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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Umar murdered Hazrat Fatima (AS) Reason Shia curse Umar--...

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Question - Assalam o Allaikum,
Many Shias always quote that It is in Tareekh e Tabari by Ibne Jareer Tabari(Rah.) that Hazrat Fatima (r.a) was killed by Hazrat Umer Farooq(r.a) [Naozubillah] and also on one website i have read that In this book, It is mentioned that Hazrat Umer Farooq(r.a) brought fire outside the house of Hazrat Ali(r.a) to threaten him (Naozubillah) . Is it really in it? If yes, please give me its answers.

Answer - Salam alaikum.

Chain of narration from Tabari is extremely weak. It comes via chain:
ابن حميد قال حدثنا جرير عن مغيرة عن زياد بن كليب

There are several problems in this chain.

1) Jarir ibn Hazim was thiqat, but he got confused in the end of his life. Abdurrahman ibn Mahdi noted that no one heard from him in that time (Abu Saeed al-Alai “al-Mukhtalitin” №8) Ibn Hajar said that he has errs when narrated from his memory. (Taqrib).

2) Mughira ibn Muqsim made tadlis, as he was described by Nasai, and this hadith he reported in muanan form.

3) Ziyad ibn Kulaib Abu Muashar al-Kufi. He was thiqat, but he wasn’t companion. In “Tahzib al-kamal” written the he died in 110 or 119 hijri. Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) died in 11 hijri. So this ibn Kulaib very unlikely was a eye witness of that alleged forced bayah to Abu Bakr (r.a).

Ibn Abi Effendi.

My Dear Sunni Brother,


Thank you for the comment. Very humbly i would like to let you know that the Scholar in this video is not Shia. He is a Sunni. I have just given a link to this video. There are many videos of this person on youtube, just check it. And i don't know why he is quoting the week traditions when he is a scholar and a sunni.

Now the answer to your comment goes here.

You need to check this link on wikipedia where many other references are given from the sunni books. Kindly put a glance here


More here refuting your objections :

in much detail here :

I hope you will read this and enlighten yourself.

Thank you for visiting this blog and commenting here.

May Allah guide the strayed people to the right path.

all these are propagandas of shias. Hazrat Umar Farooq(R.A) could not kill any companion or any family member of holy prophet. all sahabas are equal respected in islam. Any who do not loves and follow sahabas, then he is not a muslim.

ye molvi kya bakwas kar raha hai? lakoot bharwa...

Tum sab umar ki aulaad aise hi ho. Umar kamine ko apna Leader mante ho, maviya haramzada tumhe pasand hai, yazid ko raziallah kehte ho. Baad me Ahlebait ko bhi maante ho. Allah tum logon ko tumhare sardar Umar, Maviya aur Yazid ke saath mehshoor kare.
Agar tumhara islam sachcha hota to puri duniya me is tarha zalil na hote. Allah tum sab UMRI, BAKRI, USMANI, UMAVI, YAZEEDI kaminon par laanat kare. Aaaaaaaamen !

One thing i can not understand, If shia people dont follow sahaba does it mean they are out of islam ?
where it has written that if a person dont follow Umer Abubakar Usman He will be out of Islam , C'mon thats shit.. =/

God Gave us 2 things, Usool-e-Deen Furogh-e-Deeen...

Usool-e-Deen is


furoogh-e-Deen are..

And so on...

It makes sense that if we dont agree with Toheed we deny that Allah does not exist then it makes sense that he is not muslim, if he deny that Rasool Allah S.a.w is not a Nabi than hes not muslim, and so on ....
where it has written that if shia's dont follow sahaba then they are kafir lol c'mon yar shia follows sahaaba, but not the bad one, if u wanna know more sahaba just study, Muhammad Bin abi bakar, Salman Farzi, Miqdad, Qamber, Abuzar, Hur, hijr bin adi, and Lots of yar, When Nabi said ... Man Quntoo Mola Fahaza Ali un Molaa.. That means its Die it cast... we have to follow that after nabi only Ali a.s is everything, where Nabi s.a.w said umer would be the leader abu bakar wud be the leader, usman wud be the leader ?

c'mon yaar Just Think ?
our Islam is not that much complicated people have just made it...
and Umer is the responsible for making it .. =/

after Nabi s.a.w we had just Shian-e-Ali and Shian-e-Maviyaa...
Shian-e-Ali Was on right way.. and Shian-e-Maviya Was on Wrong way..

few people like Umer Abu bakar Usman ... they dont like ALi a.s and dont understand Maviyaa...
they Start Calling their self that We are Sunni .. we just Follow Nabi s.a.w LOL c'mon JUST THink guyzz...

its very Easy to fight ...
and very hard to Accept :)

Sunni People are just following the islam Of USman ...
hope u all know that ... Hajaj bin yousuf was a guy who burned all the books related to islam ...
in the era of USMAN he start collecting the Wahi and all notes of Quran ...
then he bind the Quran which we have now..

Sunni people are just following Usman's Deen...

Get well soon .. =P

Excellently put up... thank you.

do not use half information, there is a clarification by the same Aalim on youtube in which he explains in detail about this lecture and he openly says that there was never such an incident, Imam Ali (AS) had sons with names of Umar, Uthman & Abu Bakar, no sane person can name their kids on name of murderer of his wife, To see the further complication, we will be amazed to find that according to records in Shia books Ali gave her daughter Umme Kulthom to Umar as his wife (although some Shia brothers make some arguments to deny this). So here we have the husband of the victim not only calling his son with the name of the murderer of his wife but also giving his daughter to the murderer of his wife!

Today you find no Shia with the name Umar. The other two sons of Ali, Uthman and Abu Bakr were present in Karbala with Husayn and were brutally martyred in protecting their brother. Yet when you go to the mourning ceremonies of Shia brothers you will hear the story of all the Ahl Albayt of Husayn except Uthman and Abu Bakr merely because of their name. This attitude of Shia about names is very understandable and acceptable if one holds the same view that Shia hold for these companions. One wonders why Ali's attitude was not as would have been expected from any human being. How many people do we know who are happy to give the name of the murderer of their wife to their son? Any one who is slightly familiar with the culture of Arab will appreciate that this is even stranger for an Arab.

If the concern Aalim is not sticking to his words then u must ask him why he has said such a thing at one time and other thing other time.U should ask him and he is answerable for that. Why are you demanding explanation from us?? Really funny!!
Now coming to your claim that Ali(A.S) had his son's names as Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakr. Can You show me anywhere in history that these names were unique and Arabs had never named any of their children names as Umar Uthman and Abu Bakr before Abu Bakr(Ist caliph),Umar(2nd Caliph) and Uthman(3rd Caliph). Brother these names were common at that time and many Arabs use to keep these names. How can u say that Ali(a.s) was very impressed by these personalities and this was the cause of him keeping his children's name as Umar, Abu BAkr and Uthman.
Now coming to ur question why today shias do not keep their sons names as Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakr.I want to know why u do not keep ur son's name as Yazeed??(Note: Names of some of the companions of Imam Husayn(a.s)were also Yazeed)!Probably you would say that name of Yazeed has become a symbol of oppression against the progeny of Holy Prophet(s.a.w). Our answer is also the same. These companions(Umar,Uthman and Abu Bakr) had not been good with the progeny of Prophet and that's the reason Shias with the passage of time have stopped keeping their children's name as Umar,Uthman and Abu Bakr.
Your third objection that "Why Ali(a.s) married his daughter Umme Kulthum to Umar?". We have already answer the myth of this marriage in many of our posts. Such a marriage never took place. You should know that Hazrat Fatima(s.a) had willed her husband(Ali(a.s)) that Umar and Abu Bakr should not attend her funeral, then how would Ali(a.s) marry her daughter to a man(Umar)who had been prohibited by her to attend her funeral. Is it not absurd!!, and there are many more reasons And we have quoted many Sunni books and given many logical reasons.Please go and read those posts.
And whatever we have posted we have given proofs.An educated person should talk with proofs and should not rely on what have been said without verifying it.

Mohammadi Islam has been derailed just after Rasul (A.S)death. Most of the Arabian disobey rasul's(A.S) speech at Gadir-e-Khum. The conspiracy at bani-saqifa closely involvement of abu bkr & Umar is well known to all who read the Islamic history. But sunni community conceal this moreover they praise them. Concealing truth is a practice of sunni(Yazeedi Islam) that why rational people cannot rely on sunnis histories.

Quran was compiled at reign of Uthman who was father in law of Marwan ibn Hakam.

Most of the Hadiths were invented at time of Umayyad era & compiled Abbasid era.

Sunni recognize both good & bad things that is shit & food in same plate which is unacceptable.

Dear All
Allah will not question you about what you are dicussing. It is a past and matter is in the hands of Allah who will reward or punish individually to every one. It is better to consume energies towards your own "TAZKIA-E-NAFS". Whoever is your favourite adapt his good habits.

His Quack Cures
Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease." (Sahih Al-Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537)

Why is Muhammad making sure with his instruction that the fly gets a full body ablution in your drink, transferring the maximum number of bacteria and diseases into it?

Here is what the medical world says:
There are many bacteria and parasites that infest the fly, making flies a major factor in spreading many diseases by touching surfaces with their legs or their saliva. After walking on much excrement, flies may carry up to as many as 6 million bacterias on their feet. SO BE WARY OF FOODS THAT HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY A FLY!

... A well fed fly defecates at least once every 5 minutes!

Another website has this to say about flies:

... The two-winged flies constitute a larger order of insects and well over 110,000 different species are known throughout the world. This group forms one of the most highly specialized of insect orders and many species are of the utmost significance in regard to human welfare. If there is anything as "harmless as a fly", it is certainly not the common housefly or any of its relatives.

Diseases, e.g., malaria, dysentery, sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis, elephantiasis and yellow fever are carried or transmitted from man to man by bloodsucking dipterous flies. Many other diseases are transmitted mechanically by flies due to the habit exhibited by many species of sucking liquid from excreta and other decaying organic matter and then settling on and vomiting on your food.

Dunking the fly would make it shit & vomit repeatedly, before it dies.

The fly was made to distribute quantities of pathogenic disease organisms. Its 6 feet are equipped with bristles and sticky pads and its proboscis is hairy. A sticky liquid comes out of the hollow hairs on their feet allowing them to walk upside down and on glass, etc. The fly's digestive tract is an incubator for germs!

No doubt, the stress put on a fly by drowning it, would only cause it to vomit and defecate even more, releasing an extra portion of germs into your drink!

Dear Larry,
I fully agree with what u have written.
It is because of this tradition and many more traditions found in 'sahih' Bukhari that we shias dont believe it to be authentic.
If u study the history of Islam, u would come to know that after the demise of Holy Prophet Mohammad(S.a.w.), many false sayings(traditions) of Holy Prophet(s.a.w.) were manufactured by Banu Umayya through some of the companions of the Prophet(s.a.w.),
For e.g. Abu Huraira- a companions who had remained with Holy Prophet ( s.a.w.) for maximum 3 years had quoted lakhs of sayings of Prophet. His sayings are found in major sunni books.For details Refer : abu-huraira .blogspot. com.
That is why we shias follow the pure household( progeny) of Holy Prophet(s.a.w.) and we refer them for guidance after Holy Prophet(s.a.w).

We believe in Holy Prophet(s.a.w) more than anybody else.
That is why we dont believe and practice the innovations of Umar.
We believe in what Prophet had done or ordered us to do.
We believe Holy Prophet(s.a.w) was Masum(infallible) before and after the announcement of his mission.
We believe Holy Prophet(s.a.w) was the most knowledgeable person and his knowledge was divine.
Dear AbdRehman, tell me is what is the sin of muslims who read in Sahih Bukhari, that some of the companions of Prophet had made lot of innovations in Islam due to which they were thrown in Hell.

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 173 :
Narrated by 'Abdullah

The Prophet said, "I am your predecessor at the Lake-Fount(Kauthar) and some men amongst you will be brought to me, and when I will try to hand them some water, they will be pulled away from me by force whereupon I will say, 'O Lord, my companions!' Then the

Almighty will say, 'You do not know what they did after you left, they introduced new things into the religion after you.'"

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 174 :
Narrated by Sahl bin Sa'd

I heard the Prophet saying, "I am your predecessor at the Lake-Fount (Kauthar), and whoever will come to it, will drink from it, and whoever will drink from it, will never become thirsty after that. There will come to me some people whom I know and they know me, and then a barrier will be set up between me and them." Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri added that the
Prophet further said: "I will say those people are from me. It will be said, 'You do not know what changes and new things they did after you.' Then I will say, 'Far removed (from mercy), far removed (from mercy), those who changed (the religion) after me!"

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 179 :
Narrated by Usaid bin Hudair

A man came to the Prophet and said, "O Allah's Apostle! You appointed such-and-such person and you did not appoint me?" The Prophet said, "After me you will see rulers not giving you your right and be patient till you meet me."

Dont u know that Umar was responsible for so many changes and innovations in Islam.
For references u may sae our other posts on innovations of Umar.

Dear Anonymous,( person who talked about TAZKIYA-NAFS in the above given comments).
Tell me who will help us and guide us in religious matter after the Prophet(s.a.w)?
If everything is clear from Quran and traditions then why there r differences among muslims?
There must be at least one companion after the demise of Holy Prophet(s.a.w) who should be used as a standard to judge between true and false things attributed to Holy Prophet(s.a.w), and that companion of Holy Prophet(s.a.w) is ALI IBN ABI TALIB.
So, for TAZKIYA NAFS WE MUST know who is the person who would guide us and introduce the real sunnah of Prophet so that we are rest assured that what we r saying and practicing is in accordance with the sunnah of Prophet(s.a.w.)
Ali is the only companion of Holy Prophet(s.a.w) who never prostrated before any idol and he was the most knowledgeable person after Prophet(s.a.w.)
Unfortunately Umar and Co. denied him the right to Caliphate after Holy Prophet(s.a.w.)
Therefore it is equally important for us to know who were the people who trouble Ali(a.s.) and his family.
For TAZKIYA NAFS it is necessary to know who is the NAFS OF HOLY PROPHET(S.A.W.)
For reference : Refer the tafseer of AYA-e MUBAHELA in Quran.All Shia and Sunni Tafseers says that NAFS of Prophet(s.a.w.) in aya mubahela refer to Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s.)


Good Thread

worth reading and getting information,

Please explain me one thing my dear sunni and shia's brother

i accept and adhere
Allah as only god and Mohammed is his messenger,

i accept namaz as farz in my life and
will try my best to do it five times in a day.

i accept roza and try my best to follow the month of ramzan.

i accept zakat to be given every year and follow the instructions as it is told

i accept the coming of qayamat

i accept the coming of Al-Mahdi and Jesus

i accept quran is the book allah

i restrain myself from the bad saying of any of sahaba [umar,ali,hassan, hussain, aisha,...everybody]
as i was not there so i dont know what would have been gone wrong at that time, i may assume that some third person followers of dajjal(illuminati) plotted all that in ummat
so that this ummat will be separated from each other
so that they can keep attacking each other and kill each other.

so if i keep this much deen without any hatreds to anybody then will i be going to be called as muslim who is eligible for jannat.
will i be likeable in the eyes of allah
will i be likeable to the prophet mohammed pbuh.

Is that much is enough

I really appreciate that u have no bias and prejudice with any of our muslim brothers Shias and Sunni alike.
U have rightly said that one must try to act on the true teachings of Islam, and must try to pray namaz, do fasting , do haj etc etc.But I dont understand ur logic in not saying bad about those who had done wrong to the progeny of Holy Prophet(saw).Have u not seen in Quran Allah condemning Ibless for his wrong doing.
I ask u brother if anybody slap ur father( i am sorry to quote this example) will u be not angry on such a person and will u not bear hatred for such a person in ur heart??. Then Ahlul Bayt who are much above our parents and are ordered by Allah in Holy Quran to love them, if they are ill-treated by someone u dont bear hatred for such a person, tell me why ?? Dont u love progeny of Holy Prophet(saw) more than ur parents.??
Fakhr al-Razi and others mentioned the tradition under the commentary of the following verse of Quran, in which Allah tell his Messenger:

"(O Prophet) tell (people) I don't ask you any wage (in return for my prophethood) except to love my near kin. And if anyone earns any good We shall give Him an increase of good (in return for it)" (Quran 42:23).

It has been widely reported by the Sunni commentators of the Holy Quran that:

Ibn Abbas narrated: When the above verse (42:23) was revealed, the companions asked: "O' the Messenger of Allah! Who are those near kin whose love Allah has made obligatory for us?" Upon that the Prophet (PBUH&HF) said: "Ali, Fatimah, and their two sons." He (PBUH&HF) repeated this sentence thrice.

Sunni references:

Tafsir al-Kabir, by Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, Part 27, pp 165-166
Tafsir al-Tha'labi, under the commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
Tafsir al-Tabari, by Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, under verse 42:23
Tafsir al-Qurtubi, under commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
Tafsir al-Kashshaf, by al-Zamakhshari, under commentary of verse 42:23
Tafsir al-Baidhawi, under the commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
Tafsir al-Kalbi, under commentary of verse 42:23 of Quran
al-Madarik, in connection with verse 42:23

And u know that love is not completed unless accompanied by hatred for the enemies of Ahlul Bayt.Ofcourse we agree one should not be abusive but whats wrong if we r quoting the facts from the history. Umar burned the house of Janabe fatima Zehra(sa) is a fact which cannot be denied. Then what is stopping u from condemning such an act which caused the death of the beloved daughter of our Holy Prophet(sawa).
Performing all religious acts are accepted by Allah if it is accompanied by the love of Ahlul Bayt and hatred for the enemies of Ahlul Bayt. And this is proved from the above mentioned quranic aya and the commentary of the aya.

More References on LOVE OF AHLUL BAYT(AS)
Then the Prophet (PBUH&H) said:

"Verily Allah has dedicated my wage (of prophethood) to love of my Ahlul-Bayt, and I shall question you about it on the day of judgment."
Sunni references:

Dhakha'ir al-Uqba, by Muhibbuddin al-Tabari, p26
al-Sirah, by al-Mala
In another tradition, we read:

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF) said: "I advice you to be kind to my Ahlul-Bayt for verily I will dispute you about them on the day of Judgment, and whoever I dispute him shall enter the Fire." He (PBUH&HF) also said: "One who regards me by regarding my Ahlul-Bayt, he has taken a promise from Allah (to enter the Paradise)."
Sunni references:

al-Tabaqat, by Ibn Sa'd
al-Sirah, by al-Mala
al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Ch. 11, section 1, p231
Furthermore, al-Kateeb and Ibn Hajar narrated on the authority of Anas Ibn Malik saying:

The Prophet (PBUH&HF) said: "The title of the Book (Saheefah) of believer is love of Ali Ibn Abi Talib."
Sunni references:

Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi
al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Ch. 9, section 2, p193
In the above tradition, "The Book of believer" refers to the way a believer conducts the affairs, i.e., his daily life, and his diary.

On the commentary of the Quranic verse: "Lo! those who believe and do good, the Beneficent will appoint for them love (Quran 19:96)," al-Hafidh al-Salafi wrote: Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyyah said: "There will not be a believer unless in whose heart love of Ali and his family exists." In this connection, al-Bayhaqi, Abu al-Shaikh, and al-Daylami reported that the Messenger of Allah said: "A servant (of God) will not be a (true) believer unless he loves me more than his own soul, and loves my progeny more than his own soul and his own family." See al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Ch. 11, section 1, pp 261-262 quoted from al-Hafidh al-Salafi, al-Bayhaqi, Abu al-Shaikh, and al-Daylami).

al-Tirmidhi and Ahmad narrated:

The Messenger of Allah said: "He who loves me and loves these two: al-Hasan and al-Husain, and loves their father and mother, he will be with me in Paradise."
Sunni reference:

Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p641
Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, on the authority of Imam Ali (AS)
Fadha'il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p693, Tradition #1185
al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Ch. 11, section 1, p264

Kharijion ... Wahabion ... jo apney matlab ki hadees aur Raavi hain wo sab authentic hain aur jo doosrey saarey hain wo sab week aur unauthentic raavi hai :) good job .........

tum log lambi beards rakh ker duniya ko choona lagaatey ho ... america ke kutton ..... tumhaari wajah se beards rakhney waalon ko sab londay baaz aur harami kehtey hain ........ tumhari wajah se aaj islam badnaam hai ..... magar aik din hai aur wo bohat qareeb hai ...

suna ha umer landay baaz thaa aur abu lulu ne us ke saath kuch ziaada hi ker diya thaa?

moulvi ilyas ghumman , malaoon azam tariq aur haq nawaaz jhangvi ke kutton ... khanzeeer aurangzeb aur ludhianvi ki auladon ..... SHARM KERO.... KHUDKUSH BAMBAARON ... aaj tak tumharey madarse aur masjid main aur kuttey umar ke juloos main koi bomb blast kyoon nahi hua ???? kyun ki tum khud dehshat gard ho ... osama malaoon ki naapaak aulaadon ... hinda ke beton





Agar Khayalon ki Baat hai - to mera khayal ye hai ke Rasool-Allah (s.) ne aisa nahi kaha hai. Aur Agar Aisa Kaha bhi hai to Us Zamane Mein Umar Islam ka bohot bada Dushman tha. Isliye Kaha hoga. Aisa to Imam Husain (a.) bhi chahte the ke Yazid ko Sahih Raste ki hidayat karein. Yazid ki afwaj ko Hidayat kare. To usme kya mas'ala hai. Aur Agar Rasool ki Dua ki baat karte hain to Rasul-Allah ne sirf Umar ke liye ye dua nahi ki thi. Unhone (Sunni Tarikh ke mutabiq) Abu Jahal ke liye bhi dua ki thi. Aap zara Tehkeeq karein.

Aur Shia aisi Munafiqana harkat nahi karte. Agar Umar ko Siratal Mustaqeem par nahi maante to Alal-Elaan kehte hain. Sahih Bukhari to Shia Hazrat ne nahi likhi. Jakar padhiye Sahih Bukhari mein ke Hazrat Fatima (s.) Abubakar se Naraaz thi ya Nahin?

Umar ne Iran fatha kiya lekin kya faeda huwa uska? Umar ne Qatl karke - talwar ki madad se Iran fatah kiya. Lekin shia Imamon ne aur shia ulama ne Ilm aur Akhlaq se Iran fatah kiya.

Aaj Umar ke maanne wale America aur Israil ke god mein baithe hain. Unke tukdon par pal rahe hain. Umar ke maanne wale Amriki afwaj ko Sharab aur Kabab farham kar rahe hain, sarzameen-e-Islam me kya kya khurafat ho rahe hain aur ye sab Umar ke maanne wale kar rahe hain. Kya main galat keh raha hoon...

Kya Kare rahe hain Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Jordan wagairah.... Philistini musalmano ke bachchon ke paas peene ke liye paani tak nahi.Masjid-e-Aqsa Yahoodiyon ke Qabze mein hai. Philistini Aurtein Jism Faroshi kar rahi hain - aur ye UMAR ke maanne wale hukkam France mein ja kar million dollors ke perfumes kharid rahe hain. Kya main galat keh raha hoon?

Agar aap ka mazhab schcha hota to aap me haya hoti - Afsos ki baat hai ke aap 'muslman hazrat' Insaniyat ke darje se bhi gir chuke hain. Aap se to achche hum 'Shia Kafir' hain!

Hum ne Umar ko nahin mana - kya chala gaya hamara? Aaj hamare paas aap se behtar islam hai. Woh Islam hai to rasool (s.) ki aal-e-paak (a.) se liya gaya hai. Insaniyat wala Islam.

Allah Hafiz bhaijaan.


Janab Anonymous,


asalaamualikum. its not true.umar ra was a great noble and good companion of prophet saw.they were muhajirs and hv place in heaven.its not true that umar ra attacked Fatima r.a .when u people r not ready to accept our narrations from bukhaari sharief how could we.n plzzz give full proof only from quraan.u people r using such an abusive language that I cnt see.u r telling to use polite language but afsooos ur shai brothers r using such an abusive language which a non Muslim cnt tolerate. we sunnis hv respect love 4m core of our heart 4 ahly bayt n all 4 companions of prophet saw.I request u if u cnt respect prophet saw noble companion at lest plz don't disrespect them.let u understand more Islam in positive broad n in good way.

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,
I am extremely sorry if I have hurt you.
But Dear brother, I dont agree with what you have said : i.e. Umar was a noble companion.
If Umar was really a noble companion, he would not have prevented Prophet(SAWA) from writing his will.
He was the first companion of Prophet(SAWA) who said that Prophet(SAWA) is hallucinating due to illness.

Can you accept a noble companion to talk like this about Prophet(SAWA). All these things are found in Sunni books and these are not created stories of Shias. Then how can u say that Shias are wrong when these thing are found in many many Sunni books.
I dont agree with you that a person like Umar could be promised a place in Heaven.

You said : "Its not true that umar ra attacked Fatima r.a .when u people r not ready to accept our narrations from bukhaari sharief how could we.n plzzz give full proof only from quraan."

Dear Brother,
I can show you innumerable references from your books which proves without any doubt that Umar really was responsible for killing of Fatima.

Then you said Shias dont believe in Bukhari. Yes it is true. The reason, we dont find bukhari reporting
traditions from AhlulBayt of Prophet(SAWA) and we Shias have taken our DEEN from the progeny of
Prophet(SAWA) after his passing away from this world.

Then you said : Prove it from Quran.
How can we prove an historical event from Quran. Quran is not a history book.
If you really are interested to know whether such an incident really took place or not, then refer books of history written by authentic and unbiased historians.

You cant even prove how many rakaats are to be prayed in Namaz e Fajr. Quran is a book of Guidance and it has given generalized order and the details regarding it are explained by Prophet(SAWA) and his progeny.

You have a misunderstanding that Shias abuse Companions of Prophet(SAWA).

Just tell me Brother, why Shias would do this and What shias are going to gain by abusing Companions of Prophet(SAWA).

The truth is , this propoganda is carried out since fourteen centuries by some worldy scholars against Shias.

Shias are lover of Janabe Fatima(AS) and when it is proved conclusively that Umar is repsonsible for
this killing, Shias curse Umar for this murder.

We are against those companions who oppressed the AhlulBayt of Prophet(SAWA) and this is purely on the ground of our love for Prophet(SAWA) and his family.

Can you prove from Quran that all the companions were noble ??
In fact we see on the contrary , Quran criticising the companions for showing laziless for JIhad. Quran warning companions if Prophet(SAWA) is killed , will you turn back on your heels. Quran warning to followers not to raise their voices over the voice of Prophet.

For whom was Surah Munafiqoon revealed ??
Are Munafeqoon( Hypocrites) outsiders??

No,Munafeqeen pretends to be companions of Prophet(SAWA) while they were unbelievers form heart.

Cursing is a act of Allah, found in Quran. Allah has cursed Munafeqeen in Quran.
So Cursing Umar on account of his murdering the daughter of Prophet(SAWA) is not an unislamic act.
Our whole research on Umar proves that he was an hypocrite who has caused lot of damage to Islam.

He changed many Sunnah of Prophet and introducing many new things in Islam.
Yes, abusing anyone is not allowed but saying something about someone which has already taken place in past in not wrong. And Cursing the KUffar and Hypocrites is the Sunnah of Prophet(SAWA) and also found in Quran, and hence it is allowed.

We Shias have also love for AlhluBayt and we respect and love all the companions of Prophet(SAWA)( with an exception that the companion should not be an hypocrite and oppressor of AhlulBayt(AS)).
Now tell me is there anything wrong in this. Companions were normal human beings and there were good and bad people among them. Accept this facts and all your doubts will be cleared.

:) Life is too short brothers
please leave this all to ALLAH h pak because we haven't see what ALLAH pak can see ,so don't judge others ... QURAN is the best BOOK and Leave all that and join each other to defect the real enemies !!
The thing we are doing is the biggest sign that tells judgment day is near , Fear ALLAH pak and defeat real enemies instead calling your own selves infidels ..
you guys are not babies , grow you !! this is 21th century !! just leave these problems here and focus on salah and receipt QURAN pak .....
ALLAH pak says "Leave the things that no mean to you" so it doesn't matter that Hazrat Umar And Abubakr Attacks To House Of Fatimah and killed her (naozbillah) .If it is true or not .what does it do?? ?? will it complete you IMAN ?? or give you more benefits ?? or make you above in front of ALLAh pak ??
it doesn't matter !! have any one seen the Time of Hazrat MUHAMMAD SAW?? have any one their ?? don't say we are sunni or shia !! Hazrat MUHAMMAD SAW didn't say i am sunni or shia ? or did he ??
this mean's you are one of those sects which ALLAH pak said that "more then 78 sects in b/t Muslims and only 1 will enter in junnat " and ones who follow the teaching of Hazrat MUHAMMAD SAW ......

You said : what is d use to talking on dis matter??
Yes difinitely matter is serious. The person under question(umar) is d killer of the beloved daughter of prophet(sawa) and hence DEEN should not taken from a person like umar.
Hence we invite all out sunni brother to distance themselves from umar and learn d real islam from d progeny of prophet(sawa).
Ali and his sons r d bearer of complete knowledge of quran.

asalaamualikum. dear brother I would like to say u that u said umar r.a stopped prophet saw to write a will when he saw was ill.yes itz true but y he stopped prophet (saw)?becoz prophet (saw) was ill and umar r.a don't want to put any burden on prophet saw.now u would definitely say that umar r.a was aware about the fact that prophet saw was about to announce that Ali r.a will be calipha.but tell me how is it possible to know what was in the mind of prophet saw.do u mean that umar r.a could read mind?no it was only Allah and prophet saw who know what was going in prophet saw mind.and u r telling that prophet saw was about to write will.but how is it possible when prophet saw was ummi.isn't it.

Wa Alaik As Salaam,
Dear Brother, It is such a shameful excuse. Preventing Prophet (s.) to write a will!!! Do you what is the value of the Will written at the time of ones death? Even if you put this excuse in front of any athiest, he will not accept. This was the greatest crime of Umar, he did not obeyed the prophet at the most crucial time. And if prophet (s.) was UMMI then why did he asked for paper. I ask you this question? Tell me.

And with this question you are making your belief clear that prophet (s.) was not knowing to read and write. According to Shia belief, Prophet (s.) was UMMI not JAHIL.

UMMI means he was unlettered. He did not learnt any knowledge from any person. He was aware of every knowledge, even reading and writing was not an issue for Holy Prophet (s.).

asalaamualikum. dear brother u r taking me wrong. how could even one think that prophet saw was nauoozbilla jaahil.he (saw) himself says that he (saw)is the city of knowledge and Ali(r.a) is the gate of that.so my dear brother let me tell u I know our beloved prophet saw was aware of all the things.what I mean is prophet neither go to any school nor any institution to gain knowledge. he (saw) was guided by Allah swt.in Arabic the word Ummi means illiterate I.e who neither can read nor write.so its does not mean that our beloved prophet saw does not (naouuzbilla) know anything. how could a Muslim even think about this.itz not only shia believe in fact all the Muslims from all over world have belief that prophet (saw) was ummi not jaahil.js tell me only one thing if umar ra was responsible for all what happened after prophet (saw) death then at that tym every one should know that umar ra was responsible for all what happened so plz will u tell me plz if every one knows at that tym umar ra was not good(naouuzbilla) so y umar ra is buried near prophet (saw) roozay paak.n also Abu bakr (ra).no other companion of prophet (saw) is buried near prophet (saw) roozay paak.n one thing that when prophet ( saw) was ill when he( saw) say that give pen n paper after that prophet (saw) recovered at least 4 three days .if umar ra stopped prophet saw then prophet saw recover 4 three days he (saw) could than announced what he (saw) wanted to write.but he (saw) didn't.n wat about that could umar ra read mind if prophet saw.no its not possible. then how was umar ra aware about the fact that prophet saw wanted to write a will.how can u say that prophet (saw) had write only will at that tym.it could be anything he (saw) wants to write. no one knows y prophet (saw) need pen n paper at that tym n also at this tym 4 wat purpose......feeamaanillah.

Wa Alaik As Salaam Dear Brother,

"prophet neither go to any school nor any institution to gain knowledge."
RIGHT, this is the FADHEELAH of the holy prophet. He had only one teacher and that is Allah.

"Ummi means illiterate I.e who neither can read nor write"
WRONG, He is UMMI, that means he has not gone to any school to learn reading and writing. Illiterate in Positive Sense. But he (s.a.w.s.) knows all languages, reading and writing.

"y umar ra is buried near prophet (saw)"
Because the followers of Umar were in Power at that time. Why was Imam Hasan not allowed to bury near the Prophet (s.)? Why some people insulted the dead body of Imam Hasan (a.s.) by hitting with arrows? Why those people forced the people to bury him away in Jannatul Baqi? Because during that time UMAR's followers were in power. Just like in the time of YAZEED Mal'oon,. The so called muslims killed Imam Husain (a.s.) and did BAY'AH of YAZEED Maloon. Same thing happened at that time.

Getting Buried near the Grave of Prophet (s.) is not a FADEELAH. But loving prophet (s.) and his progeny is a FADEELAH. Then it doesn't matter where you are buried. in Najaf or Karbala or Karachi.

ABOUT 3 DAYS AND 4 DAYS please provide me reference from Sihah-e-Sitta. Let me see...

Have you read the Hadith of QIRTAAS. Please read it here :
'Bring for me (writing) paper and I will write for you a statement after which you will not go astray.'
Volume 1, Book 3, Number 114

"no one knows y prophet (saw) need pen n paper at that tym"
WRONG : Prophet himself said "will write for you a statement after which you will not go astray". Everybody knew why prophet demanded Paper. He himself said, you will never go astray.

Now today so many people are astray.... why... because of denying the PAPER and PEN.

Who is responsible for this?

Fee Amanillah. Thank you.

How can u say that Umar did not know what Prophet (S.A.W.A) wanted to write ??

Let us analyze the events :

Prophet (SAWA) said :
"I am leaving among you the Two Weighty Things: the Book of Allah and my `Itrat (Progeny), my Ahl al-Bayt. So long as you (simultaneously) uphold both of them, you will never be misled after me; so, do not go ahead of them else you should perish, and do not lag behind them else you should perish; do not teach them, for they are more knowledgeable than you."
( This hadith is recorded in al-Tirmidhi's Sahih, in Muslim's Sahih, in al-Hakim's Mustadrak al-Sahihayn, in Ahmad's Musnad, in al-Nasa'i's Khasais, in Ibn Sa`d's Tabaqat, and by the books of al-Tabrani, al-Suyuti, Ibn Hajar, Ibn al-Athir, and many others [who all are Sunnis]).

We read in Sahih Bukhari the Hadith as follows, the Prophet (s) saying to Ali (as):

‘Your position to me is like the position of Harun to Musa, except that there will be no prophet after me.’

The Quran states that Harun (as) was the vizier of Musa (as), and it compels us to accept that this relationship also therefore applies also to Ali (as) and Muhammad(s). Harun (as) was made the vizier to his brother Musa (as); the Word of Allah states that at the beginning of his mission Musa (as) prayed to Allah to give him a vizier, to ease his burden:

“Musa said: O Allah! Assign me a Vizier from my family, (that is) my brother Harun. Add to my strength through him, and make him share my task: that we may celebrate thy praise without stint… (Allah) said: “We granted your requests, O Musa” (20:29-36)
The Prophet (s) is making it clear that other than Prophethood all other ranks that existed between Musa (as) and Harun (as) existed between him and Ali (as).

At his death bed Prophet (SAWA) :

“The Prophet (a.s) said, ‘Bring a paper to me that I write for you a document after which you will not go astray!’ On this, persons started sharp arguments, although quarreling near the Prophet (a.s) was not proper. People said, ‘The Prophet (a.s) is in a delirium!’ the Prophet (a.s) said, ‘Leave me to my scruples! I am fine in whatever condition I am than what you are calling me to!” (Sahih Bukhari : Sahīh al-Bukhārī, Vol 2, Page 121)

At this “`Umar said that the Prophet (a.s) was uttering insensible words.( Nasīm al-Riyā¤, Vol 4, Page 278)
“`Umar said that the Prophet (a.s) was overwhelmed with pain and for us the Book of Allah is sufficient.”( Sahīh al-Bukhārī, Vol 1, Page 25)

Note : Umar said "Book of Allah is Sufficient :

It means he was fully aware of what Prophet(SAWA) wanted to write , i.e. will regarding two weighty thing : Quran and Itrat ( progeny ).
As the words of Prophet(SAWA) indicate : " you will not go astray! " prove without any doubt that Prophet was interested to make a will regarding Quran and itrat ( progeny ) which Umar very cleverly prevented him by saying : " Book of Allah is sufficient "

i.e. it does not want to follow the itrat ( ie. Progeny of Ahlul BAyt )

What a blunder done by Umar which has caused the prophet denying him to write a will when he(SAWA) was saying clearly that his will is going to prevent people from going astrayed.

Still his words were not given importance and Umar stopped people from giving pen and paper.
Prophet(SAWA) wanted to make a will so that people should not deviate from the right path of Quran and Itrat(progeny)

After reading this ,
Still you believe that Umar did not know what was there in Prophet(SAWA) mind ???

yo log Q lar raha han bhai mujah koi batay ga

If Hazrat Umar (R.A) stop people to bring the pen and paper and denied the Prophet (PBUH) than how come other people (Sahaba's) in which Hazrat Ali (R.A) who is also a Lion of GOD is also present in that time did not rise and stop Hazrat Umar?

Brother this is all conspiracy against Islam which is started right after the death of Prophet (PBUH). In Sunni's views all four clipha are respected if there is any conflicts between them they conflicts just like conflicts between brothers then why shia brothers putting effort to make other three personalities doubtful.

This is very clear and very thoughtful from all around the world specially in middle east where conflicts are going on between shia and sunni.

The lover of Umar are trying hard to protect him.
This comment is in reply to the brother who commented above and tried to advocate that "if Umar had denied pen and paper how come other people including Ali (AS) did not rise and stop Umar"

First please tell me why this incident of pen and paper is found in Bukhari and other reliable Sunni books??
As per your standard, you cannot deny anything reported by bukhari and other authors of Sihah Sitta.

Read once again the detail of the incident reported by Bukhari and other Sunni historians and traditionalist:-

On the eve of his demise on Monday, when a group of companions visited the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), he (s.a.w.a.) ordered them:

‘Fetch me a pen and a paper so that I write a will for you so that you are not deviated after me.’

Umar said:

‘Surely the Prophet is overcome by illness (suggesting that his words should not be taken seriously).The Book of Allah is with you. The Book of Allah is sufficient for us!!!”

(Sahih Bukhari Chapter on Knowledge, v 22, Musnad-e-Ahmad b. Hanbal, Research of Ahmad Muhammad Shakir, trad 2,996, Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2, p 244 Beirut Edition)

In Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad we find another narration which reveals that a person present in the assembly declared:

‘The Prophet is speaking in delirium.’
(Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2 p 242, Beirut Edition, Sahih Bukhari , from the Book of Jihad v 2 p 120, and the Chapter of Exodus of Jews form the Arabian Peninsula v 2 p 36 has these words

‘The person who said this was the one who said that the Book of Allah is sufficient for us.’ i.e. Umar

continue from above ....

The Confession of Umar in Sunni Books

Umar himself has confessed about this lowly and shameful act. While describing the conditions of Umar, Abul Fazl Ahmad b. Abi Tahir in Taarikh Baghdad and Ibn Abil Hadid in Sharh-o-Nahjil Balaagha v 3 p 97 have documented:

On a particular day, there occurred a lengthy discussion between Umar and Ibn Abbas when Umar said:

‘During the illness which led to his demise, Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) wished to put forward his (Imam Ali’s) name but we prevented him from doing so. Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) did not approve of this.’

At that time, some of those present urged:

‘Obey the instructions of the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.).’

After a heated debate some people intended to bring the pen and paper upon which the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) declared:

‘(Of what use is it) after this?’

(Tabaqaat of Ibn Saad v 2 p 242, Beirut Edition)

Even if a pen and paper had been provided as per the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) instructions and had he (s.a.w.a.) written a will nominating Imam Ali (a.s.) as his successor, Umar’s calculated remark placed the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) nomination under a shadow of uncertainty. To foil the nomination, all that the opponents of Imam Ali (a.s.) and Islam had to do was summon a group of cronies to testify that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) was speaking in delirium, Allah forbid!!

When voices rose in his presence and events took an ugly turn, the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) exclaimed:

‘Go away from me, it is not appropriate to quarrel in the presence of a Prophet.’
(Taarikh-o-Abi al-Fidaa, v. 1, p. 15)

In Sahih Bukhari in the Chapter on Book of Knowledge v 1 p 22, the Prophet’s (s.a.w.a.) annoyance is recorded with a slight variation:

‘Go away from me, it is not appropriate to argue in my presence.’

So dear brother, the companions of prophet(SAWA) were indeed divided into two groups , some were supporting Umar while others were opposing him and a heated debate took place in between these two groups as a result of which prophet(SAWA) asked everybody to go away.
Umar insulted prophet(SAWA) by saying that prophet is speaking in delirium.
Could you believe people would have accepted his will after this remark on Prophet(SAWA) ?? Definitely , No!!.

And this was the reason that Prophet(SAWA) did not forced the people for pen and paper.

So Umar was indeed the mastermind of this tragic incident as reported by sunni sources which no sunni can deny.
So dont blame Shias for cursing Umar for this insult of the Prophet(SAWA) by Umar!!

This event is the source of much controversy between Shi'as and Sunnis.

Shi'as point out that obedience to Muhammad was required from every Muslim at all times. The Qur'an order Muslims regarding the Prophet, “Whatever he gives you, take it” (59:7). Therefore it was not the place of anyone to take matters into their own hands.

The idea that Umar disobeyed Muhammad out of love is nothing more than an unproven assumption and conjecture driven by ones predetermined feelings towards Umar.

They refer back to the events of Ghadir and Dawat dhul Ashira which show that Muhammad had already nominated Ali as his successor. On the day of Ghadir, after Muhammad had announced, "Whosoever's master I am, this Ali is his master," the verse of the Qur'an was revealed "This day I have perfected for you your religion."

Umar ibn Al-Khattab claimed the Qur'an was sufficient guidance, despite the well-known tradition that the Prophet would be leaving two weighty things, not one. These being The Holy Quran, and The Ahlul Bayt (The progeny of Muhammad)

Muhammad's own words were that if they followed what he wished to write down, no one would go astray, hence it was a matter of grave importance.

Umar ibn Al-Khattab had spoken against Muhammad on other occasions including the treaty of Hudaybiyah.

Both the first and second caliphs were able to implement their wills despite being in great pain. Abu Bakr had fainted during dictating his will; and Umar ibn Khattab had multiple stab wounds, yet both considered it necessary to give details regarding their successor.

Shias do not claim that all sahaba were part of a conspiracy. Only three muhajiroon were present in the hut of Saqifah. The fact that there was mixed views on Muhammad's deathbed regarding writing his will, shows that Ibn al-Khattab's opinion was not necessarily the best.

If Ibn al-Khattab's intervention was designed to save Muhammad any trouble or anxiety, it failed. An argument arose, Muhammad grew angry and sent away. The Prophet only ever displayed righteous and appropriate anger.

Ibn al-Khattab spoke about Muhammad in an irreverent manner, when he said, "He is delirious" (yahjura).

There is no record of Umar ibn al-Khattab apologising for his behaviour, despite the fact that Muhammad lived for three days. If it was done in private, it would not have been appropriate, because his outburst was in public.

The matter was indeed known to everyone due to the Prophet asserting the station of Ali ibn Abi Talib at every stage throughout his 23 year mission. Ali ibn Abi Talib himself asserted his right, and did not give allegiance for a full six months after the demise of Muhammad to the first caliph.

is quom pae waqai azab ayega.... people all of u dont fight jst rectify urselves....if u ppl dont like HAzrat OMER BIN KHATTAB (RA) dont follow him,atleast keep your mouth shut ..and ppl who follow kindly dont follow or be part of ths simple

Kis Qaum pe Azab Aaega?
Bhaisahab Hazrat-e-Umar ne Hazrat-e-Shaitaan ke saath mil kar aap logon par azaab Nazil karwaya hai. TARAVEEH ki baat kar raha hoon main!

Shia hazraat 1400 saal se musalsil qamyaabi haasil kar rahe rain. Allah ne Aap logon par Azaab Nazil kiya Hai. Dekhlijiye Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan. Agar ye Azaab nahi to aur kya hai?

Allah aap ki Hidayat kare... Ameen.

Ye log Shiao ko Kafir saabit karne me lage hai aur Udhar America aur Israel ne inhe apna Ghulam banane me aur banaye rakhne me koi Qasar nahi Baaki rakkhi hai...

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan , Egypt , Pakistan, Qatar sab America ke Ghulam ban chuki hai.
Saare Orders wahi se Aate hai.

Middle East me jo ho raha hai ye usi ka natija hai ke Musalmaan -musalmaan ka khoon baha raha hai aur Dushman( Israel & America ) Khosh ho rahe hai aur tamasha dekh rahe hai.

Kya yahi Islam ki Kamyaabi hai????

i wish ali ( r.a ) was here n haf killled shias ( dick heads ) himself . for abusing umar( r,a) ( abubakar ( r.a ) usman ( r.a ) !!

you dick heads .. abu bakar ( r.a ) was the first person who accepted islam
the dick head commented above me !! jahil admi .. ghulam hum log apni in jahil kamoun or baatoun k vaja sai hein , v are simply being divided n ruled ! v cant even stand one against our corrupt politicians . plus the era of government hazrat umar ( r.a ) is consider the best times for muslims .
hazrat usman ( r.a ) woh mashahour te apni haya k liya , woh ithna haya naak te k prophet ( s.a.w) use to give examples of his haya !

now above all tat ! let me ask u some thing .. let me assume these three sahabs were not honest n were so cunning , n let me assume also tat they spend their time with prophet n yet prophet did not know about their reality . so i ask u ... do u want me to assume tat also Allah did not knew about them ( nauzbillah ) n layed down the foundation of islam on such people .. !! come on brothers n sisters .. wake up .. b united n use ur brains

Allah had created man for Examinations and hence He has guided man through Prophet(SAWA) and warned mankind against the fitna of Shaitan.
Allah has made man free and said in Holy Quran that the one who would does good shall see and the one who does evil shall see it.
Tell me Mr. Anonymous,
Is Allah powerful to stop man from committing sins ??
The answer is YES, still Allah does not stop man from committing sins. Reason : Allah had created man for examination and hence Allah had not forced man to pray and do good and neither HE stops man from committing sin.
In Short man is free to select his path.
When Prophet(SAWA) made Ali(AS), his successor in Ghadeer e Khum, it was the ordered of Allah for the Muslims to follow Ali(AS) after the Prophet(SAWA) but Allah did not forced the muslims to follow Ali(AS) and, due to examination did not stop people from selected others as KHALIFA.
Allah and Prophet(SAWA) knew very well that people would not follow Ali(AS) due to their enmity for ALI(AS). Still Allah did not punish those who selected others in place of Ali(AS) because man is in the state of examination and Allah wanted to test the faith of the people through Ali(AS).
Hence Holy Prophet(SAWA) : Love of Ali is Ibadah
I ask you ,there are so many incidence in Quran where Momineens were tortured and killed.
So many Prophets of Bani Israel were killed by the people. Qabeel killed Habeel.
Prophet Yahya was killed brutally. I asked you why Allah did not punished those people instantly or why Allah did not stop people from killing His Prophets.
The Replies to all these questions and objections is that Allah had left man free to act.
And He will reward or punish man accordingly on the Day of Qiyamat.
It was a test for the Muslims to follow Ali(AS) after Prophet(SAWA) ,but Muslims choose others.
Surah Munafeqoon was revealed to warned Muslims against the hypocrites in the companions of Prophets but Muslims did not made heed to the warning of Quran.
The first 3 Caliphs were Hypocrites because they were those who usurped the Caliphate of Ali knowingly and Umar killed Fatima(AS) and usurped the property of FADAK ( all these things could be easily proved from sunni sources).
Still Muslims keep following them , so it is a examination from Allah till the day of Qiyamat for the Muslims and for this they will be answerable.

Umar was the first to congratulate Ali(AS) on the day of the Ghadeer.
And Umar was the first to give his pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr.( sunni sources )
I asked you when Umar knew fully well that Prophet(SAWA) had appointed Ali(AS) as his successor in Ghadeer for which even he has congratulated him,then why he pledge as allegiance to Abu Bakr in Saqifa and why not he told the people that Ali(AS) is the right candidate for Caliphate. ??
Why Abu Bakr knowingly accepted himself as Caliph.???
Why Umar directly did not appoint Ali as Caliph after him like Abu Bakr did for him.????
All these historical facts proved that Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman and those who usurped the caliphate of Ali(AS) were hypocrites because they did not obey the clear order of Prophet(SAWA)

Mr. Abdullah stop using words against Hazrat UMAR RA ABU BAKR RA AND USMAN RA. How can the words used for them shows you guys as a true lover of MUHAMMAD PBUH. Stop spreading the false propaganda. The things which you people are mentioning it means you don't follow bukhari and sahih shareef . Rasoollalah PBUH said 'Do not curse my companions, for by the One in Whose hand is my soul, if any one of you were to spend the equivalent of Mount Uhud in gold, he would not reach the status of one of them, nor even come half way.’ (Agreed upon).” Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 3/152.
Hazrat Abu Zar’ah (ra) said:

“If you see a man criticizing any one of the Sahaabah, then know that he is a heretic, because the Qur’aan is true, and the Messenger is true, and what he brought is true, and no one conveyed all of that to us but the Sahaabah. So whoever criticizes them means in effect to say that the Qur’aan and Sunnah are false, so it is more appropriate that he should be criticized and ruled to be a heretic who is misguided.”
How can a true musilim will use false storied about those companions which were so close to Rasoolalah. USe your brains why would they compete each other. They had a strong imaan than anyone else has.

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
You have misunderstood me.
The traditions quoted by you are weak because it is not in accordance with Quran.
According to you : All the Sahabas were righteous and all of them were guided.
But this supposition of your with respect to Sahabas is not supported by Quran.
In Quran we see many ayats where Allah is warning people not to raise their voices in front of Prophet(SAWA).
Some people among the companions ran for their life in the battle of Ohud. Holy Quran had severely criticized such people for leaving the Prophet(SAWA) alone.
The whole Surah Munafiqoon was revealed in criticism for the hypocrites among the companions of Prophet(SAWA).
We also see many instances in history where people disobeyed the clear command of Prophet(SAWA).
For example :
When Prophet(SAWA) said : Bring me pen and paper so that you are not astrayed after me. People denied him pen and paper and stop him from writing his will.
Prophet (SAWA) said : I am leaving behind Quran and my Ahle Bayt.
Abu BAkr and Umar snatched the FADAK from Fatima which was gifted by the Prophet(SAWA) during his lifetime.
We saw in history many famous companions ( Muawiya, Talha,Zubair, Aisha ) fought with Ali (AS) after the death of Prophet(SAWA) .Is it not disobeying the Aal of Prophet(SAWA).
Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) - the beloved grandson of Prophet(SAWA) was brutally and mercilessly killed by the sons of these companions( for example : Umar ibn Saad ibn Abi Waqqas - commander of Yazid's Army and Yazid - the drunkard son of Muawiya )
Thousands of muslims were killed in the battle fought among the early companions of Prophet(SAWA) and Hazrat Ali(AS).
If their Imaan were so strong then why did they fought among themselves and were responsible for the murders of so many people???
Why didnt they solve the problems peacefully ??
Still you believed in such traditions that all the companions were righteous and free from errors!!!
These are not false stories, my brother.
These things are historical facts found in sunni and shia books.

We Can not judge.. Let shia's speak what the actually do.. hamari tarbyat alag hui hai aur Sunni's ko b pata hai k kya sahi hai kya ghalat hai.

We are not judge. Allah is the best Judge.
We just want to say Allah that we Shias are not with those people who have oppressed the pure progeny of Prophet(SAWA).

what happened you o Muslims how can you say wrong about Hazrat Abu bakar (R)Hazrat Umar (R)farooq e Azam Hazrat Usman e Ghani (zunnorin)having two lights, they 3 were bashar o mubashra thier names were announced by prophet of Allah Hazrat Mohammad saw that the are jannaty ,think how can u say like this it means shia are against saying of Hazrat Mohammad saw if are then they are not Muslim who does n't follow the saying or method of prophet, Hazrat Mohammad says for Abu bakar and umar that on the day of judgemen everybody have friends but my friend are Hazrat abu bakar(r) and Hazrat Umar faroor (r) and moreover Rasoolullah saw said; that iam abu bakar has lots of ihsaan on me i can't pay but Allah will on the day of verdiction and about Hazrat usman who is compiler of Holy book Quran Hazrat Mohammad said that Iam feeling shy to see usman bcz angel also shy from his moral atitude and Rasoolullah gave two daughter to Hazrat Usman A in row and was given title of Having two lights (zunnorin) and during ( Meraj )Ascention rasoolullah saw said he saw the house of Hazrat Usman in jannah, and Hazrat Abu bakar's daughter Hazrat bibi Aisha is dearer wife of Rasoolullah and daughter of Hazrat umar Bibi Hifza R is also wife Hazrat Mohammad sw hazrat Ali r loved each other so imagin how is relation among sahba

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
You need to know more about the fake tradition of bashar o mubashra and whether they all were jannati or not ....

Please visit the below given link for a detail reply on the hadith of Ashar e mubashra.


For Urdu post please visit :

اصحاب رسول(ص) کے ساتھ شیعت کا برتاو

سنیوں کا ایک تجزیہ ہے کہ شیعہ اصحابِ محمد(ص) سے نفرت کرتے ھیں ۔ یہ درست نھیں
please visit :


especially for Abdullah,,,,
Dear brother ,, Aik tou ap har chez ky inkari ho tmam discussion parhny ky bad, mje ya feel e hta hain ky ap sirf apni bat ku sacha smjty hain aur baki chai kuch b boly wo jhoothy hain,,Quran Pak ku ap ni man rai jis my Allah ny hud likhe hain ky MY ISKA KHUD MUHAFIZ HO
hadith ky ap inkare ,,, acha aik bat intrsting lage ju apky mtlb ki bat hte hain use ap bukhare sy ya baki ksi books sy foran mention kar dyte hain aur jab koi against aty hain tou books jhooth ho jaty hain,, Allah pak ka gar kha py hain ,, agr shia itne close hte tou aj saudia my apku sirf shia nzar aty, koi aur nzar na ata,,, ju Elzamat Hazrat Umar (R.A) per lgaty hain ,,unki sanad kai sy b musatanad nai mlte even apki books al kafi,, al irshad my tou zikr e ni hain incident ka,,,
kuch ahdadees apky samny rakhta ho per i knw apny manani nai hain ,,, per phr b,,,
maire bad koi nabi ho ga tou wo Umar ho ga,,,
maire bad agr ksi ku deen ka sab sy zyada ilm hain tou wo Umar ku hain,,,
my tm mydou cheze chor ky ja rha ho aik apni sunnat aur dosre apne sahaba,,
hazoor pak ny hazrat umar ku janaty hone ki besharat di hain,,,
mout ky wakt hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ka sir mubarak hazrat ayesha ( R.A) ki goad my tha,,jis sy apn inkar krty ho,
hazoor pak ny apni zindagi my hazrat Abu bakar (R.A) ku imam mukarar kya apni jgy chor ky aur abu bakar R.A ny jmat krai,,
hazrat Ali (R,A) ky betu ky nam umar hazrat umar ki waja sy tha aur shadi b hui hazrat umar ki hazrat ali (R,A) ki beti ky sat ismy koi shak ni hain,,, tareekh my kai b hazar Ali(R,A) KI MUhalfit nzar ni aty ju ap ku pta ni kha sy hain,,, koi statement hazrat Ali (R.A) ki agr hain tou dkhai hme b,,,, aur aik bat aur hazar Ali (R,A) ky dou bety umar uthman b karbala my thy ap unka zikar kyu ni krty apny wakye my,,,,
Quran pak my kai hukam hazar umar ki munasbat sy ai jin my sy Pardy ka hukam hain,,

Janab Ramiz Ahmed Sahab,
Aap ne likha hai ke hum har cheez ka inkar karte hai.
Jawab : Aisa nahi hai, Agar aap sahi daleel pesh karenghe to uska inkaar mumkin hi nahi hai.
Aap ne likha hai ke hum Quran ke Paak ko Maante nahi hai.
Jawab : Ye baat Ghalat Hai. Aap kisi bhi Shia Masjid ya kisi Shia ke ghar jakar Quran Shareef uthakar check kar sakte hai. wohi 114 Surahs Quran aapko mil Jayega.

Aap ne Aitraaz jataya hai ke hum bukhari aur digar sunni kitabo ko Zaeef maante hai magar apne matlab ki baat ko usme se nikalkar sunniyo ko batate hai. Aisa Kyoun???
Jawab : Hum Bukhari ko is liye Zaeef maante hai kyouki usme Ali aur Aulad e Ali se bahot Kaam Hadithe Naql hui hai. Aur uski bar aks Ali(AS) ke mukhalefeen se bahot zyada taadat me Hadite Naql hui hai.
Doosri waja Bukhari ke Zaeef hone ke ye hai ke Bukhari me bahot se hadith Rasool ke Shaan ke Khilaf hai aur insulting hai jo hum Shia nahi maante. Misal ke taur per...
Volume 5, Book 58, Number 268 :
Narrated by Aisha

That once Abu Bakr came to her on the day of 'Id-ul-Fitr or 'Id ul Adha while the Prophet was with her and there were two girl singers with her, singing songs of the Ansar about the day of Buath. Abu Bakr said twice. "Musical instrument of Satan!" But the Prophet said, "Leave them Abu Bakr, for every nation has an 'Id (i.e. festival) and this day is our 'Id."

Nauzibilla, Kya Rasool Music Sunte the !!!!
Saheeh Bukhari. Volume 3, Book 31, Number 153:
Narrated Aboo Bakr bin 'Abdur-Rahman: My father and I went to A'isha and she said, "I testify that Allah's Apostle at times used to get up in the morning in a state of Janaba from sexual intercourse, not from a wet dream and then he would fast that day." Then he went to Umma Salama and she also narrated a similar thing.

Nauzibillah, Kya Rasool(SAWA) Najasat ke Halaat me Mahe Ramadhan me Subah tak Sote the ???!!!
The Holy Messenger used to have intercourse with all of his wives in one hour of the day and night (without taking a bath) and these (wives) were eleven. The narrator tries to preempt an objection by stating that he (the Holy Prophet) had the (sexual) power of 30 men (Bukhari, Book of Bath 1:189).

Bukhari Insulted Prophet Sulaimaan :
Prophet Solomon boasted that he would impregnate one hundred women in one night, but only one woman became pregnant and gave birth to a half-formed child (Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:110).

This tragedy is reported elsewhere to have occurred because Solomon did not say "Insha-Allah” before going to his hundred wives.

Reference : http://www.sahih-bukhari.com/Pages/Bukhari_5_58.php

Hum kaise ye insulting Haditho ko accept kare. Bataiye ???

Janab Ramiz Sahab,
Aap ne kaha ke Allah Pak ka Ghar jaha hai waha shia kyoun nahi hai agar Allah ke itna close hai. Ye kaunse MANTIQ hai.
Waise Aap ke jawab ke liye itna hi kahi hai ke Jaha Allah ka ghar KAaba hai wahi Hazrat Mohamaad ko Tabligh me itni pareshani uthana padi ke unhoni Mecca se medina Hijrat ki.
Aur Aap ko apta nahi Mecca ke Kafiro ne hi Rasool(SAWA) ko sabse zyada sataya.
Aur Medina ke Ansar ne unki Madad farmayi.

Janabe Fatema ka ghar jhalane ka wakaya aapko tarikh ki kitab me milegha. Haditho ki kitab me nahi. Al KAfi Hadith ki kitab hai.
Hamare yaha ye wakaya maujood hai lekin kyounki Aap hamari Kitabo ko nahi Maante is liye hume aap ke kitab ke reference diya hai. Is ka ye matlab nahi hai ke hum aapke kitab ki har baat ko tasleem karte hai.
Maslan hum aap ki kitab ki ye hadtih ko nahi maante ke : "Agar meri baad koi nabi hota to wo Umar hote "
Reason ye hai ke hadtih Quran se mel nahi khati.

Ramiz Ahmed Bhai ke
Doosre Aitraazo ka Jawab.
Agar Umar sabse bade Aalim the to Rasool ne Ali(AS) ko Ilm ka Dar(Door ) kyoun kaha??
Aur Kyoun Umar , Ali(AS) se apne MAsael Hal karwate the ???

Sahi HAdith ye nahi hai ke : my tm mydou cheze chor ky ja rha ho aik apni sunnat aur dosre apne sahaba,,

Sahi Hadith hai :

“ قام رسول الله يوما فينا خطيبا بماء يدعى خما بين مكة والمدينة ، فحمد الله وأثنى عليه ، ووعظ وذكر ، ثم قال: أما بعد ، ألا أيها الناس ، فإنما أنا بشر ، يوشك أن يأتي رسول ربي فأجيب ، وأنا تارك فيكم ثقلين ، أولهما: كتاب الله ، فيه الهدى والنور ، فخذوا بكتاب الله ، واستمسكوا به ، فحث على كتاب الله ورغب فيه ، ثم قال: وأهل بيتي ، أذكركم الله في أهل بيتي، أذكركم الله في أهل بيتي ، أذكركم الله في أهل بيتي

It is narrated in Sahih Muslim as well as many other sources that:

Someday (after his last pilgrimage) the Messenger of Allah (S) stood to give us a speech beside a pond which is known as Khum (Ghadir Khum) which is located between Mecca and Medina. Then he praised Allah and reminded Him, and then said: "O’ people! Behold! It seems the time approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. Behold! I am leaving for you two precious things. First of them is the book of Allah in which there is light and guidance...The other one is my Ahlul-Bayt. I remind you in the name of Allah about my Ahlul-Bayt. I remind you in the name of Allah about my Ahlul-Bayt. I remind you in the name of Allah about my Ahlul-Bayt. (three times)."

Sunni Reference:

• Sahih Muslim, Chapter of the virtues of the companions, section of the virtues of ‘Ali, 1980 Edition Pub. in Saudi Arabia, Arabic version, v 4, p1873, Tradition #36.

Huzoore Paak ne apni Zindagi me kaha Ghadeer me : Man kunto Maula fa haza Ali un Maula ( : OF Whomsoever I am Master , this Ali(AS) is his Master )

Abu Bakr ke baare me Huzoor ne aisa kuch nahi kaha..
Aur Namaze Jamaat to aap ke yaha koi bhi padha sakta hai. Isse Khilafat saabit nahi Hoti.

Hazrat Ali(AS) ne apni Beti ki shaadi Umar se nahi ki. Iska Jawab hum ne apne bahot se posts me sunni references se de chuke hai...Aap padhye..

Hazrat Ali(AS) ne Umar and Abu BAkr ke Mukhalifat ki hai. ye baat shia sunni kitabo se sabit hai.
Shia Reference : Nahjul Balagha ,Sermon no. 3
Sunni Reference :
It is reported by Zuhri that this tradition was narrated to him by Malik b. Aus who said: Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) had said:" We do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity." So both of you (Ali and Abbass) thought him (Abu Bakr) to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. And Allah knows that he was true, virtuous, well-guided and a follower of truth. When Abu Bakr passed away and (I [Umer] have become) the successor of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) and Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him), you (Ali) thought me to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. And Allah knows that I am true, virtuous, well-guided and a follower of truth. .......

Reference : - Sahih Muslim , Book 19, Number 4349

This tradition proves that Ali (AS) used to consider Umar and Abu Bakr as liars,sinful and treacherous and dishonest
Is Hadith se saabit hota hai ke Hazrat Ali(AS) ne Umar and Abu BAkr ki Mukhalifat ki thi !!


Pehli baat tou janab yeh hy k Aap Hazrat e Ali (R.A) k naam k agey A.S. lik rahy hy, achi baat hy, respect hy, lekin main baat A.S ya R.A ki nahi kar raha hoOn. Aap k tamam mukalmo se aap knowledge rakny waly admi lagty hy lekin gumrah hy ap, ALLAH apko hidayat dey.

Nabi e Kareem S.A.W k naam k agey S.A.W likty huwy aap k haath tou nahi toot jayengy na.

Or doosri baat yeh hy k hum kisi ko Kafir nahi kehty jab tak woh kufr nahi karta.
Aap kehty hy Sahaba ki shaan main gustakhi karney wala Kafir nahi hota,
maan liya, aap khush humy or kia chahiye? ALLAH aap ki ankhen kholey mohtaram.

Lekin Nabi e Kareem S.A.W ki baat se inkar karney wala, balky shadeed mukhalifat karny wala tou KAFIR huwa na?!!! Ab aisa na ho k ap is ki b daleel le aye k nahi jee Nabi e Kareem S.A.W ki baat na man.ny wala b Kafir nahi (Nauzubillah).

Nabi e Kareem S.A.W. ne Hazrat e Umar R.A k Islam laney ki dua ki farmayi.
Aap is ko ghalat kehty hy?

Nabi e Kareem S.A.W. ne farmaya, "Mere baad agar koi Nabi hota, tou woh Umar hota".
Aap ko is se ikhtilaf hy?

Or sab se barhi khush fehmi ap logon ki khud ko superior samajna hy, halanky aap k apny kuch log khud ye janty hy k aap logon ko takhleeq 1 yahoOdi agenda hy.

Aap naraz na ho meri baaton se, q k is main aap ka koi qasoor nahi hy, qasoor oska hy jis ne yeh sab shoro kia.

Bohot choti si baat hy agar samaj jayen tou barhi baat hy,
1 gali deny se qabar main 1 bichoo paida kar dia jata hy ALLAH pak k hukum se.
Or aap log tou ALLAH maaf kary galian b Ashra Mubashra ko dety hy.

Deky wahi sirf Nabi par nazil hoti hy, mujh jaise ya aap jaise insano par nahi, os zamany main kia huwa kia nahi huwa ye sab ka faisla karna mera ya ap ka kaam nahi hy, jhooty par ALLAH ki lanat hoti hy or Akhirat ka din moqarar hy, dek lengy kon sacha hy kon jhoota hy. Lekin gaali dena ghalat parvarish ki nishandahi hoti hy. Or aap log kehty hy k Tabara wajib hy Astaghfirullah!!!!

Or yeh hum par ilzam tarashi b KHUDARA band kariye k hum Hazrat e Ali R.A. ki respect nahi karty, hamary nazdeek tamam sahaba barabar izat k hamil hy. Or jo yeh nahi manta woh KAFIR!!!!

@ Muslim

Mere Bhai Janab "Muslim",

Assalamu Alaikum.

Aapki ek baat mujhe bohot achi lagi. Aap ne farmaya ki Gaali Dena ghalat parwarish ki nishani Hai. Beshak... Aapne durust farmaya. Main Shia hoon aur main ye maanta hoon ke haqeeqi shia kabhi apni zubaan par gaali la hi nahi sakta. Agar usne kisi ko bhi gaali di to wo khud ba khud shiaat se kharij ho jaata hai. Shia hona ek bohot bada maqam hai aur Aimma-e-Tahereen ki hadees ke mutabiq bad-zabaan shakhs shia nahin hai.

Ab Tabarra aur Gaali dena in dono mein farq samajh lijiye. Main koi aalim nahi hoon isliye aapki khidmat mein basic difference pesh karoonga.

• Tabarra ek ibaadat hai. Gaali ek gunah hai.
• Tabarra ka root-word hai Bara'a (Yani Bara'at Karna)
• Tabarra yani apne aap ko Zalimon se door kar lena.
• Tabarra hamare deen ka Juz hai aur hum apne aap ko har us shakhs se door rakhte hain jisne Ahle Bait (a.s.) par zulm kiya hai. Phir wo Umar ho ya Muaviya, Abu Bakr ho ya Ayesha.
• Gali Galoch karna kam-zarf logon ka shewa hai. Chahe wo Sunni ho ya Shia.
• Tabarra ke baare mein aap wikipedia par parh sakte hain :

Deegar eterazaat ke jawab aap ko Abdullah bhai denge.

Allah Hafiz,

Janab Zahid Bhai, Muslim Bhai ke comment ka jawab dine ka shukriya.
Janab Muslim Bhai,
Agar aapne mere upar diye hue comments padhe hote to aap hum par Nabi ke naam ke aage (S.A.W.) na likhne ka bohtaan nahi lagate !!!
Aap ka kehna hai ke Hum Shia Nabi ke baat ke mukhalifat karte hai is liye hum KAFIR hue.
Janab ye ilzaam to hum aap par bhi laga sakte hain aur ye ilzaam to

Sahaba per bhi lagaya ja sakta hain.
Misal ke taur per.
Nabi(S.A.W.A) ne aapne Aakhri Haj ke laut te waqt Hazrat Ali ko Musalmaano ka Maula banaya jiske baad logon ne unhe Mubarak baad bhi di.
Mubarak baad dene walon me Umar bhi the. To phir Kyon logon ne Hazrat

Ali (as) ko Rasool ke baad apna Maula aur khalifa nahi maana.Ghadir e Khum me Nabi(S.A.W.A) ne ek dua bhi ki thi : "Aye Allah use dost rakh jisne Ali se dosti rakkhi aur use Dushman rakh jisne Ali se Dushmani ki".
phir aap jaise log hum per ilzaam lagate hai ke hum sahaba ko nahi maante.
Kyon aap ko Nabi(AS) ki ye dua yaad nahi rahi ke Ali(AS) ka dushman

Allah ka dushman hai.
Kyon Hazrat Ayesha, Talha aur Zubair, Ali(As) se jung karne Jamal me ayein??
Ab kaheye aap ke Jung e Jamal tarikh me hui hi nahi !!!???
Kyon Muawiya ne siffin me Ali(AS) se jung nahi ki ???
Kyon Janabe Fatema(AS) ko FADAK nahi diya gaya???Kya wo Siddiqa nahi thein ???
Hum sirf un Sahaba ko maante hai jinhone Ali(AS) se muhabbat ki aur unka Haq gasab nahi kiya.
Aap ka ek aur jhoot ke humare takhleeq ek yahoodi ne ki...jo aap ke mulla ne padha diya aap ne padh liya.
Agar Sabhi sahaba achhe the to itne Junge kyon hui..
Kyon Rasool(AS) ke wafaat ke 50 saal ye ander Imam Hussain(AS) ko Shaheed kar diya gaya.Imam Hussain ko Qatl karne wale log bhi apne aap ko Musalmaan hi kehte the!!
Kyon itne si baat aap ko samajh me nahi aati.
Hum Shia Ayesha ke mukhalifat karte hai lekin Rasool ke aur biwiyon ki bahot izzat karte hai kyonki unhone Rasool(SAWA) ka kehna maana aur ghar se baahar qadam nahi rakkha jabke Ayesha Ali(AS) ke muqabil me maidan me jung karne pahoch gayein!!!
Shia wo hai jinhone Abu bakr, Umar aur Uthman ke khilafat ko qabool nahi kiya aur Hazrat Ali(AS) ko apna imam ,rasool ka haqeeqi janasheen aur khalifa maana.Hazrat Ali(AS) ko Rasool(SAWA) ne mutaaddid mauko per apna wazir aur khalifa kaha. ye baat aap kaise bhool gaye.. Ab batayei Rasool(SAWA) ka kehna nahi maanne walon ko hum kya kahein???

Aur ek aur baat, Aap ne kaha us zamane me kya hua iska faisla hum nahi kar sakte...
Khoob kaha aapne ....
lekin us zamane me jo hua uska asar to aaj tak dekha ja sakta hai.
Baade Rasool(SAWA) logon ne Ali(AS) ko khalifa nahi maana aur musalmaano me do firqe ho gaye shia or sunni.
Phir har firqe me aur kai firqe ho gaye..
aur aaj musalmaan ek doosre ko KAFIR keh raha hai..
ye sab usi Zamane ke den hai..

mai yeh sab kuch parrhney say pehlay aik neautral shakhs tha but shia hazraat ki guftugu sunn kr iss natijay pr pohancha hn k tum logo ka aik hi ilaaj hai jo SSP & Lashkar e Jhangvi ne tajveez kia hai yani Aljihad.tum mardud jayyed sahaba ko gaalian daitey ho& apney imaan ka hissa qarar daitey ho, aur chahtey ho tumhari izzat ki jaye. Naoozu billah Nabi SAW ne apna bachpan,jawani burrhapa jin logon k sath guzara,naoozu billah itna laa ilm tha k unhe samajh nh saka. kia nabuwwat baadshahat thi jo Nabi Pak SAW k baad Hazrat Ali jo 30,32 saal k noujwaan ko milti aur Hazrat Abu Baqr R.A jesey 61 yrs k trustworthy ko na milti? kia islam & khilafat musalmano k liay thi ya banu Hashim k liay? Kia tum iran mai buzurgo k hotey huvay 30 yrs k noujwan ko hukumat sounp saktey ho? Khumeni mardud k baad uss k baitay ko aagey q nh laaye? agar Hazrat Abu Baqr 61yrs k Hazrat umar aged 43yrs Usman aged 60 yrs ghalat ho saktey hain to kia Hazrat Ali R.A ghalat nh ho saktey? wo bh to insan hi thay na Nabi to nh thay.Qabar mai ya maidan e Hashar mai tum sai poocha jaye ga k Ali Haq pr tha ya Umar ya Abu Baqr ya Usman? Qabar k sawalo ki tayyari karo. Nabi pak saw apney baddtareen dushmano k liay bh duaa farmatey thay aur tum bhootni k? Nabi ki death k baad Hazrat Ali Shair e Khuda 24 yrs ki Hazrat Abu Baqr Hazrat Umar Hazrat Usman ki khilafat mai khamosh rahey aur tum isay maslehat qraar daitey ho,kisi k sath na insafi ho to wo 24 yrs tak khamosh rahey ga??? Ham Ahl e Bait ka ehteraam krtey hain ,tum Ashab e Rasool ko gaalian daitey ho,agr tumharey Aqeeday qayamat k din ghalat sabit ho gaye to Allah & Rasool ki Pakarr mai aao gay. Allah ki laanat hai tum pr,Shia aur Iran puri dunya k musalmano aur non muslims say katey huvay ho. Abb America ne CT bjaee to kuttay ki tarah Iran bh dum hilaney laga hai.Apni zubaanain qaabu mai rakkho wrna patther ka jawab eent sai milay ga jiss tarah mil raha hai,phir cheekhtey chillatey ho k zulm ho gaya

Asim Kayani Bhai.

Tum HIZYAAN bak rahe ho. Kidhar likha hai ke Buddhe aadmi ko Khalifa Banao. Kya ho gaya hai tum log ko? Ajeeb hai.....

Janab Asim Jayani,
Agar aap neutral aadmi the to bataye sunni kitabo me bhi hazrat fatima per zulm hone ka waqaya aaya hai us baare me aapka kya nazarya hain. Hum Shia aap logo ko baar baar aap hi ki mohtabar kitabo se saaabit karte hai ke kuch aise sahaba the jo Nabi e Karim(SAWA) ka janaza chodkar chale gaye aur saqifa me jaakar jama hue taake khalifa chuna ja sake.
Kya Khalifa chunna itna zaruri tha ke unhone Nabi ke janaze ko dafan hone ka intezaar bhi nahi kiya ??
Kya unka ye amal kaabile taarif hai ya kaabile mazammat??
Kyon nahi Nabi(SAWA) ne jinhe har baat ka ilm tha apne baad koi khalifa muqarrar kiya taake ummat me ikhtelaaf na ho??
Kyon Hazrat Abu Bakr ne Janabe Fatema ka Fidak unse cheena ???
Kyon Abu Bakr ne khud gawah nahi pesh kiya aur Janabe fatema se Gawah maange??
Kyon Gawah pesh karne ke baad bhi unhe unka haq nahi diya gaya ???
Kyonn Usman ke Qatl ka ilzaam Muawiya ne Hazrat Ali per layaga ??
Kyon Hazrat Aisha Jamal me Hazrat Ali ke muqabil aayen??
Hum Shia Khilafat ko huqumat ke alawa ilaahi manseb jaante hai kyonki Nabi ka deen Qayamat tak baake rehne waala hai aur koi nabi nahi aane wala is liye imam , khalifa e rasool ki zimmidaari hai ke wo deen ki hifazat kare.
Jab Nabi ne Hazrat Ali ko muaaddid maqam per apna khalifa aur jaanashen bana diya tha to phir ye sawaal hi nahi uthta ki Hazrat Ali ki umr kya hai.!!
Kya aap Nabi se zyada deen ko jaante aur samajhte hai.
Hazrat Ali Aalim the , bahadur the, taqwa aur parezhgaari thi, kabhi boto(idols) ka sajda nahi kiya, sher e khuda the to phir abu bakr unse afzal kaise ho gaye??
Kya Abu Bakr , umar aur usman ne maidan e jang me kabhi apni jaan per khel kar Nabi ki jaan bachayi??
Kya in logo ne kabhi aalim hone ka daawa kiya??
Kya koi aisa waqaya nabi ki zindagi ka jisme in sahaba ne koi aisa karnama kiya jisse islam ko taqwiyat mili??

To phir hum shiao ka sawal hai ke ye sahaba khilafat ke kaise haqdaaar ho gaye??

Janab Asim Kayani,
Aap ne kaha ke Nabi apne dushmano ke liye bhi dua karte the !!!
Aur aap hai ke SSP aur lashkare jhangvi ki waqalat kar rahe hai jo begunah shiao per bomb se hamla karte hai !!
Kya Nabi ne aap ko is kism ke Jihad ki ijazat di hai jaha aap ko ikhteyaar diya hai ke aap bazaar me jaye aur bomb dhamaka kare aur be gunah mard, aurat aur baccho ko apna shikar banaye ???
Aap qayamat me kya jawab denge.??
Kya hum shia aapko qatl kar rahe hai jo aap hum shiao ka qatl jayez samajhte hai??
Kya Nabi ne aap ko yahi taalim di hai, Astaghfirulla ???
Kyon nahi aap log un apke aaka ,israel aur america me khud khush hamla karte hai???
Aap logo ko bomb aur hatyar israel aur america se aate hai kya ye baat aap ko pata nahi??
Saudi Arabia syria me to Jihadis bhej raha hai. Kyon nahi Baitul Muqaddas (Masjid e Aqsa) ki fikr nahi hai. Kyon nahi saare musalmaan Israel per hamla kar usko khatm karte.??.
Kyon Saudi Arabia Iran ka dushman hai jo Israel se do do haath kar ko tayyar hai ???
Shia Shaheed hote rahenge !! lekin aap shiao ko khatm nahi kar paage kyonki hamara muhafiz hamara imaam zinda hai.
Jab Imam Mehdi tashreef layenge har zulm ka badla lenge jo aulade nabi(SAWA) aur unke shiao per hua hai

Hazrat Fatima pe darwaza giranay wala waqiya ehle sunnat ki books m se mil skta hai? Koi proofs?

Hazrat Fatima pe darwaza giranay wala waqiya ehle sunnat ki books m hai? Abdullah bhai agr hta to wo log maan gy hty na ab tk... Hm q or kese keh skty hain k unho ne darwaza giraya

Abdullah bhai hm itni surity se kese keh skty hain wo darwaza giranay wala waqiya..?

Respected sister inbisat fatima zaidi,
Many of your doubts will be cleared on visiting this site on oppression upon Janabe Zehra (SA)
Please visit :
and please give your feedback..

Sister ,
Kindly also see the following sunni references on our site regarding attack on the door of Janabe Fatema(SA)

Puchiye jo puchna hai.
Inshallah hum jawab denge

bhai Qur'an mukkamal hai ...ryt? To hmary itny bary bary scholars ne q kaha k ni complete... Quran m to hai na k Qur'an ki hifazat ka Zima alalh ka hai

Muhtarma inbisat fatima,
ye site Quran ke muqammal hone ya na hone ke baare me nahi hai !!!
Agar aap ko jaanna hai ke hamare ulema Quran ke baare me kya nazariya rakhte hai to aap direct ulema se contact kar sakti hai ya kisi official shia site ko refer kar sakti hain. Yon dil me shak ko panah dena thik nahi !!
Aap ke tasalli ke liye humne niche kuch link paste kiye hai. Aap iska mutalaya kijiye..
Aap ko apne zyadatar objections ka jawab yaha mil jayega




www.al-islam.org and www.shiapen.com internet per bahot important shia websites hain. Aap in sites per zarur visit kijiye

Sister Inbisat Fatema,


Ek simple logical baat.
Agar Quran incomplete hota to hazrat Ali (a.s.) ke baad hamare 11 imam (a.s.) is ke baare mein kuch zaroor kehte. Ya jo part is Quran mein missing hai use batla dete. Ya phir hamare paas ek doosra Quran hota. Lekin kya in me se ek bhi baat maujood hai? Tension mat lijiye. Jisko jo bolna hai bolne dijiye. Agar aapne kahin koi doosra quran dekha ho jo is quran se zyada complete hai to maherbani karke hamein bhi bataein. Hum bhi dekhna chahte hain.

Ek baat wazeh ho jae. Ke Imam-e-Zaman (a.t.f.s.) jo quran apne saath le kar aaenge wo quran is quran se mukhtalif hoga. Tarteeb ke lihaz se aur shayad e'raab ke lihaaz se bhi. Busss.


It is truth that hazrat umer ( r) is buried near to holy prophet if he was on wrong path so Allah almighty never allowed his dead body next to His beloved.

What a nonsense logic by Mr. Wali mohammad,
Dear Wali,
Can u prove from Quran any order from Allah that Umar should be buried besides Prophet(SAWA) ??
Can u show me any tradition (Hadith) from Prophet(SAWA) ordering people to bury Umar besides him ???
Then why are you attributing the act of people as an act of Allah ???
If Umar was not buried by the order of Allah or the Prophet(SAWA) , then how can u say his burial beside Holy Prophet(SAWA) as an act of Allah ???
If the act of people is an act of Allah, then why Allah would punish the wrong doers on the day of Judgement ???

Was Umar burning the door of Fatima (AS) also an act of Allah ????
Reply .....

dear shia brothers and sister
in all religions there are no abuse for any one except yours. 2ndly were there only 4 or 5 muslims after Prophet Peace be upon him. we as human dont understand this logic??????????

Mr. Anonymous,
How come you as a human explain the following .....
1)) Why one of the son of Hazrat Adam(AS) got deviated by Shaitan in presence of Hazrat Adam(AS) ???
2) Why inspite of teaching for hundreds of years Hazrat Nuh got only a handful of followers for his ark which exclude his wife and son ???( Can we say Nuh's (AS) teachings was a failed affair)
3) Why sons of Prophet Yaqoob(AS) threw his brother hazrat Yusuf(AS) in the well ??
4) Why Hazrat Moosa (AS) hardwork was spoiled by Saamri who inspired Bani Israel to worship calf in presence of Hazrat Haroon(AS) and he could not do anything to stop them. ???( This incident happened when Hazrat Moosa went to meet his Lord for 40 days )
5) How could the whole Bani Israel got deviated from the path of Tawheed(Oneness of God) in just 40 days???( This incident in reported in Quran )
6) Why inspite of teaching for 13 years Hazrat Mohammad ( SAWA) got only a handful of followers in Mecca and he was persecuted by the members of his own tribe- Quraysh ???
7) Why some of the so called great companions of Prophet(SAWA) disobeyed him in the battle of Uhud due to which muslims suffered heavy causalities and Hazrat Hamza got martyred ??
8) Why the companions fled in the battle of Khaiber ???
9 ) Why some of the companions disobeyed Prophet(SAWA) when he asked for pen and paper to write a will ???
Tell me the logic behind all these events then you will understand why majority of the people disobeyed Prophet(SAWA) and accepted Abu Bakr as Caliph.( The Reason : Shaitan was always there to deviate the people from the right path and history is the witness that majority of the people had followed the path of Shaitan, Your may study the life history of any prophet and you would come to conclusion that very few people followed the prophets)

Sir you are just amazingly amazing wow!!! God Bless you Ya Ali a.s Haq madad!!

pori duniya fatah ki thi man lia pr jab yei musalman jamal siffin nehnawan me IMAM ALI A.S k khilaf jung kar rahay thay to aisi fotohat pr lanat hai aur dosra ye k itnay musalman thay jo Rasool SAAW BIBi FAtIMA A.S IMAM AlI a.S aur IMAM Hussain A.S k janazay me kahan thay ye saray musalman aur ye woe fatohat walay musalman thay to jab RASool SAAW k Zamanay me jung hoin To ye so called dilair kahan thay aur ye woe fotohat walay musaan hain jab IMAM Hassan A.S ko Rasool SAAW k pas dafnanay ja rahay thay to janazay pr teer barsa dia .yazeed b un fotohat wala musalman hai

Bhai mjhe aik bt btao...
Zara tahkeeq kro aur ye btao ky ye 3no kdr thay RasulAllah kay janazay ky waqt...Janab Umer ny kun Rasul e khuda ko wasiat krny sy roka...reply zaroor dena

Tehkeeq kya karna sabko pata hai k Umar aur Abu Bakr , RasoolAllah(sawa) ka janaza chhodkar saqifa me bhaage the taake Ansaariyon se pehle Khilafat per qabza kar sakein

Taajjub ki baat ye hain k koi musalmaan un logon ki is harkat ki mazammat nahi karta !!!!!

Agar hazrat umar ra, hazrat abu bakr ra aur hazrat umar ra deen se door hogaye hukumrani ke liye to phir unki lambi hukumat mein Quran shareef kyun mehfooz.. Hazrat umar ki hukumrani mein Quran shareef ki bht sari copies likhwai gayi.. Aur preserve bhi kari.. Agar unka maqsad bas power tha aur aksar log unke haq mein the.. To unko kya zurat thi Quran shareef ki bht sari copies likhwane ke liye logu ko heir karna.. Aur agar hazrat Ali Ra ko ye pata thi ki ye log deen pe nh hein.. Aur deen mein innovations la rahe hein.. To wo pehle kyun nhi unke khilana uthe.. Main maqsad tha mazhab e islam ki hifazat aur usko logu tak phnchana.. Agar hazrat Ali Ra ko waqiye unse is baat ka khadsha hota to bilkul bhi chup na rehte.. Wo shaer e khuda the.. Bht jazba rakhne wale..

Muhtarma Bushra Bashir,
Agar aap Tareek ka mutaliya karein to aapko pata chalega ke hazrat Usman ke zamaane me Quran jama kiya gaya hai.
Doosri baat wo ye ke , kyon hazrat Umar aur Hazrat abu bakr ne Hazrat Ali(AS) ka likha huwa quran tasleem nahi kiya jo rasool allah (SAWA) ke duniya se jaane ke 3 din baad Ali (AS) ke jama kiya tha. ???
Baad me Quran jama karne me in logon( Abu Bakr aur Umar) ne wahi jaldi kyon nahi dikhai jo khilafat lene me dikhai thi , Rasool(SAWA) k janaza chod kar saqifa jaane me ????
Ha Hazrat Ali (AS) ko pata tha ke ye log islam ko khatm karne me lage hai warna bid'at ijaad karne ka kya matlab.???
Lekin Hazrat Ali (AS) ki khamoshi ka sabab ye tha ke logon ne unka saath nahi diya. Aapko maaloom hona chahiye ke zyaadatar log fatah mecca ke baad islam layein the aur jab Rasool Allah duniya se chale gaye tab logon ko shariat ke baare me zyada kuch pata nahi tha. Isliye jab Khilafat gasb ho gayi tab ye sab log apne nadaani aur kam ilmi ki bina per khamosh rahe.
teersa ye k Hazrat Ali (AS) Allah k muntakhab khalifa the to pher logon ke piche duniyawi khilafat ke liye bhaagte.
chowtha ye k Allah k taraf se ye logon ka imtehaan bhi tha bilkul ussi tarah jaisa Allah ne bani israel ka imtihaan liya tha aur bani israeli ne waha hazrat Haroon ko chodkar Saamri ke kehne me aakar buton ki ibadat shuru kar di aur Allah ki nafarmaani ki aur hazrat haroon (AS) ke laakh mana karne per bhi wo log nahi maane aur hazrat Haroon kuch na kar sake .
Allah apna deen kisi per laadta nahi hain. Usne to haq to baatil se alag karke bata diya. Ab jiska dil chahe maane jiska na dil chahe na maane.

Hazrat Ali (AS) baad gasbe khilafat chup nahi baithe magar jab logon ne unka saath chod diya to wo kya karte ???
Islam me inteshaar na ho isliye khamooshi se zindagi guzaari aur islam ke khatir gaasibane khilafat ko mashware bhi diye....

Every one , please donot involve in comments that Allah may Punish for, Just for the sake that you have heard from elders or anyone else, You are not sure Allah ko konsi Baat buri lag jay, hum mein se koi bhi in batoon ka gawah nahi, to sirf Allah se daro or us ki raza per razi ho,, wasy bhi Islam mein jabar (Sakhti) nahi, Allah se Raham or Karam mangna chahiey , Roze Qiamat woh Sab Ka Faisla kar de ga, Aysa na ho doosro ka hisab karte hoey, ham apni abat khrab kar lain!

Hazrat Umar Farooq (May ALLAH be please with him) did not murder Syeda Hazrat Fatima (May ALLAH be please with her). It is white lie. Infact Syeda Hazrat Fatima (May ALLAH be please with her)died. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY shower his countless blessings on Hazrat Umar Farooq ((May ALLAH be please with him) and Syeda Hazrat Fatima (May ALLAH be please with her). Both are our great Leaders.

Rehan Farooqi please read the references provided by authentic Sunni books on this blog and then make an assertion. How can you deny the facts and just make up something without any authentic proof? Most authentic Sunni books are telling us that Umar killed the only daughter of holy prophet and he burned the door of her house. Sahi Bukari mentions that until her death, she never spoke to both Umar and Abubakar, it is not made up by shias, it is the most authentic book after quran according to Sunni faith.

Janab Abdullah sahab,
Assalam o walaikum,

Apke tamam comments bade ghour se padhay!! Mashallah bohat mehnat ki hay apne ya apke team ne..

*********Munafiq kaun**********

Munafiq kaun hain. Woh sirf Allah aur uska rasool saw jante hain aur koi nhn.. Because if everyone has the right to declare anybody as munafiq then their will be caos and Isis will born...

Aap chahiye kitne saboot aur hadees jama karlo you just don't have this Right..

******* sahaba ki azmat *****
All companions sahaba were tested and cleared by nabi pak saw.. If you attack a single sahaba you indirectly attacking nabi pak saw... If any of sahabas were not up to the standards nabi pak saw already have declared them...

********* sahaba ki zimme daarian ********

Sahaba itne ziyada responsible that ke woh nabi pak ki 1 baat tak nhn chupa sakte.. If nabi pak have said them it is their duty to pass on...

This incident of paper and pen, and umar ra comments is just to test the nifaq in haert of today's people.. If nabi pak saw has just said his will it will be passed on obeyed as it is...

***** waqia gadheer*****
Misinterpreted and false claims ... As Ali was given the laqb of maula which means friends.. It has nothing to do with khilafa..

******* clash between Fatima ra and umar ra*******
There is no such incident as these are only false claims and not found authentic.. There are sahee hadees about the grudge between Abu bakr ra and Fatima ra.. That has nothing to do with khilafa...

******* hazrat Ali ra stance during 3 khilafas*****

If he just asked any of the caliph to give him the khilafa as a right heir no one could have denied him ... Because sahabas have never denied a single order of nabi pak saw..
Also, They were 4 close friends with years of friendship and hardship face together..
Hence after 1400 years of research shias could not find any single and authentic incident of clash between kalifas and hazrat Ali r.a..

******* character of 3 kalifas*****
If sahabas were fighting for power and money and fame then that will be reflected in their lifestyle... Not a single shia could represent a single incident of aysahi of shahba.. They live a life like faqeers and leave nothing for their heirs.. This single observation should be enough to show that sahabas were not after khilafat...

There were not palace... After the khalifas
There were not stack of gold ... After the khilafas..
They live more then a simple life...
They present themselves in the court of law...
So what were they fighting for?????

All of this allegations that they were not present at the time of janaza is useless as they were doing a great thing that is stabilizing the great shock to ummah...

******* correction to Abdullah*****

Allah ka qanoon hay ji qaum ne bhi Allah ke nabi ya rasool ko qatal karne ki koshish ki us par azab lazmi aata hay... Aur woh qaum hamesha khatam hoti hay.. With the exception of Jews as they tried to kill Eisa but Allah have saved him... But Jews will be exterminated on they day if resurrection of Eisa..

********* hazrat umar r.a ke khilaf kyun******

jab 4 khalifa ko koi masla nhn that tou masla aya kahan se???.. Hazrat umar ne Iran fathe kiya.. Wohn Jews ki monopoly thi.. Jews were devastated by hazrat umar..
They could not do anything until he was alive ... In the era of hazrat usman r.a they began to prosper.. And started these kind of discussion among Muslims...

Their whole thesis was to destroy the character of sahabas through these false allegations .. If we want to judge we have to look at the outcome of khilafat and lifestyle of sahabas during khilafat..

They were later called kharjis aur hazrat Ali r.a ke haton jahannum raseed huaye.. Unki phelai hui aag aaj tak jal rahi hay...

Wallah ho Alam..

Janab Umair,
aap ne badi mehnat ki jawab diye hai. Agar waqai aapne mere sabhi comments padey hain to aap ko pata hoga k hum log hawa me baat nahi karte.
shayad aapko pata nahi hai aap k sabhi objections aur replies ka hum ne jawab de chuka hai.
Mujhe hairat hai aap logon k dimaag per !!!!????
Hamare imamo ke masoom hone ka inkaar karte hai aur wahi doosre taraf nabi k sabhi ashaab ko masoom maante hain!!!!! Aap ka ye kehna k nabi k sabhi ashaab kaafi mohtaber the aur koi munafiq nahi tha ,iska koi proof nahi hain. Agar aap apni kitabon ko jinhe aap SAHIH jaante hain mutalya kaare to wahi aapko ashaab k bahot se jara-im mil jayenge.

Janab Abdullah sahab, assalam o walaikum

Mera jawab tamam comments padhne aur apke reference dekhne ke baad hi hay...

Munasib hota aap meray comments aur swalat ka koi jawab dete...

Jahan tak baat reference ki hay woh 1400 years se available hain... Aur menay last 10 years mai sab ko pasha hay... Sawal yeah hay facts ko aap conclusion kiya dete hain... Aap ka thesis kya hay aur warrant kya hay...

Agr meray comments ko ghaur se padhay gay be aur samajhay be tou umeed hay ap mera nazriya samjh gaye honge...

Agr Allah ne chaha tou aur blog readers ki rehnamuai mumkin hosaky gi..

Mara tamam bahio sa guzarish ha k ap Hazrat MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) ko kitna mante han ur ky ap samajhta han k hamara peyara NABI kisi asa ghalat shakss ko khitab dain ga jo ek ghalat insan ho .agar ap bahio ka dil manta ha k peyara nabi ko kisi k bara ma ilm na ho toh asa ho he nae sakta.us k bad hazrat umar(R.A) ke kabar mubarak us jaga ha jaha do jahano k Sardar han . Agar asa hota k hazart umar ghalat insan hota toh ap ko kabi b nabi Kareem k sath jaga na milte.aj agar hum log yeh khta han k islam adhe sa zeyada dunya ma majood ha toh wo sirf hazrat umar ke waja sa ha unho na adhe dunya fatah ke ur udar islam ka parcham lahraya.ur ek akhari bat sulah a hadabia k waqat jb kafroon na hazrat usman ghani(R.A) ko kaid keya toh Hazor e Kareem (S.A.W.W) na apna hath per bateeh le k jo koi aj mara sath ho ga ur HAZRAT USAMAN ko chorana chala ga toh ALLAH PAK us ko basharat data ha k wo janti ho gaya ur us na yeh bateeh mara hath per nae ke balka Allah k hath per le . jis ma hazrat umar na b Hazrat muhammad (S.A.W.W) k hath per bateeh ke the is ka matlab k Hazrat umar b janti ho ga . Ab ap sub log akal mand b han k jab Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.W) na farma deya k woh shaks janti ho gaya toh pir hum sub logo ko is bara ma larna he nae chayea .jo log NABI PAK ke bat nae manta us ka matlab woh log muslman nae.

All Sunnis and Shias here please give me answer to the following questions and I am not making fun or daring anyone. It is a sincere request from a person seeking truth and not able to determine who is right Sunni or Shia.
1. According to sunnis, successor was not declared and therefore people decided the Caliph. Why did they do something which was not told? What right !st Caliph had to select second caliph? He was not selected by people to select the second one and then second one to make a team of 6 to select the third. Did second one violated the rule set by the first one?
2. In order to lead prayer the leader must be circumcised. When did these caliph got that surgery done after accepting Islam? Who performed the surgery and what day/date?
3. How come second caliph accepted the words dictated by first caliph while in state of delirium when it was not acceptable by their Prophet?
4. Who started the killing of minorities and those who did not agree with Caliph?
5. The person who was elected before first Caliph in Sakifa did not accept first Caliph and where did he end up?
6. Is your religion a religion of peace? Can you count the people killed by your people throughout the history?
7. What motive was there to burn the house of daughter of prophet?
8. Your religion is based on giving witness which you say from your mosques. Those who killed the close companions and family members, you think their witness will be acceptable?
9. Jesus is still alive according to your book but some of you say your prophet is dead, how come he is superior then?
10. Why when some difficult question is asked, you become so rude and start abusing and cursing? Is that a teaching of your religion?


o bhn chodu shieo sahaba k bary mn bkwas krty o r tum e bhn chod o jonabi pak s a w w r aehly bait ko b galian nkalty o harimion tumhari to bkhshish b nhi ha
apny bap ka nam janty o jo is shia izm ka bani tha
yaqenan nhi
mai btata hn tumari maa ka yar tha ismail safwi
o bhn chodu wo kn sa mzhab ha js
ki nmaz glat
jis ka quran glat
jis ki nmaz glat
jis ka haj qbol nhi hta
jo zkat nhi dty
jo jhad nhi krty
jin ka klma glat ha
jin ka roza 10 mint bd khulta ha
o bhn chodu
imam hassan ny to krbla mn b 1 e nmaz prhi the jo un k nana nabi pak s a w w ki ataa krda the
o bhn chodu imam hassan sy b tum bugz rkhty o r khty hmain o
maa chodu
tm ny e hzrat ali ko nabi bna dya ha
tum to allah k ihkamat b jhutlaty o
r us k nabi k b
tumhari to bukhshis b nhi
islam ko gnda krty o
imam taqi ka nam lety o tumary andr to taqwa ha e nhi
apny e imam ko galian dty o
hzrat imam hassan r hussain r tmam imam pak thy tarikh gwah ha k kbi ksi imam ny mutta means contract marrige nhi kya mgr tum ny ye bhnchidi start ki is lye k tum logon ny baqi muslak k nujwan larkon ko b apna mzhab mn shamil kr skain
aj k lye itni kafi ha

Mr abdullah
i have read this discussion from a to z.
ur knowledge is negative and its called deintellectualization .
you are using the hadees for your own meanings.
if RASOOL-E-PAK said "MOLA" TO ALI R.A then from where it is prove that he should be KHALIFA.
RASOOL-E-PAK awarded to hazrat abu baker as a "SIDDIQUE"
RASOOL-E-PAK awarded to hazrat omer r.a as a "FAROOQ"
is their any proof that RASOOL-E-PAK awarded to any munafiq in good words.
khuda ka khuof karo yar aik tarf bukhari sharif ka ghalat mantay ho doosri tarf apni baat ki sachai k liay ussi bukhari sharif men se ahadees pesh kartay ho .
roz-e-qiamat sunni ya shia hona kaam nai aiy ga . balkey apna apna nama-e-amaal kaam aiy ga.
kia ahle_e_bait se mohabat sirf kafi hey bakhshish k liay?
jabkey doosri tarf ahl_e_islam men aap fitna gahra kar rahey ho.

mr abdullah.
i have read your all the discussion from a to z.
ur knowledge is very vast but very negative.
it calld deintellectualization.
u r using the hadees in your own meanings
you accept and prove that bukhari sharif is not a true book
on other hand you are proving your all views with the help of this book.
this is MUNAFIQAT.

Successor... Please explain Shia mei kia ajj ek imam per itefaq hai bohri Ismaili n ahle tashi. One more thing no one is successor of nabi Pak sa... To choose caliph is human right and same is done in Iran today he is there to serve the public...

Successor... Please explain Shia mei kia ajj ek imam per itefaq hai bohri Ismaili n ahle tashi. One more thing no one is successor of nabi Pak sa... To choose caliph is human right and same is done in Iran today he is there to serve the public...

the history of shia is totally fake ..and this scholer is not sunni ...books of shia community was not trully .thay mix up the lies about the sahabha karam ... i think we avoid this kind of scholer ..thanks

Brother in faith.. U have said is true that its now where clearly written to follow shahaba or u will b out of Islam.

But one question u shud b asked ... When Prophet delivered Quran and the delivered sermons.. Who where the people who were the witness.
Its only Shahaba and Shabias and kafir and munafiq.

Now u guess a Muslim of this century how did he get Islam... Is it through his forefathers or the shahbas

Thus the rightly guided shahabas(as quran mention them as Allah is pleased with them) if we don't follow them how can we follow prophet's islam

Dear Muhammad Zahid,,
Kya Haq baat kehna Munafiqat hai ?????
We Shias use Bukhari to prove our points because according to your scholars all Shias are liars and they create false Stories about Sahabas etc..etc..
So to show u people that if our books are false ,,,what about your books and statements of your eminent scholars ???????
Are they false also !!!

Bhai agar hum apni kitab se saabit karte hai to aap maante nahi aur jab Bukhari aur degar sihah se sitta se saabit karte hai to aap aise kehte hain k ye munafeqat hai !!!!

aakhir HAq aapko kyon nahi samajh me aata ke Sahabas maasoom nahi the aur unhone bahot se galtiya ki hain !!! Wo sab , hum -aap jaise aam insaan hi to the ?????

Shias ko jo log kaafir kehte hain ye unko jawaab hai k Shias yuhi Umar ko bura nahi kehte !!! Hamare paas Umar k gunahon ki poori lists hai jo hum aapki kitabon se saabit kar chuke hain...
Raha sawaal Jahannum me kaun jayega....

to uska faisla Rasool Allah kar ke gaye hain....

" Mere Ahle Bayt ki misaal Kashtiye Nuh(AS) ki tarah hai jo isme sawaar ho gaya wo nijaat pa gaya"
Is liye hum ,,,,Ahle Bayt ki Khilaaf jo sahaba the unki khilaaf hain!!!!

Mr Siraj ,
IF choosing his Successor is not the right of Prophet (SAWA),,,,tell me why then Abu Bakr Appointed Umar caliph after him ??????

If Maula doesnt mean Khalifa then why people congratulated Ali (AS) in Ghadir e Khum after the announcement of the Prophet(SAWA) and foremost in Congratulating Ali(AS) was Umar?????
How can u deny such an important historical facts which is recorded by hundreds of Sunni Aalims in their books ?????
Would Prophet(SAWA) do a childish act of announcing Ali as the friend of the people when there was no doubt that ALI was a friend of all the Muslims ???
Dont try to extract other meaning of Maula which is out of " Reference of Context".

Dear mr Abdullah ab har bat read ki ma ne great knowledge u have yaha koi tumarai bat nahi samje ga bhai

Yaha jitni bi chat read ki ma ne sab huwaa ma batien kar rahe ha or jab kuch nahi mila to shia ko bora bol rahe ha dear all shia to hum ismaili bi ha q k Moula Ali 1st imam ha pir chaye khila umar ho ya usman un ka darwa Moula Ali k agay kuch nahi ha or he kabhi hoga


those who r abusing sahaba shows how much hate they have in their mind for those who were with the prophet saww at that time i only ask one question shia always say hazrat umar abu bakr RA did that blah blah was hazrat Ali was cowarf naozaubillah ? why he followed the khilafat ? shia religion is totally based on lies first of all the changes they have done in the religion after the shahadat of hazrat imam hussain RA clearly indicates they r from kufi becuz the religion they r following was not at the time of prophet muhammad saww so they r basically from the people of kufa who first called imam hussain RA for help then betrayed him and his companions and after that they started matam so if one can see doing the matam can clearly identify the killer of imam hussain RA becuz hazrat zainab cursed them and they will do matam till the day of qayamah they will beat themselves and will call love so this is a punishment for them by Allah swt..
May Allah guide them

Dear Unknown,

We are not abusing Sahaba. we are quoting only what is found in shia and Sunni books.If Shias are liar , then equally liar are those sunni authors those who have written all these things in their books.
We Shias never call our sunni brothers as Kaafir...but you and your Mullah are calling us KAfir... these things shows that you are full of hatred for shias and not vice versa.
Yes , we are against Umar and Abu Bakr because they have twisted the religion of Allah and have also indirectly became the cause of Shahadat of imam Hussain (A.s) in Karbala.

Umar appointed Usman Khalifa after him, Usmaan appointed Muawiya Governor of Egypt.. When Usmaan was killed , Muawiya fought Hazrat Ali the 4th Khalifa of Muslim on the pretext tHAT hAZRAT ali is not handing the killer of Usmaan to him. Later Ayesha the wife of Prophet(S.a.w.a) also fought with Ali.. When Ali was killed Muawiya forced Imam Hasan for peace treaty which Imam Hasan accepted to avoid bloodshed and handed over the Kingdom to Muawiya... When Muawiya died , he appointed his accursed son , Yazid as Khalifa of Muslim. And then later after 6 months on the order of Yazid, Imam hussain was killed mercilessly.
Thus the root cause of Martydom of Imam Hussain is saqifa, where Abu Bakr was illegitimately elected as Khalifa of Muslims, inspite of clear traditions of Holy Prophet(S.a.w.a) in favour of Ali..

Your mullah are deviating you so that u dont find the truth..
we have love of Hussain and we believe in the Imamat and Khilafat of Ali and his pure sons. And we also believe that the Khilafat was the right of Ali which Abu Bakr and Umar has usurped...its history and nobody can deny the facts.

We are already guided.

I read that Qadianis was declared as Kafir By a Shia Molana and his name is Molana Ismail is this true?

Dear Brother in Islam.
I was reading the blog and my reply would be simple if u really believe in the teachings of prophet Mohammed (Sws} then his deen was complete before he died and this the prophet himself had declared in his last qutba on his last haj. Then why addition to his deen now like immamiya muta matam glorification of hazrat Ali instead of Allah Subhanawatala etc.it is but commen sense the deen of Allah is complete before his death and We believe in Allah and all his messenger s.

دثنا يوسف بن يعقوب بن إسماعيل الأصم البغدادي ثنا رزيق بن السخت ثنا علي بن يزيد الصدائي ثنا ابو شيبة عن أنس بن مالك رضي الله عنه عن رسول الله قال من سب أصحابي فعليه لعنة الله والملائكة والناس أجمعين لا يقبل الله منه صرفا ولا عدل

"Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people, may Allah don't accept from sarfa and adla".

Kis molvi k bary main bt kr rhy ho bhai g apny reall dad ka pta chlao eski samj khud a jye ge get it in your mind

My all Bro i am a SHIA go read AL FAROOQ then tell me be hiaey ki bi had hotey ha pehly FIDAK ni dia fir BAIT k liay kha fir SHAHEED kr dia janaza e RASOOL {SAAW} pr bi hakoomat yaad a ri they

these shiaas are saying that they are muslims..bcz they are following prophet s.a.w.w . Actually in my point of view they are not following him as we know that they says there was 40 paaray in quran e pak and 10 baqri khaa gai astaghfirullah.
hazoor pak s.a.w.w told us fast at 9 and 10 muharram and they says that yazeed ny roza rakha tha that s why ham ny nahi rakhna MYSTERIOUS secondly sunnis muay=wiyah and yazeed ko bilkul ni maantay laanat hai yazeed par. shiaa logon ny to islam ki dhajjiyaan urra di hain kalma badal dia azaaan badal di namaaz badal di what the hell STILL DO YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT YOU ARE MUSLIMS okay u people think you love ahl e bait and sunnis dont. thi is your alls mistake sunnis love them more than you ppl love what if we dont lament? muhabbat dil main hai un k liye.
and khudaa kaa waasta hai sahaaba ko gaaliyaan na nikaalo khuda ka khof karo poora mazhab change kar dia hai sharam karo masjid main namaz parho kiya imam baaron main ghussay huaay ho Hazrat Bibi Fatima r.a or un k bachon par mere maa baap qurbaan
but aap logon ko kuch nhi pata hazrat umar r.a ny kia tha ya nai in baaton sy niklo pahlay islam ki buniyaadi asool to pooray kar lo khudaa raaahhhhh namaz parho masjid main maghribaen zuharen nahiii fajar zuhar asar maghrib isha parho quraan k 40 paaray na dhoondo 30 tp parh lo khuda k liye zakaat do toheed maano shiion ki to wo b kism hai jo0 hazrat Ali r.a ko khuda kehti hai astaghfar aap log buniyaadi islaam to maaano gehraai main baad main parna pahlay namaz he parh l0
Assalam O alaikum

shiaas should firstly understand the basics of islam

!firstly, we will talk about toheed. Shiaas dont even know ABC of tauheed one type of shiaas says that Hazrat Ai A.S is god Astaghfirullah even they had changed kalma

what about namaz?they had totally changed the way of namaz our holy Prophet S.A.W.W "s sunnat is to pray namaz at masjid but they are praying at imaam baaraas secondly they had also changed azaan i am shocked.

now come on roza did you know/ shiaas do not fast on 10 muharram they have excuse that yazeed ny roza rakha tha Astaghfar YAHOODI bhi roza rakhtay thay 10 muharram ko Hazoor Pak S.A.W.W ny kaha tha wo 1 rakhtay hain hum 2 rakhain gay they are not obeying him in this.

so my dearest brothers and sisters plz firstly obey our basics of islam
we are not sunni nor shiaa we are muslim and ummah of Rasool Allah s.a.w.w so hamain firqon main nahi parrna chahiye Bcz we was not there kbhi hadees ya hazrat Ali r.a k qol main aesi koi baat ni suni k hazrat Umar ny kuch kia
yazeed k baarAy main to Rasool Allah s.a.w.w ny pahly he bta dia tha k ye mere nawaason ko katal kry ga we all hate yazeed
all muslims are hussaini
to hussaini ho to nafratain na philaao tum logon ko imaamon ka wasta jo cheezain accurate nahi hai verified nhi shaq na karo wrna Allah poochay ga gaaliyan deny sy koi jannati nhi baN RAHAY pr shaayad jahanami ban jao Allah na kry

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