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Thursday, August 15, 2013

What did Amir Al-Mo’mineen Ali (as) do during the attack on Hazrate Fatemah (sa)?


Before answering this question, I would like to first mention this important point that: As we are the followers of the path of the Holy Ahlulbayt (as) we have learnt to submit to their orders and follow their advice on matters even when perhaps we may not even be clear on the reasons behind their advice but on the trust that there is a reason and goodness in it which we have not yet understood.

It has been narrated from our Holy Ahlulbayt (as) that:

“Without a doubt following our path and actions will be difficult and full of hardships and only the highest angels, or chosen Prophet or worshipper whose heart has been enlightened by Allah (swt) can cope with the responsibility of this heavy duty.” [1]

On the topic of Amir Al-Mo’mineen (as) during this tragic and sorrowful episode, yes, it is true that Amir Al-Mo’mineen (as) was the leader of all the brave and was the best defender of the truth at that time, but the conditions then were such that in order to uphold religion and in order to defend his rights and those of his family, His Excellency would have had to resort to his sword, bravery and defiance and would this have been acceptable behaviour? Especially considering he had been forewarned by his brother, the Messenger of Allah (saw) and given the news of the bitter events that were to follow after the demise of the Prophet of Allah and the fact that he had been prepared and advised by the Messenger of Allah how best to deal with the situations that would arise. These same ill-mannered violators also knew about the forewarning and narrations, indicating to us the scale of their rebelliousness and treachery while carrying out the cruel and horrible attack on the house. Could Amir Al-Mo’mineen (as) in this situation have ignored the warnings and advice of the Prophet and instead turned to his sword in order to seek justice and counter their brutality?
It is clear that this would never be the case and we can see this by referring to various narrations in this regard. In particular this narration as mentioned by Soleem ibn Ghais in his book which states:
“And then the Prophet of Allah (saw) turned towards his daughter Hazrate Fatemeh Zahra (sa) and with great sorrow and said, “Dear Fatemeh! You will be the first from my family to join me. My daughter! You are the leader of women in heaven, but even so, you will witness great oppression and enmity after me, to the extent that you will be beaten and one of your ribs will be broken! May Allah curse your killer...” [2]
 [1] – Khisaal Sadooq, Page 290 – It should be mentioned here that some editions use the word “Amrana” instead of “hadithana” which is my opinion has no difference in meeting.
[2] - Book of Soleem ibn Ghais, Page 427
- Ehtijaaj Tabarsi, Volume 1, Page 111
- Al Ghaybah, Page 193
In continuation the narration states that then His Excellency turned towards Amir Al-Mo’mineen (as) and said: “But you oh Abul Hasan! After me the society and ummah (people) will plot against you and break their pledge of allegiance, in this situation if you have enough steadfast companions then rise up and seek justice otherwise refrain and protect your blood but know that martyrdom is on its way and that your end will be martyrdom in the way of Allah.”[3]
Several sources have mentioned the bitter attack on the house of Hazrate Fatemeh (sa) like so: Imam Ali (as) during the attack of the guards on his house got up and took Omar’s belt from him and threw him onto the ground such that his neck and nose were hurting.
His Excellency then decided to kill him because of his wicked and indecent actions but then he remembered the words of the Prophet of Allah and his advice, so he let Omar (la) free and yelled:
“Now son of Sahhaak! I swear by God who chose Mohammad (saw) to reveal His message, were it not for the written and wise will of God regarding this situation and the promise made to his Messenger, you know very well that you would not have the courage to enter my house in such an ill-mannered way...” [4]
Summarizers Note: To provide an example of this we have referred to this narration, A man visited Imam Hasan (as) and asked: Oh son of the Prophet! I am a shia and follower of your esteemed path! Our Imam replied the following indicating the signs of a true Shia:
”O worshipper of Allah! If you carry out the orders of Allah and keep away from that which has been prohibited for you and pay attention to the laws and behave in the correct manner, then that which you have said about being a shia is true. However, if you do not think and behave like this and your characteristics and actions do not follow our way then with this claim you are just adding to your sins because being a Shia and follower of us, the family of the Prophet, holds great status and you by saying these words without having the good actions and correct behaviour to match this claim will never reach that status so never say I am a Shia of the family of the Prophet, instead say I have great love and respect for you (Holy Ahlulbayt (as)) and I oppose your enemies and in this way you will strive for good and will have the correct thinking.” Majmoo’eh Warraam, p113 published by Haidari Foundation.
[3] - Book of Soleem ibn Ghais, Page 427
- Ehtijaaj Tabarsi, Volume 1, Page 111
- Al Ghaybah, Page 193
[4] - Bayt Al-Ahzan, Page 110
- Bihar Al-Anwar, volume 28, Page 266
- Tafsir Qumi, volume 2, Page159



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