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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Difference between Zina and Mutah Marriage

Once again, we are not going to indulge in the discussion of Right or Wrong about Muttah as it is a FIQH Issue and we have to avoid the Sectarian Issue, but still it would be good if people get the real introduction of things instead of having the Mis-understandings, while at end it brings wrong name to Sahabiaat who did Mutah with permission of Rasool Allah (saw) till 7th or 8th Hijri.

1. Mutah has all the Rules/Regulations as are present in Nikah marriage except for only one thing & that is having Talaaq after stipulated period.

2. For example, Muttah could only be done with Women who are not related by Blood or by Milking (just like in Nikah Marraige there is complete list of which women are allowed and which are not)
But in Zina, there is no such thing and people do Zina even with their own daughters & sisters (welcome to Western Soceity)

3. Mutah could only be done with a Woman who has already passed her Iddah Period and now she is Pak (pure). And after completing the Mutah Period, once again woman has to undergo the Iddah Period (just like Nikah)
While in Zina, a woman is doing sex with different Men throughout a day and some times doing the Group Sex.
Hope you understand this difference.

4. And due to this Iddah Condition, when Child is born, then it is certain who is the Father of a Child (just like NikaH). And this Child belongs to Father (just like Nikah), and this child has all the rights like of inheritance etc. as a child from Nikah marriage)
While in Zina you could not determine who the father is.

So, there is absolutely not difference in Condition between Nikah & Mutah except for having Talaq after stipulated time.
While Zina is all together a different thing.

Some people, in their Sectarian hatred makes Muttah to be Zina. This is very dangerous practice, while all Muslims agree that at least till 7th or 8th Hijri, Sahabiaat and Sahaba did Mutah with the permission/orders of Rasool Allah (saw). So, if we keep on blaming Muttah for Zina, then it would bring very bad name upon these Sahaba/Sahabiaat and Islam.

Objections : 
1. Mutah is nothing but prostitution sanctioned by religion.

2. An agreement where there is exchange of money or gifts for sexual intercourse is called prostitution.

3. In the west, if two adults are living together without marriage, such a situation cannot be called or compared to prostitution.

4. However, if a man, married or unmarried, provides a woman with a house and money, and visits her only for sex, then this can be compared to prostitution. But, if a child is born out of this relationship, then the child does have rights, unlike in Mutah. [The man has to provide for the child, his education etc.] 

Our Answers : 

1. Mutah is in no way a Prostitution.
But Prostitution is practiced openly & legally in the WEST when poor women from Russian States are smuggled for this Job & all of them have the "Dalal ???? " or complete Mafia who are looking after this business.

2. You wrote: "An agreement where there is exchange of money or gifts for sexual intercourse is called prostitution."
No. Prostitution is when one Girl sleeps with many or has even Group Sex. And therefore when a child is born then no one knows who the father is, and no body is ready to take care of the child.

Prostitution is also to sleep with your father or real brother or Uncle for the Money & there is no Morals & Morality except for having sex (which is Openly & Lawfully practised in the WEST)

3. And in WEST, if girl friend gets a child, then this Child is considered solely of that Woman. If she refuses to name her boy friend as the father, then that boy friend has little chance of having any fatherly rights over his child.

Therefore, the numbers of such children, who don't have any father, is very very high in Western Society. It is due to the reason that mother is sleeping with so many different people (or having group sex Legally) that impossible to recognise who the father was.

1. In Islamic System, a man and woman could do the Mutah Marriage without having to pay to any thing to each other.
So, the money or gifts are not the "MAIN" or "Necessary" condition, but the main & necessary Condition is both man & woman are not blood or milk relatives to each other & other condition is Woman has to be Pure from the earlier marriage through Iddah period, and if child is born, then he has to be get the stipulated Rights from Husband.

So try to understand the difference that these 3 Conditions are MAIN and Necessary and could not be changed, while Gift or Money Condition is extra which could be denied too.

2. And in Western Countries, girl friend and boy friend staying together could also give money & gifts to each other.

In many cases, In western soceity, a girl friend is shifting in the house of boy-friend and it is also a type of money/gift thing. Are you ready to blame it to be Prostitution too?

In many cases girl friend is staying at home & looking after the children of Boy Friend, while boy friend is going for the Job and paying for the House & for the Eating etc. Are you going to label that too as Prostitution? 



This is bullshit. Please do not disguise as islam. You have no religion. And please stop comparing with the westerners

Umm incest is NOT legal in the west. I do not know where you get this crazy idea. Actually if one had a incestual relationship or marriage and their are kids the kids are taken away.

These 3 conditions are enough for mutah or you missed some important conditions regarding the mutah ??

Dear Raven,
Dont jump to the conclusion. See the facts and study the stats. Live in relationship are very common in west.

Islam do not permit all this.
Dear Unknown,
For more detail you can contact any Shia Scholar before practising it so that u are sure that everything has been done correctly.

Don't put all westerners in same category!! There are those that believe in being committed in marriage to ONE person, mutah or anything else is Adultery in our book...Bible. Even if two people live together outside of that and are committed in thier hearts and love each other is better than a hookup with mutah. I hear nothing of love in mutah. It is labeled as pleasure? Right? Not love so its wrong to do. It all comes down to the condition of the heart and your intent! Thank you for your time. God Bless

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