni books that Umar did attack the Prophet's daughter.
Now you decide who is more important for you Holy Prophet and his family OR Umar
We are not enemies of Islam and neither are we jews , we love only those who love Holy Prophet(s.a.w) and his pure family.
And we are not insulting all sahabas of Prophet. We want to show that there were some hypocrites among the sahabas and Umar had proved this by attacking the house of greatest campanion and cousin of Holy Prophet(s.a.w), Hazrat Ali(a.s).Read it without bias and prejudice Insha-Allah you will reach the truth Wassalaam.

hehe u mentioned million places where it is mentioned but u forgot that narrator is one for all and that person is not authentic even as per shia alims,
Today you find no Shia with the name Umar. The other two sons of Ali, Uthman and Abu Bakr were present in Karbala with Husayn and were brutally martyred in protecting their brother. Yet when you go to the mourning ceremonies of Shia brothers you will hear the story of all the Ahl Albayt of Husayn except Uthman and Abu Bakr merely because of their name. This attitude of Shia about names is very understandable and acceptable if one holds the same view that Shia hold for these companions. One wonders why Ali's attitude was not as would have been expected from any human being. How many people do we know who are happy to give the name of the murderer of their wife to their son? Any one who is slightly familiar with the culture of Arab will appreciate that this is even stranger for an Arab.
To see the further complication, we will be amazed to find that according to records in Shia books Ali gave her daughter Umme Kulthom to Umar as his wife (although some Shia brothers make some arguments to deny this). So here we have the husband of the victim not only calling his son with the name of the murderer of his wife but also giving his daughter to the murderer of his wife!

It is also very strange to think that such a huge crime has been taken place, and (not only Ali, but) none of the companions of the Prophet (sws) ever bothers to complain about it and to bring the sinner to the justice.

I think it is safe to conclude that even rationality does not support the accusation.

I am not able to control my laughter after reading ur above comment(Mr. Anonymous.
"hehe u mentioned million places where it is mentioned but u forgot that narrator is one for all and that person is not authentic even as per shia alims"
Well if this is the case then the ball is in ur court!!, if the person is not authentic then how his words have got place in so many Sunni books. Do u want us to believe that all the authors of the above mention books were foolish and ignorant of the facts that the person was not authentic???
And then what is the reliabilty of such authors and books??
If what u say is true then go and ask ur Scholars why they have heavily relied on the wordings of an unauthentic person??.
Why are u blaming Shias for narrating this crime???
Why dont u blame ur people for including such things(episode of attack on the house of Fatima(s.a))in their revered books???
We are just showing you the mirror.
Your claim that Ali(A.S) had his son's names as Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakr. Can You show me anywhere in history that these names were unique and Arabs had never named any of their children names as Umar Uthman and Abu Bakr before Abu Bakr(Ist caliph),Umar(2nd Caliph) and Uthman(3rd Caliph). Brother these names were common at that time and many Arabs use to keep these names. How can u say that Ali(a.s) was very impressed by these personalities and this was the cause of him keeping his children's name as Umar, Abu BAkr and Uthman.
Now coming to ur question why today shias do not keep their sons names as Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakr.I want to know why u do not keep ur son's name as Yazeed??(Note: Names of some of the companions of Imam Husayn(a.s)were also Yazeed)!Probably you would say that name of Yazeed has become a symbol of oppression against the progeny of Holy Prophet(s.a.w). Our answer is also the same. These companions(Umar,Uthman and Abu Bakr) had not been good with the progeny of Prophet and that's the reason Shias with the passage of time have stopped keeping their children's name as Umar,Uthman and Abu Bakr.
Your third objection that "Why Ali(a.s) married his daughter Umme Kulthum to Umar?". We have already answer the myth of this marriage in many of our posts. Such a marriage never took place. You should know that Hazrat Fatima(s.a) had willed her husband(Ali(a.s)) that Umar and Abu Bakr should not attend her funeral, then how would Ali(a.s) marry her daughter to a man(Umar)who had been prohibited by her to attend her funeral. Is it not absurd!!, and there are many more reasons And we have quoted many Sunni books and given many logical reasons.Please go and read those posts.
Yes it is really strange to think such a crime has taken place.But brother if u read history u will come to know that such a crime indeed as taken place and recorded in many Sunni and Shia books.And sinner will soon be brought to justice on the Day of Qiyamat.

For detail reply to the objections raised by Mr. Anonymous visit the links:

There was a debate on DM digital tv uk about the movie imam Ali aired on the channel a Shia And Sunni molves and the Sunni molvi in his outburst in defence of the reputation of their beloved shahbas ranted foaming at the mouth " if it is a HADITH or QURANI ayah going against sahahbas we don't accept",
And how many ayah of the Holy Quran states that the kufars and munafaks will not believe the truth when presented to them.
And hell was created for a purpose the followers of the devils

May Allah guide you brother for writing such filthy words on our beloved Klalifah.

Mr. Anonymous,May Allah forgive u for protecting the killer of beloved daughter of Holy Prophet(sawa) , in spite of the fact that it is found in reputed sunni sources.
Dont you have any love for the daughter of Prophet(sawa)???
Umar was not selected as Khalifa by Allah or his Prophet(sawa) or by the people. He was appointed by Abu Bakr, who was not authorized to do so.As per your belief Prophet(sawa) had not appointed his successor then who told Abu Bakr to appoint his successor???
Why Abu Bakr had not allowed people to elect the Khalifa??
So dear Anonymous, Khilafat of Umar was not lawful.
So how come he became the beloved Khalifah of the whole Ummah!!!
please answer..
And please stop blaming Shias for criticizing Umar.
We are presenting what is found in both Shia and Sunni books and its the historical fact which cannot be denied. Umar was involved in the killing of Fatema(sa).
And still if u dont want to listen the truth and want to protect Umar , then it means you love Umar more than the Prophet(sawa) and his beloved daughter.
If you are really a JUST person you should support the oppressed and not the oppressor , whosoever he or she may be.

Just think about the death of fatimah (ra), she has about 4 different killers!. I am really puzzled on their knowledge of jarh wat'tadeel. If umar(ra) actually killed fatimah(ra) and burned down Ali's(ra) home, then how come Ali(ra) married his daughter umm kulthum bint ali to umar!!. To all shias, please read about facts not some dan brown type of story. No wonder Ali(ra) said " some ppl will hate me and their hatred of me will take them to hell and some will love me and their love for me will take them to hell" To all muslims shias and non shias the true path to salvation is to follow the pure sunnah of the prophet (saw).

If the prophet(saw) himself said Abubakar is the best among my ummah, then any form of criticism cannot be justified. And if you persist in criticizing him, you have made the prophet a liar and if you make the prophet a liar, you discredit the quran and if a muslim discredits the quran, can we call him a muslim? nah only a kafir(wa iyadhubillah). can you see how seriously easy this is? . That is why criticism should not be made even on things we are not entirely sure about. a perfect example is yazid bin muawiyah.

Dear Mr. markus roselius,
Have u gone through the long list of sunni and shia references in this post.??And still u r blaming we shias for creating stories ??
From where u got 4 different killers ?? You are talking in air and we are talking with references and still u r not believing, only because the matter is against so called companion of Prophet(sawa).
Is this justice ??. You must accept the fact once it is proved from relevant sources from both the school of thought.
Regarding marriage of Umme Kulthum, there are so many posts and books on this site to prove conclusively that Ali (AS) and Fatima(as)'s daughter Umme Kulthum was NEVER MARRIED TO UMAR.
Still you are licking what your ancestors have vomited and not accepting the fact that Fatima(AS) was indeed killed by the goons sent by Umar and Abu Bakr.
You are denying the facts which has been mentioned by not one or two but several historians from both the sides.
Regarding Abu Bakar - 'best among my Ummah' is a controversial matter among muslims and he IS not accepted by Shias. How could Abu Bakr be the best person when we see that his contributions in the early days of Islam was negligible compare to Ali(AS). Moreover he was a Polytheist for many years while Ali(as) had never worship to any idols and he followed Prophet(sawa) as the young Camel follows his mother.
Astaghfirullah , Prophet(SAWA) is not a liar but false traditions are ascribed towards him and the tradition regarding Abu Bakr is a false one.
Can u prove how denying of Abu Bakr discredit the Quran ??
You are not clear about what shias believe , still you want to prove us Kafir while at the same time you dont want to speak ill of the accursed - Yazid bin Muawiya who brutally killed the beloved grandson of Prophet(SAWA).!!!
Yazid bin Muawiya was the most corrupt Caliph, fact accepted by both Shias and Sunnis.
Now tell me to which faith you belong!!


Assalam @ Abdullah Bro, no one believes in research rather every one believes in what they have been told by parents and molvies and no one cares to read what references you posted and also no one will have all the books available. So better is to rewrite the article with scanned images attached under each reference and i like to give you a blog i have read www. revisiting the salafs. org and an example page is http://www.revisitingthesalaf.org/2013/01/hadeeth-al-thaqalayn_13.html

Wa alaikum Assalaam,
Thank You Brother for your comment.
We would try to do the same.

There are many ahadith about Abu bakr RA , Umar RA, and Uthman RA. How can you prove that all of them are wrong?
For a time being, if we assume that all sahabis accept a handful that the shias beliee were truthful. then there wold be about 10-20 sahabis remaining to convey the message of islam forward.
Can shias prove imamat from quran?
Why do they beat their chests?

"There are many ahadith about Abu bakr RA , Umar RA, and Uthman RA. How can you prove that all of them are wrong?"
Yes, all those traditions that praise them are wrong and fabricated. They were Hypocrites. Apparently they were Muslims but most of them betrayed the Holy Prophet (s.) after his passing away. They all united to persecute the Holy Progeny of the Prophet (s.). They persecuted Imam Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Imam Hasan, Imam Husain and all imams that followed Imam Husain (p.b.u.t.a.) There is no Imam who died a natural death. All were executed by the Caliphs of their times. Why ? Were they wrong doers? Sinful? preaching something other than Islam? Why they were all killed?

"For a time being, if we assume that all sahabis accept a handful that the shias beliee were truthful. then there wold be about 10-20 sahabis remaining to convey the message of islam forward."
TRUE. It was the Prophet's (s.) Family that brought the Islam forward. The Sahabas corrupted it. Introduced Bidah and forbade the lawful.

"Can shias prove imamat from quran?"
Yes, Here is the answer for you :

"Why do they beat their chests?"
This is to express grief over the Painful Martyrdom of Imam Husain and his family by the hands of Tabe'een, the so called muslims. This is due to our love for him. You cannot imagine the peak of spirituality when we cry for our Imam. We curse all those who were responsible for his martyrdom. Be they people of Kufa or the Army of Yazid. Chest beating and crying for the beloved is in human nature. Prophet Yaqub cried for prophet Yusuf, Holy prophet cried for his uncle Hamza, Hazrat Fatima cried for her father. Hazrat Zaynab cried for her brother. Some more examples for you : Umar cried for Khalid bin Walid, Uthman's daughter cried for her father, the lovers of Osama bin Laden cried for him in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Chest beating is a form of expressing grief. It is a step further then crying... the main motive is expression of grief.

dear Sunnis brothers.
you have to answer, these things regarding sahabas are also found in sunni books.
Islam is spread due to pain staking effort taken by d progeny of prophet (sawa ) and some good sahabas.
my friend can u prove d khilafat of Abu bakr,umar,uthman ,muwaiya and yazid from Quran???
we can show at least some ayats regarding imamat of Ali.
how will you prove d khilafat of yazid??
beating of chest is not a sin prohibited in Qur'an!!

Who has given you the authority to say that they were hypocrites and how can you prove that all those ahadith are wrong? Were you or your allamas present there?

My dear brother,

if they were not hypocrites then why did Ayesha come to fight with Hazrat Ali. Why Umar and Abubackar brought fire to Hazrat Zahra's home. Why Muaviya came to war with Hazrat Ali, Why Talha and Zubair opposed Imam Ali? Why Yazid slaughtered Imam Husain and his family? Weren't these Sahabas and Tabe'een? Now there is only one thing to believe - either the Household of the prophet was correct or these man made caliphs! You have to decide and choose the correct side.

Firstly, note that only a small faction of sunnis call Yazid a good person. The rest know that he was a tyrant who committed heinous crimes. Who is muhammad bin hanffiyya?

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
Who has authorized your mullah to spread hatred against shias and called them Kafirs???
Dont you know that Fatima-the daughter of Holy Prophet(SAWA) was killed by Umar (Facts Found both in Shia and Sunni Books)??
Still you believe that Umar and Abu Bakr were not hypocrites ??
Neither our nor yours allamas were present at that time but historical facts have proved beyond doubt that Umar and abu bakr were hypocrites. If this is not so tell me why abu bakr and umar left the holy body of the prophet(sawa) unburied and ran to Saqifa to elect the Khalifa among themselves.
This shows that they were hypocrites and were interested only in Khilafat.
Later they angered the daughter of Prophet(SAWA) by snatching Fadak from her which was gifted to her by her father during his lifetime.
Abu Bakr sent people to extract bayat(allegience) from Ali(AS) forcefully and burned the house of Prophet's daughter in the process.
....So dear think before you speak ill about Shias. Shias are the lover of Prophet(SAWA) and his pure progeny and also respect and love those sahabas who were good towards them.

All the traditions in praise of Abu Bakr and Umar are fabricated in the factory of Muawiya and Amr Aas.
For e.g.
The tradition that : "Abu Bakr and Umar are the chiefs of the old people of Jannat" is a fabricated ahadith invented by Umayyad against the correct tradition that is ...
"Hasan and Hussain are the chiefs of the young people of Paradise"

mr. Abdullah dont try to be like ABDULLAH IBN E ABI ,RAEESULMUNAFEQEEN, who always back stabbed prophet s.a.a.w and his Ahl e bait and companions r.a.a bcause he was the most hateable enemy of prophet s.a.a.a and was the biggest of all d liars, as u said dat all d ahadeeth about d martabas of All first three caliphs are fabricated despit the fact dat their are d cahin of narrations for dese ahadeeth as well,what will u answere if someone would say dat all d stories of burning d house and killing of fatima r.aa by hazrat Umer r.a and oder companions are fabricated INDEED, except ur foolish, mindless and baseless yelling dat no no dese are not fabricated bcause we have chain of narrations, why u deny d chain of narrations of dose ahadeeth and not deny d chain of narrations of dese stories??????? were u deir at dat time or people like u were deir when dose ahadeeth and dose stories some to d knowledge whether they were real or fabricated dat u so surely claim dat ahadeeth are fabricated and stories are not fabricated.dis is because u r d enemy of prophet s.a.a.w his Ahlebait his companions and all muslims dat u r spreading mindlessly ur hateable propganda against islam and renowned personalities of Allah's deen.o son of foolish repent to ALLAH before d day will come dat u will surely b in fire due to ur enimity of PROPHET s.a.a.w his FAMILY and his COMPANIONS and ISLAM.

what is d proof dat all dese are not fabricated, if u r saying dat all ahadeeth are fabricated??????

Did this happen in the time of Calipha Umar it cannot be possible as bibi Fatima RA passed away 6 months after the holy prophet death that time Abubaker RA was still the calipha

Mr. Urwatul wusqaa,
There are so many replies which could be given for your nonsense talk in which you have deemed me(Abdulla) as a liar.
Well to begin with first tell me on what basis you have denied the incident of burning door of fatima by umar when the fact is found in innumberable sunni books. Why have you not gone through the list of references which is posted by Bro. Abu Talha in the above post.
When you are unable to deny the proven facts you have come out with a childish excuse that since I was not there at that time how could I say about the truthfulness of the incident. !!
If this is your parameter to judge the truth then I have the right to ask you the same question as to on what basis you are calling me a liar when even you and your 4 imams(Abu Hanifa,Malik,Shafi, Ibn Hanbal) were not there at the time of Prophet(SAWA)!!
were you present at that time to differentiate beteen truth and falsehood ???
Dont you know what happened immediately after the passing away of Holy Prophet(SAWA)???
How Umar and Abu Bakr went to saqifa leaving the body of Prophet(SAWA) to wrest the Khilafat from the Ansars whose candidate was Sa'ad bin Abada.???
Why Ali(AS) and other prominent Muhajireen were not consulted in the nomination of Abu Bakr??
And what happened later on was a forced allegiance by Umar in which he and his gang attacked the house of Ali(AS) and burned the door of Fatima(AS).
Holy Prophet(SAWA) beloved daughter Fatima's Property Fadak was usurped by Abu Bakr and due to it she got angry with them and did not talk to them till she died( This fact is reported in your most reputed book Sahih Bukhari)
Still you are so blind in you love for Umar and Abu Bakr that you accept all types of hadiths narrated in praise of these people.
You people give more importance to hadiths narrated by Abu Hurayra and Aisha in your Sihah Sitta(most important 6 sunni Books).
I question you why have you left out traditions from FATIMA,the beloved daughter of Holy Prophet(SAWA), ALI-the Gate of Knowledge according the sayings of Holy Prophet(SAWA), HASAN and HUSSAIN - the leaders of youth of Paradise, in your books.
(Note: Very few traditions are narrated from Ahlul Bayt in Sihah Sitta)

And irony is that you people ask us to accept the stuff collected by opponents of Alhul Bayt(AS).
How is it possible for we Shias to accept traditions from the people who were known for their enmity against the Alhul Bayt. For e.g. Aisha -the daughter of Abu Bakr was against Ali(AS) and was a strong opponent of Ali. She infact fought battle of Jamal along with Talha and Zubair in which thousands of muslims were killed. How can we accept traditions from the narrators who were figures from Banu Umayyad who were known for their oppression on Ahlul Bayt. For e.g. Muawiya.
We Shias are cautious in case of traditions because that is the only source of knowledge after Quran.
We followed Ali and their sons after Prophet(SAWA) and that is why our books are full of traditions from AhlulBayt. We asked you sunnis why you hav not taken islam from the Aal of Prophet(SAWA) and turned to those people who were not "firmly rooted in Knowledge".
There is a hadith in Sihah Sitta which says that : "O Ali the one who hates you shall be burned in Hell Fire"/
So. Mr.Urwa,
We dont need to worry about the fire of Hell because we loved Ali and followed him and his sons in the matter of traditions as instructed by Khatamun Nabi Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa(SAWA).
A fruit of thought for all our sunni brothers including urwatul wusqaa.

Dear Mr. Urwatul wusqaa,

An Eye opening fabricated tradition from Sihah e Sitta.
The Contents of the hadith itself proves its falsehood and there is no need to see the chain of narrators.

1) Prophet said: "There will come rulers after me who do not guide to my guidance and do not practice my Sunnah, and the hearts of some them are the hearts of Satans but they are in the body of human."
I said: "What should we do at that time?" Prophet (PBUH) said:
"You should just listen to them and obey those rulers. No matter if the hurt you and take your wealth, you should follow them and obey them."

Sunni reference: Sahih Muslim, Chapter of al-Imaarah (chapter 33 for the
Arabic version),Section of necessity of joining the majority,
1980 Edition, Arabic version (Saudi Arabia), v3, p1476, Tradition #52.

The above was just one example. There are more than 12 traditions similar to this in the same section of Sahih Muslim. Who sold such traditions as Sahih (authentic) to us? Aren't they those who wanted to make their kingdom strong and away from any possible opposition? Any complaint is against the above alleged word of prophet, and those people are sentenced to death. In another tradition in the following section in Sahih Muslim, prophet has ordered to kill those who disobey these unjust rulers. Let us see where the origins of these books are, and who controlled the writing of them.

Muawiyah was the first one who turned his attention to write the history and collecting the fabricated Hadiths (traditions). He got a history of the ancients written by a person in the name of Ubayd whom he called him from Yemen.

Marwan who had been exiled by the Prophet for his anti-Islamic activities and who had a great influence with Uthman, was the implacable foe of Ali. His son, Abdul Malik ascended the throne in year 65 AH, reestablished himself in year 73, and died in year 86. Abdul Malik was the one under whose funding finally a set of Islamic History, Hadith (tradition), and Tafsir (interpretation of the Quran) was provided.

al-Zuhri was the first historian who wrote the history of Islam under the direct order and fund of Abdul Malik. He also wrote Hadith collection. The works of al-Zuhri was one of the main source for al-Bukhari. al-Zuhri was attached to the royal family of Abdul Malik, and was the tutor of his sons. (See "al-Sirah al-Nabawiyyah," by Shibli who is a great Sunni historian, part I, pp.13-17).

Among the students of al-Zuhri, two persons, namely Musa Ibn Uqbah, and Mohammad Ibn Ishaq became famous historians. The former was a slave of the house of Zubair. Although his history is not available today, it had been the most popular work on history for a long time. You will find its references in many history books on different subjects.

The second student, Mohammad Ibn Ishaq is the most famous historian for Sunnis. His biography of the Prophet, called "Sirah Rasul Allah", is still the accredited authority on the subject in the shape that was given to it by Ibn Hisham, and is known as "al-Sirah of Ibn Hisham".

al-Zuhri is the first who compiled the Hadith also. (See "al-Sirah al- Nabawiyyah," by Shibli, part I, pp.13-17). All Sunni History and Hadith books written afterwards by other people were in great influence of these

The above gives evidence to the following facts:

1- Sunni Hadith and History books were first compiled under the
direct order of Umayyah Kings,
2- The first authors were al-Zuhri, and his two students Musa and
Mohammad Ibn Ishaq,
3- These authors were attached to the royal family of the Umayyah

The hatred of the house of Umayyah against Bani Hashim (the house of Prophet and Ali) is well-known. The wars of Abu Sufyan and his son Muawiyah against Prophet and Ali respectively, also the horrible massacre of the grandson of prophet at Karbala by the grandson of Abu Sufyan, are only some of top items among the long list of such crimes. These are the criminals who FIRST wrote the history and Hadith books. (The books written afterwards by other people were in great influence of these works.) They fabricated many traditions to justify their deeds, and to say that prophet has ordered us to obey them even if they are unjust.
What I quoted above was just one example of such traditions.

Mr. Urwa

One major difference between the Shia and the Sunnis is that Sunnis accept any tradition from any companions no matter if these companions fought each other, abused each other, rebelled against their righteous Caliph, and or innovate new things in to the religion. The Shia, however, believe that all the narrators in the chain of a document should have been JUST. If they have done any injustice in the history (such as those mentioned above)
their narrations are void for us unless the same tradition has been narrated with another chain of narrators who all of them are proven to be trustworthy.

One of the Wahhabi friends said that Shia, when narrating a Hadith, only say the Imam so and so said, one of our friends said...Now how we can authenticise the Hadith?

If a person has heard something directly from the 12 Imams, and that person is trustworthy for the Shia and his narration is not against Quran, then the tradition is authentic for us, since we believe in the infallibility of Imams as well as Prophets. The knowledge of Imam has been derived from the knowledge of their fathers and forefathers up to the Prophet (PBUH&HF).

However, the chain of narrators should be evaluated. If the chain turns out to be broken (i.e., one element in the chain is missing), then the tradition is considered weak in Isnad. Thus all the narrators should be named, and this is the case for the majority of Shi'i collections of

Nevertheless, there are only a number of traditions in Usul Kafi in which the last element in the chain is missing, i.e., the name of the person who reported to Kulaini in person. In stead of mentioning his name, Kulaini has used the phrase "a group of our associates". But Kulaini has mentioned all other elements in the chain.

The reason for this was that, as I mentioned, Shia have always been under prosecution of unjust rulers including the Abbasids. If Kulaini (RA) have mentioned the names of those who reported to him and were still alive, and if the book could have found his way to the officials, then all those reporters would have been killed. To protect them, he did not mention their names and codified it by saying "a group of our associates". However he
mentioned the name of those who reported to him but died during Kulaini's life.
But the good news is that since Kulaini knew the regulations of scrutinizing of the traditions by the Shia, he told some of his students how the names of the last narrators are codieifed. More specifically, it was mentioned that:

I. Whenever you read in Usul Kafi, that "a group of our associates narrated from Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Isa", then the group here means the following five persons:

1.Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Yahya al-Attar al-Qummi
2.Ali Ibn Musa Ibn Ja'far al-Kamandani
3.Abu Sulayman Dawud Ibn Kawrah al-Qummi
4.Abu Ali Ahmad Ibn Idris Ibn Ahmad al-Ash'ari al-Qummi
5.Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Hashim al-Qummi.

What utter nonsense and evil lies... What utter nonsense and evil evil lies... This is so disrespectful and please know that RasulAllah, sallallaho alaihi wassalam said, a momin cannot lie and he is a momin. This is against Iman in the heart, please repent, repent, and turn to the truth, and do not spread lies.

Yes, U r right brother. Momin doesnt lie and that is the reason we have extensively research on the incident of the burning of door of Janabe Zehra and have reach to the conclusion in the light of several shia and sunni references that Umar had indeed committed this heinous crime against the Progeny of Prophet(SAWA).
Our Sunni Brothers should accept the truthfulness of the above incident in the light of so many references and should condemn Umar for his crime. No Companion is above the law of Allah and u know that Companions were not infallible and free from sins.

All fabricated stories. u keep mentioning sunnis textx i recoemend



Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 2, Page 1009, 1072.
Fathul Baari, Vol. 12, Page 145, Hadith no. 6830, Vol. 13, Page 208, Hadith no. 7219
Musnad Ahmad ibni Hambal, Vol. 1, Page 55, Hadith 133, Page 121, Hadith 391
Kanzul Ummal, Vol. 5, Page 635, 643-657, Hadith no. 14131-14156
Raudhul Unuf, Sharah Seerah ibni Hisham, Vol. 4, Page 260
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Hum Sunni kiyun Hain, Page 233-248
Shia ke Hazaar Sawaal ka Jawaab, Page 291
‘Abaqaat of Allamah Khalid Mahmood
It will clear all ur misconceptions if u want to lolz


I once showed the verses of sura tahreem in which Allah has condemned aisha and hafsa and Sunni person argued "but Abubkr has praised them" . I asked him what type of islam you are following where you put Allah's words inferior then abubkr" he had no reply. These people are misguided and brain washed by bani umayyads'and bani abbass' lies propagated in favour of opposers of Allah and Prophet s.a.w., due to their love for Allah's and proophet's enemies Allah has misguided them as Allah says in Quran faman yuzlilillaho fala hadeya lahu meaning those to whom Allah has thrown away into misgudance no one can guide them and there are several verses like this in holy quraan. So whatever we produce as legitimate argument thry will not get it. Summum bukmum umyun fahoom la yrjeoon. They are deaf dumb and blind they will not return Holy quraan.

Well done bro
this is a massacre of the ignorant with supreme command and great knowledge
But their mentality and IQ is evident from their reactions.
They sounds like the kuffar who used to say
Hum tm ko bura jhoota nahi kehtay magar jo deen tm laye ho usay nahi man saktay

Those who remained near Prophet s(not close to) even they didnt get hidaya how could their followers get it after reading the truth here

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